10 Best Tours Not to be Missed in Dubai

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10 Best Tours Not to be Missed in Dubai

Dubai is one of the cities with the highest international tourist arrivals in the United Arab Emirates. Magnificent buildings and luxurious impressions are Dubai’s selling points that make everyone curious to take a trip to the city with the tallest building in the world.

The beautiful city structure and high level of security make Dubai a dream city for vacationers. Officials and celebrities flock to spend their free time in this city along the South Coast of the Persian Gulf.

From water destinations to sparkling amusement rides, here are 10 tourist destinations in Dubai that you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

1. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden has been around since 2014. The 6.7-hectare desert area was successfully transformed by the Dubai government into a flower garden with a collection of hundreds of types of flowers. In addition to providing Instagramable spots , Dubai Miracle Garden is also an educational tour that adds insight.

2. Desert Safari Dubai

It’s impossible to go to Dubai without stopping by Desert Safari Dubai. You can feel the sensation of riding a camel to racing with a 4 wheel car along this endless desert. The panorama is interesting and really tests the adrenaline.

3. Ferrari World Theme Park

Ferrari World Theme Park is the first amusement ride sponsored by the car company Ferrari. As the name suggests, this tourist spot will present dozens of games using the Italian car. There is a Ferrari roller coaster too, you know, which is a dream.

4. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

It’s not Dubai if it’s not all luxurious and majestic. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are mandatory family rides to see the most complete collection of marine life in the world. The entry fee is enough to reach into the pocket, still from Rp 500 thousand-1 million.

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5. Wild Wadi Water Park

The weather is quite hot, making water play in Dubai the right choice. Why go to Dubai if you only play in the water? Wow, Wild Wadi Water Park has a different feel, right? Being able to play in the water in the middle of a barren desert is certainly fun and anti-mainstream, right? And this can only be obtained in Dubai.

6. Jumeirah Beach

Still not satisfied with playing in the water at Wild Wadi, you can immediately move to Jumeirah Beach. This beautiful beach with views of the Persian Gulf will make you feel a priceless experience.

7. Heritage and Diving Village

Dubai’s architectural, cultural and maritime heritage is elegantly showcased at Heritage and Diving Village. The historic buildings that underpinned Dubai’s economy in the past are in this location. Oh yes, there are exhibitions and classes that teach you how to dive looking for pearls, you know. Dare to try?

8. The Top Burj Khalifa

To make it feel more luxurious and majestic, don’t forget to visit The Top Burj Khalifa. You can see the beauty of Dubai from a height of 828 meters. In addition, the treat of Dubai city design when viewed from above will make you even more amazed. There’s no second, okay.

9. IMG Worlds of Adventure

Lovers of Marvel superheroes must really stop by IMG Worlds of Adventure. There are dinosaur rides, Avengers, to Cartoon Network which are really cool. Those who go to Dubai with their beloved family can come here.

10. Dubai Opera

Dubai can also give you a very intimate romantic atmosphere , like the Dubai Opera. You can watch theater, musicals, and concerts of world celebrities held at this location throughout the year.

After listening to the 10 destinations above, you are increasingly motivated to work hard to collect the coffers of vacation costs, right? Happy saving and hopefully you can take a trip to Dubai soon.


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