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the beauty of the beach and white sand, which is located near Queensland Beach. Australia is the name of a continent closest to Indonesia. That is why so many Indonesians vacation in this continent. Another reason is because of the many interesting tourist attractions that are a shame if you just miss it. Australia has many of the best tourist attractions, which are recommended to be visited

1. Opera House

The Opera House is located in the city of Sydney, Australia. It is the most favorite place visited by many tourists.

The Opera House itself is a theater with a very beautiful architecture. Drama shows, operas, international music concerts are often held in this place.

The facilities provided by the Opera House are the existence of cafes and restaurants that are not only located inside and outside the building, which both offer beautiful views.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia so access to the city is very easy. Because the Opera House is located in the city of Sydney, access to visit the place is also easy and can be done in many ways, including private vehicles, buses, trams and boats. 

Tips for those who want to visit the Opera House is to pay attention to the visiting hours. Open every day except on Saturdays and Sundays from 09.00 to 17.00.

Visitors must prepare between 35 to 155 Australian $ per person if they want to enter the Opera House.

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2. Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world, which is strung together, which occupies the coral sea. There are more than three thousand coral reefs here.

The Great Barrier Reef, which has an area of ​​334,000 square kilometers, is lined with hundreds of islands. The state of Queensland, Australia is the location of the Great Barrier Reef. By the world body UNESCO, the Great Barrier Reef is nominated for the seven wonders of the stone world.

Tips for tourists who want to visit the Great Barrier Reef is to depart from the city of Sydney. From Sydney head to the city of Cairns first by plane. The travel time is approximately three hours, it is quite long but it will not be boring because along the way we can see the very beautiful scenery below.

3. Harbour Bridge

If one day you take a trip to the city of Sydney, don’t miss a visit to the Harbor Bridge. This bridge is so beautiful that it is not wrong if it is visited by many foreign tourists.

Harbor Bridge is a very busy bridge because of the traffic of many vehicles and pedestrians on it. Eight lanes on the bridge are intended for four-wheeled vehicles, trains use two lines. There are two more lanes that are specifically used for bicycles and pedestrians.

There are so many beautiful objects that can be seen here, including the view from the top of the bridge and the scenery around the bridge. In the afternoon and evening the city of Sydney will be more beautiful seen from the bridge. Tips to get to this bridge is by walking, taking the bus and taking the train.

4. Uluru

Uluru is one of the world heritage sites, in the form of a giant rock, which is located in the center of the uluru national park.

Uluru will look even more beautiful when seen at sunset. Tips to enjoy the beauty of Uluru, can be done by hot air balloon ride and helicopter ride. If you want something different, you can explore Uluru by riding a camel. Motorcycles can also be a means of transportation around Uluru.

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Uluru is not an ordinary stone, not just any new, but a stone that is highly respected by the local community. The giant stone contains high spiritual values. That is why many people do not dare to climb it.

5. Bondi Beach

The next Australian tourist spot Bondi Beach is located in the city of Sydney. Because of the beauty of the beach and white sand, Bondi Beach is favored by many tourists. This beach is not only used as a place for sunbathing, playing, swimming, but also for holding various activities, including various local and international festivals, one of which is a running competition.

Tips for visitors should avoid visiting Bondi Beach when entering the Christmas and New Year holidays because it will definitely be full.

6. Darling Harbour

It is a very famous harbor in the city of Sydney. It wasn’t this big before. A tip for visitors is to take a culinary tour to your heart’s content because there are lots of delicious foods served. Visitors can also eat world-class dishes at various well-known restaurants while enjoying the sea view.

Another tip is a shopping trip. There is the most complete shopping center, namely Harborside Shopping Centre. A total of 150 shops offer a very diverse collection.

7. Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a road that stretches for 243 kilometers from Melbourne to Warrnambool. Tips to get to this place is to take a trip by paying a fee of approximately 800 thousand. Or it can be free by using a private vehicle or

Along the way, tourists are treated to enchanting natural scenery, such as beautifully stretched beaches, naturally beautiful limestone hills and various types of flora and fauna.

8. Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, which is also one of the world’s heritage sites. This island is perfect for tourists who like adventure, can explore nature freely.

The purest remaining Dingo breeds still exist in Australia and the humpback whales and their babies choose Fraser Island as their habitat. A 4WD race track is also on the island.

Tips for tourists who want to visit Fraser Island can take Virgin Australia or Qantas Link flights from Sydney.

9. Whitsunday Island

Australia’s next tourist spot Whitsunday Island is a very famous island because

Tips to get to Whitsunday Island is to take an airplane from cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns. Later the tourists will immediately land at the airport in this place.

10. Royal Botanical Garden

The next Australian tourist attraction The Royal Botanical Garden is a very beautiful and beautiful garden, which is located on Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney, Australia.

To get to this place, the tips are to take the train, get off at Martin Palace, the closest station. Then the journey continues on foot.

Taking the bus is another tip. Take bus number 441, ask to get off at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Then just walk.

If you want to visit, come between the hours of 07.00 to 20.00. Open every day, free.


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