10 Habits of Moroccan Society that Travelers Should Know

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10 Habits of Moroccan Society that Travelers Should Know

A trip to Morocco can be quite an interesting choice to spend vacation time. Besides being able to see the exotic Sahara desert , tourists can also enjoy the most famous ski resort, namely Oukaimeden.

Apart from its attractive tourist attractions, Morocco also has a variety of unique cultures which are a blend of Arab, European and Berber cultures. 

Want to know what Moroccan customs are interesting for foreign tourists to know? Check out the article that has been wandering about this below.

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1. Tea Culture

Just like the culture of European society, in Morocco there is also a culture of drinking tea. The culture of drinking tea is known to have entered Morocco in the 12th century. One type of tea that is usually served is green tea. People there usually brew green tea by adding a mixture of sugar and mint leaves.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to serve a typical Moroccan tea. Moroccans usually drink two to several glasses of mint tea a day. Mint tea itself is a mandatory dish for guests who will come. Tea itself is described as a form of respect, friendliness, and kinship of Moroccan society to guests.

So, don’t be surprised if then tourists can easily find these types of healthy drinks at home or in various shops in Morocco.

2. Wearing Djellabas Clothes

In addition to its unique cuisine, Morocco also has a distinctive type of clothing that is commonly used by Moroccan men and women. People call it Djellabas, which is a type of long and loose clothing with long sleeves and is usually equipped with a distinctive pointed head covering.

These clothes are usually made of a thin type of fabric. Djellabas is known to come from the culture of the Berber people, who mostly live in Algeria and Tunisia. Djellaba clothing comes from the city of Bzou, Morocco. To make this type of clothing usually takes a month to be ready to wear.

Djellabas clothes themselves are often used as souvenirs for tourists who want clothes that are identical to the country.

3. Musical Arts Malhun

Malhun is a classical musical art that has been played on the streets of Morocco for more than a thousand years. Malhun is a very common type of music heard in Morocco. This music is known to have been born by a community of Moroccan craftsmen in the southern part of the Moroccan country such as Meknes, Fes, Sales, Tetouan, and Oujda.

Malhun itself is a type of poetry sung with the help of traditional musical instruments. Usually the lyrical themes that are often raised are related to social and cultural issues. Malhun itself is one of the art performances that is often displayed to attract tourists who come from various countries in the world.

4. Tanjia’s Unique Dishes

It’s not complete if a visit to Morocco misses the typical dish usually cooked by male Moroccan family members, namely Tanjia. This dish cooked in a jug is often called the bachelor’s dish.

Tanjia is made from lamb mixed with Moroccan spices. If in the past this dish was a favorite food of market traders eaten on Fridays, now Tanjia itself is widely sold in various restaurants or stalls throughout Morocco.

This dish itself has a sweet, savory taste, and has a fairly sharp aroma. For unique culinary lovers, Tanjia can be an interesting recommendation for tourists who are in Morocco.

5. Cooking cuscus on Friday

Another unique custom that can be found in Morocco is the custom of cooking cuscus dishes on Fridays. Cuscus is a staple food commonly found in North Africa. This dish is made from wheat in the form of small yellow grains. Kuskus itself is usually served with various types of Moroccan side dishes.

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This dish is usually eaten every Friday with the whole family. Usually cuscus is served in a large baking dish, where family members will surround the pan to eat together. Well, if tourists want authentic Moroccan food, this dish is the right menu to enjoy.

6. Buildings with Zellige Tiles

Morocco is known as one of the countries with the most beautiful Islamic culture in the world. This can be seen from the various historical heritage buildings found there. One that is quite famous is the use of Zellige tiles in every building which makes it look magnificent and enchanting.

Zellige consists of mosaics with geometric patterns to decorate walls, ceilings, floors, pools and tables. The use of Zellige in a building is the Moroccan way of describing the luxury and progress of the population.

The use of Zellige itself aims to avoid depicting living things in an architecture. Given that Morocco itself is a country that implements Islamic law.

7. Moulay Idris Festival Celebration

One of the Moroccan customs that is often held every year is the celebration of the Moulay Idris Festival, which aims to honor Moulay Idriss II, who was the first leader to unify the Moroccan region in the 9th century where Fes was the capital.

The Moulay Idris Festival itself is marked by a parade that starts outside Bab Boujloud towards the main route, Tala’a Saghira and ends at the leader’s grave.

Moroccans usually stand on their verandas or on roofs, cheering and clapping to the beat of drums. A young bull is also usually prepared as the main victim after the procession.

This festival is more interesting with the costumes used during the parade. The Moulay Idris Festival is one of the festivals that tourists can enjoy when visiting Morocco every year.

8. The Art of Good Bargaining

For centuries, Morocco has been a trading place for a wide variety of goods. Given its geographical location at the crossroads of trade between the African continent and the European continent.

The atmosphere of the ancient market makes the tourists quite entertained. Various items were on sale, ranging from brass utensils, rugs, to Moroccan concoctions.

Bargaining itself becomes an interesting art there. Tourists must be observant because Moroccan traders are known to be very good at playing price games.

They themselves often seduce prospective buyers with good treatment, even some of them often entertain consumers with a cup of tea so that consumers want to buy their merchandise.

9. Leaving Food on the Plate is Ordinary

In some other countries, leaving food on the plate is considered impolite, or even disrespectful to the cook. However, in Morocco itself the habit of leaving food on the plate is common. 

This habit is even acceptable compared to eating with the left hand, which for Moroccans is very bad. Given that the left hand is only used to clean dirty private parts.

10. Selling Alcoholic Drinks

Even though it is known as a country with a majority Muslim population. However, there is no prohibition against selling or consuming alcoholic beverages. Morocco itself even produces local beer and wine, which are not specifically meant for export sales.

However, there are also clear regulations from the government that prohibit the sale of alcohol to its citizens who are Muslim. So , don’t be surprised if you are in a shop or restaurant in Morocco, there are various brands of alcohol that are sold freely for their guests.

Those are the 10 habits of the Moroccan people who managed to wander around for you. Each country does have a variety of cultures and customs that are interesting to know.

Just like other countries, Morocco also has attractions that can make tourists comfortable there. What customs do you know about this country? Write a comment below, yes!


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