The 10 Best Parisian Cafes For The Creative You

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The 10 Best Parisian Cafes For The Creative You

Is there anything more “Parisian” than sitting back and wailing from the window of a charming little cafe? The best cafes in Paris are filled with nuances that support creative ideas, but maybe you want to get to know the spirit and essence of this beloved French capital. Read on to learn how legend, history and more make these top Parisian cafes a top destination for everyday inspiration.

1. Les Philosophes

Located in the swanky bohemian neighborhood known as Le Marais, Les Philosophes is an iconic Parisian cafe that served as an after-hours meeting place for Jewish workers in the early 20th century. This place became known as a beacon of resistance after its owner adopted a Jewish girl whose family was forced to flee the city during the German occupation. Nowadays, the cafe is ideal for relaxing while watching people go by.

2. The Two Magots

Although originally just a former silk shop on Rue de Buci, this expanded cafe that is now known and loved by everyone is located in Place St-Germain-des-Pres, a trendy and cheerful district in Paris’ 6th district. Over the years, Les Deux Magots became a popular hangout for French poets and philosophers such as Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Simone de Beauvoir, and Jean-Paul Sartre. This tradition still continues to this day. Every year, the cafe holds a literary competition where heavyweights come from all over France to win the Le Prix des Deux Magots award.

3. Cafe des Deux Moulins

If you are on vacation to Paris to see the nightlife and art in the Montmartre area of ​​Paris, Cafe des Deux Moulins, which is a favorite of tourists and locals alike, you must visit. The cafe gets its name from two windmills nearby: Le Moulin Rouge and Le Moulin de la Galette. However, his main fame came from his colorful cameo role in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s 2001 film Amelie. A special Happy Hour menu is served daily from 6pm to 9pm, while the Brasserie also features live music every Monday and Thursday nights.

4. The Palette

Frequented by top painters such as Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso, La Palette has been a symbol of Paris’ respect for the international art community for centuries. The panoramic views of La Palette’s terrace from rue Jacques Callot have long been popular with contemporary gallery owners and local art students seeking inspiration for prestigious awards.

5. Cafe de la Paix

An upscale cafe near the historic Garnier Opera, Cafe de la Paix offers the best of the 9th district. The sunny weather supports the beautiful view of the majestic opera house, an amazing sight that you can see at any time from here. Adding to its allure is the captivating story of Irish writer Oscar Wilde, a regular customer who is believed to have seen a golden angel fly along the sidewalk from his seat at the Cafe de la Paix.

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6. Cafe de Flore

Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Jane Fonda and Brigitte Bardot are just a few of the iconic writers, actors, artists and filmmakers who have frequented this historic Parisian cafe over the years. An important building since the early 1800s, this cafe is a must stop for tourists exploring the riverfront area and is still a popular place to visit.

7. La Rotonde

Renowned for its delicious selection of traditional French food, cafe La Rotonde has been an important local restaurant since the early 1900s. This historic Montparnasse landmark not only provided warmth and shelter for the starving artists during the Great War , it was also a place for relaxing drinks. Today, the place continues to welcome customer after customer, from local artists to film directors.

8. La Fee Verte

Hemingway often credits absinthe as one of his main sources of creative inspiration. You’re in luck because this magical green herb is abundant at La Fee Verte Cafe and Absinthe House. Even though this place serves a cup of coffee during the day, its elegant atmosphere will make you not want to leave even until nightfall. The famous absinthe fountain is definitely a must-visit, but get ready for an adventure like you’ve never had before!

9. L’OisiveTea

A cafe, tea house and yarn shop all rolled into one, L’OisiveThé offers its guests a place to start their own artistic journey. It is located in a warm and welcoming area in the heart of the 13th arrondissement of Paris. This place hosts weekly crochet knitting events every week and knitting night on Wednesday nights for DIYers who want to unleash their creativity.

10. Cafe le Jardin du Petit Palais

Even on the bleakest of days, nothing can spark inspiration like admiring something wondrous. A contemporary cafe located within the fine arts museum, Cafe le Jardin du Petit Palais overlooks a stunning interior garden, decorated with graceful gold mosaic décor. In addition, the beautiful and stunning marble palace-like terrace is the ideal place to relax and daydream.

Soul of an Artist

Rich in history and wonder, the Paris Café will always be the most spectacular coffee shop that artists and literary legends from around the world have visited. If you are looking for inspiration or a genius idea yourself, these cafes are the best in Paris to bring your artist spirit to life.


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