Iconic Statues in Korea

The Meaning and Story Behind 10 Iconic Statues in Korea

The Meaning and Story Behind 10 Iconic Statues in Korea

The Meaning and Story Behind 10 Iconic Statues in Korea, When we see a work of sculpture , there must be a question in our heads what is the meaning and story behind the making of the statue.

A statue must not only be erected. Iconic Statues in Korea are generally made because there are things behind them, for example as a memorial to major events that happened in the past.

There is also a statue made as a form of respect for an important figure who brought change. This time we will review some of the iconic statues in Korea which are very famous.

The statues are not only a beautiful sight that adorns the corner of the city, the Iconic Statues in Korea have a story you know . Come on, see the information below!

1. Sculpture of the cast of Winter Sonata on Nami Island

Long before there was Descendent of The Sun or Goblin , Winter Sonata made a scene in the Korean television world and the world. Because of the popularity of this drama, the shooting location on Nami Island also splashed in popularity.

This island, which has extraordinary natural beauty, became famous after being used as one of the places where Choi Jiwoo and Bae Yongjoon met. The existence of a statue with natural beauty in Gangwon Province has become a magnet that has succeeded in attracting tourists.

Until now, the Iconic Statues in Korea of the two famous Korean artists have become icons of Nami Island, which is famous for its autumn natural charm.

2. Statue of Admiral Yi Sunshin

Admiral Yi Sunshin is a hero who was instrumental in defending Iconic Statues in Korea from Japanese occupation. He is a central figure in the battle of Myeongyang which took place during World War II.

At that time Japan tried to invade China by conquering Korea first. However, the attack of the Sakura State fleet was successfully broken by Admiral Yi Sunshin with a sea current defense strategy.

The battle that was predicted to be a graveyard for the Korean navy became a phenomenal battle for the Korean state.

The reason, although outnumbered, the Korean navy under the leadership of Admiral Yi Sunshin managed to defeat the Japanese, which had more sophisticated ships and far more troops.

To honor the struggle of Admiral Yi Sunshin, the Korean government erected a giant statue in downtown Seoul, at Gwanghwamun Plaza. This 7-meter-tall statue of a proud military figure of Korea is made of bronze.

When walking in downtown Seoul, you can see a Iconic Statues in Korea of the admiral standing proudly holding his sword from a distance. In addition to making a statue, you can see the heroic story of the Admiral who comes from an academic family in the film The Admiral: Roaring Current.

3. Statue of King Sejong

In Gwanghwamun Square, downtown Seoul , at the same location as the Iconic Statues in Korea of Admiral Yi Sunshin, there is a statue that is most revered by the Korean people. The statue is a statue of King Sejong the Great.

King Sejong is a figure who contributed to the creation of Hangeul letters. Since the creation of Hangul, Korea no longer uses Chinese kanji. This 9.5-meter-high and 4-meter-wide Iconic Statues in Korea was built to commemorate the greatest king on Korean soil.

King Sejong was known as a king who was skilled in the fields of science, military, literature, music and medicine. He held many programs to free the people from illiteracy.

Together with the statue of Admiral Yi Sunshin, the Iconic Statues in Korea of King Sejong is a landmark of Seoul that many tourists visit Korea.

4. Statue of Jugun Ianfu

A bronze statue of a woman wearing a short hanbok sitting on a chair stands in front of the Japanese consulate in Iconic Statues in Korea.

This statue of jugun ianfu or sex slave is a symbol of Korea’s dark history that is still clearly engraved in the minds of Korean people. Just like in Indonesia, ancient Korean women were forced to become comfort women for the Japanese army, which at that time controlled Korea.

The initial proposal for the establishment of this Iconic Statues in Korea was made in 1992. However, only two decades after it was submitted, the proposal received a response and was approved by the Japanese government. Precisely in 2011 the statue made of bronze was erected.

Kim Yeongjong, the mayor of Jongo-gu contributed the idea to make a Iconic Statues in Korea of a woman as a representation of the women who were victims. Meanwhile, the sculptors appointed to make the statue are famous Korean sculptors, Kim Seokyung and Kim Eunsung.

5. Bear Statue on Mount Seorak

Mount Seorak is one of the mountains that is a tourist destination for tourists visiting Korea. The sign that you have arrived at Mount Seorak is if you have found the black bear Iconic Statues in Korea which is the icon of Mount Seorak.

The choice of the bear as an icon of this National Park area is because according to ancient beliefs, bears are the ancestors of the Korean people.

As a form of respect for the ancestors, a Iconic Statues in Korea of a bear that is not too large was made in the area which is the most famous autumn tourist destination in Korea.

6. Dol Hareubang, Jeju Island Guardian Statue

Now we are going to Jeju Island. This island which is famous for its beautiful natural scenery has a statue called Dol Hareubang . This jumbo Iconic Statues in Korea is the guardian of Jeju Island.

Dol Hareubang has existed on Jeju Island since the Joseon Dynasty, namely since 1754. In Indonesian, Dol Hareubang means a statue of a grandfather. Hareubang means grandfather in Jeju dialect. Dol means stone which refers to the material of the statue.

The hallmark of this statue is that it has round eyes and wears an army hat. Both hands are on the stomach. Dol Hareubang ‘s hand position has a certain meaning. If the position of the right hand is higher then it means he is a civil official.

Meanwhile, if the left hand is positioned higher than the right hand, then it means the statue is a military official. These two grandfather Iconic Statues in Korea on Jeju Island are a symbol of fertility and life for the people of Jeju.

There is also a belief that if a woman rubs the nose of this statue of the grandfather who guards Jeju Island, then she will have a son someday. However, if he rubs his ears, he will get a daughter.

7. Buddha Statue at Donghwasa Temple

No less than the city of Seoul, Daegu also has a giant Buddha statue that reaches 33 meters high standing on a pedestal. This Iconic Statues in Korea was built at Donghwasa Temple, located south of Palgongsan Mountain, approximately 22 km to the northeast of Daegu.

This historic Buddhist temple was built by Monk Geukdal to coincide with King Soji’s 15th year ruling Korea. That said, the statue made of stone is the tallest in the world.

8. Statue of Brother at the Korean War Memorial

This statue is a symbol of reunion for North and South Korea. You can find this statue at the Korean War Memorial.

The statue which has a height of 11 meters and a width of 18 meters is a symbol of the Korean war that had been experienced. The statue of two armies embracing consists of three parts, namely the top, bottom and inside.

The upper part depicts two soldiers of the South Korean army, hugging his sister who is a North Korean soldier. In the center is a cracked dome made of granite gathered from various places in Korea that symbolizes the sacrifices of the soldiers.

The crack in the dome is a symbol of South Korea’s hopes for an immediate peace with North Korea. Apart from this statue, at the Korean War Memorial, you can find other statues depicting the war history of the Ginseng Country.

9. Statue of Kim Kwangseok in Daegu

Like Jl. Sukarno in Bandung, one of the streets in Daegu dedicated to Kim Kwangseok. Kim Kwangseok is a legendary Korean singer whose work is already very famous. The 350-meter-long wall on this street is decorated with very artistic murals depicting the life journey

This street is named Jl kim Kwangseok because this is where the great musician used to live. As a form of respect, on this street was also built a statue of Kim Kwangseok posing while strumming a guitar which is the icon of the city of Daegu.

10. Statues at Haesindang Park

Haesindang Park is a park in the city of Sinnam, on the east coast of South Korea. The distance from Samcheok, Gangwon-do is approximately 20 km. This unique park is touted as one of the parks that is a popular tourist destination frequented by local and international tourists.

What is unique about Haesindang park is not the collection of flowers or the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds this park, but this park is famous for its controversial collection of penis statues.

Haesindang Park, also known as Penis Park, was officially opened in 2007. Inside there are approximately 300 penis statues in various shapes, sizes and colors, including penis totems, penis stools, penis cannons, and other sex statues.

Penis statues can be collected in this park because of a sculpture competition. After the competition is over, all the statues that were entered in the competition are kept in this park. This park is home to sculptures by Korean artists who sculpt penises.

Haesindang Park is also known as a fertility monument. Behind the unique concept, there is a folklore behind the creation of this park .

It is said that Haesindang Park was built as a form of respect for the virgin Auebawi who faithfully waited for her lover, Haesindang who went to sea.

Here are 10 iconic statues in Korea with stories behind them. You will surely find many other historical statues that have deep stories. From this work of art we can get an interesting lesson to know.

These statues are like a medium that records past events so that the next generation can know an important event. So, are you interested in visiting Korea? Or interested in making a statue to capture the moment? Of course, both of these things will be fun if executed.

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