10 Dessert Cafes In Singapore That Serve The Best Sweets

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10 Dessert Cafes In Singapore That Serve The Best Sweets

Singapore is indeed a small country, but offers a very wide world of tourism. Around 18.5 million visitors came to Singapore in 2018. One of Singapore’s main attractions is its thriving culinary scene. From its hawker centers where dozens of stalls serve street food, to the upscale restaurants of world-renowned chefs, Singapore is a gastronomic hub that is gaining popularity around the world. Apart from its culinary influences from Chinese, Indian, Malay and Indonesian cuisines, there is also a culture of delicious sweets or desserts for tourists to explore. Singapore’s dessert cafes offer everything a sweet tooth lover could want, from cakes and pastriesinspired by European and Western cuisine, to foods with Asian roots such as sweet soup. Whether you’re a foodie who likes to taste a variety of foods or a tourist who wants to eat sweets while touring the city, be sure to stop by one of these dessert cafes in Singapore!

1. m:dessertbar

There’s nothing better than dessert at night! At ‘2 am:dessertbar’, as the name implies, you can order sweets past midnight. The cafe is open late, six nights a week, making it the perfect place to stop after a late night event or club party. The menu offers high-end dishes such as classic tiramisu and chocolate, as well as creative new dishes such as sweet potato dessert and iced yogurt melon. Each dish is served with a recommended drink so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to drink after.

2. Antoinette

Antoinette serves stunning French desserts in a luxurious setting befitting a royal family. The small cakes served at this restaurant are small works of art that can be purchased whole for special occasions. Dishes served include delicious macarons, tarts, mousses , and more. You can also choose from a collection of chocolates with unique flavors such as purple flowers and black sesame pralines. Antoinette cafe chef, Pang Kok Keong is a famous patissier in Singapore, so you can taste the best desserts there is!

3. No Entry Dessert Cafe

Non Entrée focuses on desserts, serving up innovative sweets that you won’t find anywhere else. The cafe is famous for its desserts that are shaped to look like other local delicacies: for example, fully edible eggs with chocolate and coconut shells, panna cotta fillings , and egg yolks that melt like real eggs when cracked! You can also try Bak Chor Mee which is made from mango noodles and raspberry chili topping . These fabulous dessert replicas are just a few examples from the dessert cafe’s menu , so be sure to make time to stop by Non Entrée on your vacation to Singapore.

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4. Sunday Folks

Sundays are best spent relaxing while sipping coffee and eating sweets. Sunday Folks tried to represent the Sunday morning atmosphere for a whole week. They offer handcrafted desserts that are meticulously crafted, from selecting ingredients to product preparation and decoration. The result is delicious cakes in a variety of flavors such as Japanese matcha with white chocolate, chocolate cognac ganache and lemon lavender. Another popular dish at this dessert cafe is its soft ice cream, which is shaped into a cone or served on waffles.

5. Hatter Street

The Bakehouse and Cafe Hatter Street is a charming place with magical treats! Hatter Street’s artisanal handiwork serving up classic desserts will blow your mind. If you like cheesecake , try Snickers cheesecake or Kick Lai Liao, a type of chocolate peanut butter. Relive your childhood taste with Ho Lok Tin, Ovaltine cake, and A-Maize-Ing, unique popcorn cake! Every dessert here is perfectly made and ready to be the subject of your Instagram post .

6. Ah Chew Desserts

Visit Ah Chew Desserts, Singapore’s most popular place for sweet soup! Sip on a sweet treat in the form of a delicious dessert soup served in flavors like almond and papaya. Other menu categories offered include steamed eggs made from whole eggs or egg whites and topped with chocolate cake, ginger juice, and much more. Ah Chew Desserts also offers durian dessert, a popular Singaporean dessert that doesn’t smell bad but tastes great.

7. Cake Spade

Cake Spade offers cakes and dozens of other types of desserts. The delicious cakes are sold in slices as well as whole if you’re planning a party. You can also order a whole cake consisting of different slices of cake! There are several variations, including fruit-flavored tofu cheesecake , cream cheesecake , meringue cake and everyone’s favorite chocolate! Cake Spade also features tons of other dessert items, such as brownies, chocolate or fruit tarts, chocolate and fruit crumbles , and cupcakes guaranteed to make you drool!

8. The Fabulous Baker Boy

Another choice for delicious pastries in Singapore: The Fabulous Baker Boy. The chef who founded this shop is a self-taught baker who enjoys seeing customers enjoy his creations. Desserts on the menu include classics such as carrot cake, red velvel cake and New York Cheesecake in addition to quirky treats such as blueberry lemon yogurt and raspberry lemon cake. In addition to dessert, The Fabulous Baker Boy also serves a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu which is halal food and is served with gluten-free options.

9. Creamier

Singapore has a warm and humid climate, so there’s no dessert more refreshing than ice cream. For some of the best ice cream, head to Creamier. The premium ice cream is made in small batches every day so you’ll always get the freshest ice cream. The flavors on offer range from the traditional, such as Plain Ole Chocolate and Roasted Pistachio , to the innovative, such as Thai Milk Tea and Earl Gray Lavender. Sorbets are also available in fruit flavors such as passion fruit mango. Creamier also serves coffee, making it an ideal place for an afternoon stop.

10. Windowsill Pies

Pie is a dessert that is often overlooked when compared to cakes, cupcakes , and ice cream. But, be sure to take the time to stop by Windowsill Pies, a casual bakery that specializes in pies, offering options you won’t find anywhere else. The pies sold here are quite unique, such as bourbon apple pie, pumpkin pecan pie, or banana cognac pie for more classic favourites. Foodies should try the coconut lemon vodka pie or honey macadamia pie. Whether you order a traditional pie or a unique pie, Windowsill Pies offers an atmosphere where you can enjoy it with your friends or loved ones!


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