10 Kinds of Best Japanese Stationery Souvenirs for Souvenirs

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Top 10 Kinds of Best Japanese Stationery for Souvenirs

10 Kinds of Japanese Stationery Souvenirs for Souvenirs, Japan is not only famous for its unique and beautiful anime , manga , and food but is also known for producing cute stationery. The stationery they produce can sometimes be completely out of the box . Not only can be used everyday, these stationery are also cute so they are interesting to be used as souvenirs.

Choosing souvenirs is one of the activities when we travel to a country. Sometimes this activity can be quite time consuming because we are confused about what to buy.

Stationery has become one of Japan ‘s most famous souvenirs, along with sweets, snacks, and cosmetics. If you are looking for unique Japanese souvenirs, try these Japanese stationery souvenirs.

1. FriXion Ball Pens

The FriXion Ball Pen is an erasable ink pen. Cool isn’t it? At the end of the pen is included a special rubber eraser that can erase and rewrite the writing you make. No need to scribble or use correction tape .

This pen is certainly useful for students and busy office workers. Not only famous in Japan, this pen is also increasingly popular among tourists. These pens are now available in an increasing variety of colors and types.

It will be interesting if given as a souvenir. Oh yeah, one thing to keep in mind, as this pen’s ink can be erased by swiping, writing your name or address on a letter and signing a contract using this doesn’t seem like a good idea. 

2. Masking Tape

If you go to a stationery store in Japan, you’ll find a wide variety of tapes, from simple, plain tapes to stylish ones with patterns printed on the surface. These various tapes can be used for different purposes.

What is unique about these tapes from Japan is that they can be removed and written on. In addition, this tape can be torn by hand. It also has various uses, it can be used to decorate notes, it can also be used to wrap umbrella handles or pack things.

Since this tape is writable, it can also serve as a label. There is also tape that can be used as a sticker. Tape with traditional Japanese designs and patterns has become a popular souvenir.

3. Double Ring Green Note

This notebook is the result of the production of Ax Corporation. No different from its name, Double Ring Green Note is a notebook equipped with green paper.

Responding to posts on social media saying that he is hypersensitive so he doesn’t want to use a notebook with white paper because the reflection of light hurts the eyes, the company finally offers this notebook to the whole country.

Green Note is specially made for people who have visual conditions such as oxyopia . People with oxyopia have difficulty seeing writing on white paper because of the reflectivity of the paper. Notebooks with pale green paper are gentler on the eyes.

This pale green color reduces the amount of light that is reflected back. This can help users see their writing more clearly.

The presence of this notebook will certainly help those with visual conditions as well as anyone who feels eye strain when using white paper. There are four sizes of notebooks , namely B5, A5, B7, and A7.

This notebook has many uses. You can use it to jot down memos until they are used in business. Green Note with paper that reduces light reflection is comfortable on the eyes and popular with men and women as well as young and old.

4. Nakabayashi Lifestyle Tool Box

This Nakabayashi Lifestyle Tool Box is a practical box and one of Japanese stationery. That can be used to help organize all items on the table. Such as pens, scissors, rulers, and glue. The cool thing about this box is that it looks cute.

In addition, after using it, this box can be folded into its own storage box, making it neat and easy to use. There are various styles and colors to choose from. So, you don’t need to be confused whether this box will match your room or not.

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In addition to this Japanese stationery, the box can also be used as a place to store cosmetics and other small items. The usefulness of this box can only be limited by your imagination. Of course, this box can also be a cute souvenir, yes.

5. Washi

Washi is a Japanese paper registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. This paper can be an interesting souvenir as a Japanese stationery from Japan. This beautiful paper can be used as stationery or it can also be used to decorate your home.

Washi paper is made from the fiber of the mulberry tree. Because this paper is made by hand. Each product has a unique appearance. This paper is also stronger than it looks making it perfect for use as origami, wrapping paper or decorations.

6. Themed Eraser

Another Japanese stationery that should not be missed is the uniquely shaped eraser that can be found in Japan . There’s candy-shaped erasers that look like real candy to sushi and maneki neko , the summoning cat on display in stores.

Maybe you won’t be able to find various types of erasers like the ones in Japan. There is one good eraser brand of Japanese stationery. Also can be used as a souvenir for Japanese stationery, namely the IWAKO brand eraser. These erasers are available in many colors and variations.

These products are of high quality and are sold in sets at stationery shops throughout Japan. It only costs a few hundred yen. This can be a unique souvenir for children or teenagers.

7. FriXion Light

FriXion Light is the perfect highlighter to use when you want to bookmark reference books and notebooks . This Japanese stationery also available in three colors, namely ” fluorescent ” which produces solid colors, “soft “. Which feels comfortable on the eyes, and “natural” with bright colors.

Natural color is a new product that started to be marketed in February 2020. What distinguishes this new product is the soft hue of the color. Which is not too sharp but allows the highlighted writing to remain clearly visible. Recommended for graphic coloring as well as small illustrations.

8. Dr. Grip CL PlayBorder 0.3 mm

You must be used to using a mechanical pencil, right? This Japanese stationery product is a mechanical pencil that can be adjusted. For example, you can remove the tire on the handle and replace it with any color tire you like.

In addition, you can also use nail polish, stickers, and masking tape on the lid. To make your mechanical pencil look unique. Another unique thing is that the contents of the pencil can be pushed out by shaking the pencil. In addition to mechanical pencils, they are also available in the form of a pen.

9. Hobonichi Planner

Want to be able to manage your daily schedule in a fun way? Maybe this one of Japanese stationery is suitable for you. Hobonichi Planner is a journal that allows users to record their daily plans, track goals, and write down other thoughts.

In addition to writing the schedule. There are also people who paste pieces from newspapers. And other study materials in this planner because the pages are light but of high quality.

This planner book is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. There is also a cover that you can buy for this planner. So that it can be adapted to the journal. For those of you who are not used to writing schedules or keeping a journal. This planner can be used easily and fun.

10. Kokuyo Stapleless Stapler

The theme of this Japanese Stationery product is “environment”, “security” and “efficiency”. As the name suggests, this stapler does not require a metal staple. Of course, this is an environmentally friendly tool and very safe for children and parents.

This tool feels very comfortable when used to clamp sheets of paper. There are two types of staplers used to hold sheets of paper together. The first is the most basic. This stapler makes an incision then folds another sheet of paper into the cut.

The second type is press . This stapler does not cut the paper but only “presses” to glue. The cool thing about this second stapler is that the bonded parts can be easily removed. And also because it doesn’t use metal staples, the paper thickness is reduced by up to 60%.


Many kind Japanese Stationery is known to be unique and funny, but of course very useful. People can go crazy when shopping for stationery in Japan. Besides being able to be used for purposes at the office or at school. These items can be souvenirs. Japanese stationery souvenirs are sure to be loved by the recipient.

What do you think? Can Japanese stationery souvenir ideas be an option when buying gifts for family or friends? Try to write your comments below, yes.

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