K-Drama Filming Locations

10 Interesting K-Drama Filming Locations to Visit

10 Interesting K-Drama Filming Locations to Visit

10 Interesting K-Drama Filming Locations to Visit, Wondering what to do during the holidays?. The K-drama stock has been watched and now you are stuck in boredom in your room alone.

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Well, don’t you realize that Kdrama inspires you a lot. For example , traveling . Kdrama not only presents interesting stories that are well packaged so that the audience is willing to wait patiently until the last episode.

Some of the K-drama that we will review below are guaranteed to provide travel inspiration for you. The beauty of the place where the pictures were taken has made people curious and tempted to visit it directly.

Check the following information before you prepare an itinerary. Also other needs that will be needed when traveling later based on location of popularity K-drama series.

1. Descendant of The Sun – Greece

2016 ago, Descendant of The Sun caused a stir in the television world in Korea and other countries, including Indonesia. Many fans were enchanted by the charms of Yoo Shijin (Song Joong Ki) and Kang Moyeon (Song Hye Kyo).

Until now, the love story of the two is still imprinted on the minds of Kdrama fans. For that we as fans of the drama must thank Kim Eunsook who has presented the interesting story of Captain Yoo and Doctor Kang.

But beyond that, the power of Descendant of The Sun is not only from the players who have performed their respective roles very well. The filming location for this drama also made fans fall in love. For example, Navagio Beach and Arachova in Greece.

In one of the episodes there is a scene where Captain Yoo Shijin takes Doctor Kang Moyeon to visit this beautiful beach, also known as Shipwreck beach or Smuggler\’s Cove, off the coast of Zakynthos, Greece.

The reason behind the naming of this white pebble-covered beach is because there was a smuggler\’s ship that stranded on this beach in 1982. Until now the shipwreck has become an interesting object of this beach.

The only transportation that can take you to this place is by boat. Try adding this place to your travel bucket list . Enjoy the beauty of the beautiful blue sea surrounded by charming dashing cliffs. You will fall in love with this place.

2. Memories of the Alhambra – Granada, Spain

We’re flying to Spain now, to the city of Granada to be exact. This place was used as a shooting location for the drama Memories of the Alhambra. Park Shin Hye and handsome actor Hyunbin display sweet chemistry in this drama that is about a dangerous game .

The Alhambra, which was the location of the shooting, is a palace fort complex that stands on Sabikah Hill, Granada, Spain. The fort was made in the Moorish architectural style which is an Islamic architectural style.

Today, the Alhambra castle is a popular tourist destination in Europe. An iconic part of this palace is the Court of Lions complex ( Patios de los Leones ) which is decorated with marble fountains that shoot out of 12 lion statues.

Adjacent to the Lion Court complex, there is the Court of Myrtles ( Patio de los Arrayanes) surrounded by the rooms of the Palace of Comares. These two beautiful locations appear in cutscenes in the drama.

Besides that, the Mirador de San Nicolas square complex is another place in Granada that will make you itch to fly to this place immediately. This square complex is located in the Albaicin which offers an extraordinary view of the city of Granada, the Alhambra and the mountains that surround it.

You will see all of these places in the drama, which also stars Chanyeol. If you are lucky, in this complex you will see a slick performance from a flamenco singer with a cool guitar performance.

3. Encounter – Havana, Cuba

Encounter is a K-drama that brings together Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo. In K-drama history, Encounter became the first drama to be shot in Cuba.

Cuba is famous for its beautiful natural scenery. The buildings in K-drama sets with classic architecture, classic cars and live music and good mojitos .

If you going traveling to Cuba don’t miss visit el Malecon. El Malecon is an unofficial city icon that presents a view that really spoils your eyes. You can take a walk on the seaside path that directly faces the beach. This location is on the northern coastline of the city of Havana.

Sitting on the beach sipping rum and enjoying the view of the sky at low tide is the best moment that you must feel if you are in Havana, try it.

Take time to stroll through the old city of Havana, Cuba’s capital, which is filled with historic buildings, museums, galleries and old churches. Its classic charm will not make your day bored.

4. Crash Landing on You – Swiss

After The best K-drama Descendant of The Sun. Comes Crash Landing on You which also makes K-drama fans captivated by its shooting location. This K-drama, starring the Hyunbin and Son Yejin couple, has indeed taken place in South Korea.

However, taking pictures in Switzerland is what makes people interested in traveling to that place. The place is Lake Lungern in Obwalden, Switzerland. The lake that looks like in this fictional story really exists. Try the last episode of the K-drama Crash Landing on You.

Lake Lungern is a lake that has an amazingly beautiful view with an impressive mountain range. All of them form a view that you will never forget if you visit this location. This lake is really the best place to swim and play water.

In the last episode you will see the attractive landscape of Grindelwad which is located in the Swiss Bernese Alps and borders the north side of the Eiger and Wetterhorn. This place is famous for its beautiful scenery and a destination for various seasonal activities.

During winter, Grindelwad is the best skiing destination, while when summer comes, it is a favorite place for paragliding, rowing and other outdoor activities .

5. The Best K-drama Goblin – Sets on Canada

Who can forget Kim Shin’s teleportation scene in K-drama Goblin. As he goes back and forth to Korea-Canada. Just by opening the red door that makes us dumbfounded? The iconic red door in the Goblin drama red door is an emergency door at the Pettit Champlain Theatre.

Meanwhile, the scene in Canada that appears in this drama is the city of Quebec. In the Goblin scene , you can see a city filled with UNESCO world heritage historical sites.

Walking in this city will be a very pleasant trip . Every corner of the city is filled with buildings that are more than 400 years old. Everything looks beautiful and. Don’t forget to visit Chateau Frontenac, a Quebec city landmark which is the most favorite object here.

6. Devilish Joy – China

K-drama Devilish Joy opens the story with a scene shot in Hainan, China. On this island you can see the exotic scenery of the perfect combination of blue sea and beautiful resorts combined with traditional and modern Chinese architecture.

In this K-drama, Ju Gippeum (Song Hayoon) goes to Hainan to shoot a commercial. On the sidelines of his schedule, he escapes from the crew and wanders the island alone.

On the island which is the southernmost province in the People\’s Republic of China, Ju Gippeun meets Gong Ma Seong (Choi Jinhyuk). The two then became increasingly close after spending time on this beautiful island.

In one of the scenes, Gippeum and Maseong are seen walking around Haikou, a movie city that offers real-life film set tours . So, who is interested in the beauty of Hainan and its tourist destinations?

7. Black Knight – Slovenia

Slovenia has many magnificent and classic castles that you can see in the K-drama Black Knight. For example, Predjama Castle. Some of the scenes in the K-drama starring Shin Sekyung and Kim Raewon were shot at Predjama Castle, Logar Valley, Kranj, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

This drama provides a classic and dramatic scene for this action, romance and mystery genre K-drama.

The technique of shooting from above provides an exotic view of the castle and city of Ljubljana. It really made me want to pack my clothes and fly to Slovenia.

8. The Package – France

Next location based K-drama The Package is sets on France. In this K-drama starring Jung Yonghwa and Lee Yeonhee really teased fans with their scenes in The Package in the beautiful city of Paris, France. The view of the city at night with the twinkling lights makes us fantasize about bringing a partner and enjoying romantic moments there.

The Package tells the story of a tour guide who is stranded in the city of Paris and meets an out-of-pocket man. The locations taken in this drama are mostly city views at night and popular tourist spots.

Lee Yonhee, who plays Yoon Soso, is like whispering to the audience about the best spots in Paris to take a walk. Immediately take a pen and paper and record the locations in Paris that Yoon Soso and the tourists he guides stop at.

9. Only You – Italia

Well, if you want to go on a backpacker -style trip , the location in the drama Only You can be a reference. The drama, which was released in 2005, was shot in Italy. Here you will not find the charm of Italy with its popular tourist attractions.

On the other hand, Only You presents another view of the charm of Italian tourism which is often seen in promotions in print and digital media. Here you will see the life of the people of the outskirts of Italy and local residents yes with their daily lives.

However, the simple things seen in this drama will make you fall in love with Italy and its traditional cuisine and the friendliness of its people.

10. Vagabond – Morocco, Portugal

Lee Seunggi and Suzy once tickled adventurous K-drama fans to come to Portugal and Morocco. Through the 2019 drama Vagabond , Seunggi appears in a scene where he gets into a fight with criminals in the city of Tangier, Morocco.

Tangier has a beautiful view of the city with neatly lined square-shaped buildings. This city has a view that is sure to make you fall in love with Morocco.

Apart from Morocco, there are scenes in this drama that are done in Portugal. You will see beautiful views of the city of Lisbon and Chefchaouen, which is the location where Suzy gets into conflict with criminals when she carries out her mission.


Interesting, huh? Those are 10 K-dramas that will definitely make you interested in traveling . The beautiful scenery captured by the camera is really tempting to leave immediately. Let’s immediately prepare your travel itinerary . Also invite your friends or loved ones to make your vacation more memorable.

There’s nothing wrong with preparing a surprise, for example, shooting your crush? Or propose to your girlfriend? The romantic atmosphere that wakes up from that place can support your important moments, you know.


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