10 Famous New York Restaurants

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10 Famous New York Restaurants, From Expensive To Iconic

One of the oldest cities in the United States for dining is New York. It’s no surprise that this city boasts some of the best places to eat in the world. There are about 68 restaurants in New York according to the latest Michelin Guide book.

Five of these have a maximum of three Michelin stars which all restaurants really crave. For two stars there are 14 restaurants and for one star there are 49 restaurants. Only Paris, Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo can match this city. In addition to star restaurants, New York also has the oldest classic restaurant.

All of New York’s famous restaurants are between decades and a century old. The following are restaurants that you should not miss when visiting New York .

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1. Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park serves modern French cuisine. This dish was born from the obsession of Swiss chef Daniel Humm.

The taste and simplicity of the dishes have taken this restaurant to the top. This three-Michelin-starred restaurant always appears in the list of the 100 Best Restaurants in the World on the Elite Traveler website .

This famous restaurant in New York has also been named the number one restaurant in the 50 best restaurants in the world. The ceiling of this restaurant is very high and the dining area is in a magnificent Art Deco style.

Guests who come can also see the view of the historic Madison Square Park. Apart from dining in the main dining room, guests can also enjoy a drink in the restaurant bar area.

2. ABC Kitchen

Jean-Georges Vongerichten, known as a renowned celebrity chef with his restaurant empire around the world, is one of the most influential rulers of fine-dining restaurants in New York. Among his 13 restaurants in Manhattan, ABC Kitchen has been the culinary hub in downtown New York City since opening in 2010.

The menu in the restaurant is organic, local and follows the sustainability principle . This famous restaurant in New York is also a place frequented by Hollywood celebrities, such as Martha Stewart to Kanye West. Every week there are always celebrities who dine here.

Located at ABC Carpet & Home, this restaurant may also be the only restaurant located in town that allows guests to shop for furniture while waiting for a table.

3. Katz’s Delicatessen

The sprawling Katz’s Delicatessen is a repository of New York City history. On the walls of the room are plastered with celebrities from the past century. The classic Jewish dishes served here are second to none. Dishes range from crispy-skinned beef hot dogs for less than five dollars.

There is also a legendary sandwich filled with brisket or brisket with horseradish, and thick pastrami slices piled between slices of rye bread.

This dish is usually accompanied by a glass of hoppy house beer. However, for those who do not consume alcoholic beverages, they can order Dr. Brown’s, coke from Katz’s.

4. Wo Hop

Founded in 1938, Wo Hop is the second oldest Chinese restaurant in New York City after Nom Wah Tea Parlor which was founded in 1920. This well-known New York restaurant has a long life due to the reliability of its Chinese-American food and its basement location .

But don’t ask the customer. Many people were queuing at the entrance. The famous menu here is the large plate of chicken chow mein , egg subgum foo young , sweet and sour pork, and beef chow fun .

If you don’t see your favorite menu on the menu, visitors can simply call and ask about the menu. Oh yeah, not to be confused with Wo Hop Next Door which is above, down the street. It was a rival restaurant.

5. Le Bernardin

After briefly closing in March 2020, this famous restaurant in New York has finally reopened but only for dinner. This restaurant is a three star Michelin restaurant. Chef Eric Ripert is a master of innovative seafood cuisine. He creates fresh, delicate dishes with European and East Asian flavours.

The food menu is neatly presented and the taste of the dishes is amazing. Aldo Sohm, the Chief Sommelier, four times named Best Sommelier in Austria since 2002 and Best Sommelier in the World in 2008, is Chef Eric’s expert partner in wine affairs at Le Bernardin.

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For art lovers, they will love the decor of the room because the quality of the artwork that adorns the walls makes visitors feel like dining in an art gallery rather than in a restaurant.

6. La Grenouille

In the 1960s ” haute French cuisine ” became king in the United States. One restaurant from that era that still survives is La Grenouille.

Opened in 1962, La Grenouille has outlived other well-known restaurants, such as Lutece. Until now the food menu at this famous restaurant in New York has remained largely unchanged and remains outstanding.

Among the popular dishes are the signature dishes of frog legs, classic Dover sole, or pike quenelles topped with caviar and champagne cream sauce.

7. Gramercy Travern

You could say Danny Meyer is the most successful and influential restaurateur in New York City. He owns many top restaurants. Not to mention Shake Shack which was founded in 2010.

There he also served as Chairman of its Board of Directors. But Gramercy Tavern is the most valuable asset of his restaurant empire. Visitors can choose to dine a la carte in the front tavern room or sample the menu in the dining room.

Wherever diners eat, the processed food is sourced from the finest farms and is guaranteed to make the meal taste even more special. Meyer is known for his hospitality, so guests will surely be treated like royalty.

8. Masa

If you are a guest at this famous restaurant in New York, don’t expect to order food from the restaurant menu. That’s because all dishes are made directly by Chef Masa Takayama.

So the menu is as he pleases. He who creates dishes and serves guests as he pleases. The ingredients are beautiful and exotic, often imported from Japan .

This three Michelin star chef does consider the personal tastes of his guests. But he will wait first he will wait for his guest’s response to the first taste of his homemade sushi before finally making other dishes that are tailored to the guest’s taste.

To eat at Masa there is only one place consisting of 26 seats and dining here can last up to three hours.

9. Bamonte’s

Opened in 1900, Bamonte’s is a relic of another era when the Brooklyn-area city of Williamsburg was known for its Italian community, not its hipsters.

Dimmed inside with velvet curtains and tuxedo-clad waiters, Bamonte’s is one of the finest examples of New York’s dwindling old-school “Red Sauce” (Italian-American-style diner).

The appetizer here is the clam oreganata. For the main menu a plate of pasta and accompanied by a bottle of red wine.

10. Kiki’s

For those who are visiting Kiki’s for the first time, they may be a little confused while walking along Division Street on the Lower East Side. The sign outside is written in Chinese but the restaurant menu is all Greek.

The menu of this famous New York restaurant features familiar Greek classics such as the richly grilled octopus. There’s also salted feta and kalamata olives, crunchy horiatiki , chilled tzatziki and a wide selection of fish straight from the grill.

New York City has no shortage of restaurants trying to satisfy their guests. One of them is Kiki’s. Simple dishes, affordable prices and a relaxed environment are what guests can expect at dinner here.

The row of 10 famous restaurants in New York implies that this city deserves the title as one of the oldest cities for food business. Various types of restaurants are here, from very expensive Japanese restaurants like Masa or affordable restaurants like Kiki’s.

There are also iconic restaurants like Katz’s Delicatessen or Bamonte’s. Well, if you go there, don’t forget to stop by one of the famous restaurants in New York.


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