10 Luxury Lodgings In Dubai, UAE

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10 Luxury Lodgings In Dubai, UAE

In just a few decades, the deserted land of the desert has turned into a tourism wonderland, that is Dubai. This is a place where dreams do come true, the city boasts several artificial islands, a world of artificial skiing on arid dry land, a city of man-made canals and the tallest structures in the world. Many projects are still in progress, I don’t know what will happen in the future. It is home to one of the busiest airports, business or shopping hubs, where every traveler has every reason to visit this glittering city. This article is dedicated to executive class travelers, those who are not only looking for a place to stay but also luxury accommodation in Dubai. Our intensive search is carried out to save every traveler time in finding the perfect accommodation. Let’s read the list of luxury lodging in Dubai, UAE below.

1. Penthouse with rooftop pool

This inn is a large penthouse, with an area of ​​650 square meters and is located in the heart of the Jumeirah Beach Residence area. The penthouse terrace features a rooftop pool, lounge area and hanging nest chairs. The night view from here is amazing. This penthouse overlooks Palm Jumeirah Island and Ain Dubai, the world’s largest Ferris wheel. This apartment provides six bedrooms, five bathrooms and 16 or more guests can easily be accommodated here.

2. Apartment facing Burj Khalifa

This luxury apartment is situated in a spectacular location. You can see for yourself from the photos here, overlooking the Burj Khalifa, the balcony view from the bedroom directly towards Dubai’s dancing fountain every night. The famous Dubai Mall, metro and tram are just steps away. Regarding space, this apartment provides three bedrooms and six people can sleep here, the host is also ready to provide a baby bed. This apartment has three separate bathrooms and toilets. Other important facilities provided include a fitness center and swimming pool.

3. Villa in Palm Jumeirah

If you’re looking for a more luxurious stay, consider this executive villa on Palm Jumeirah Island. Palm is already a tourist destination in itself, renting a place here will be an unforgettable vacation. The design of this villa combines east and west, just look at the photos. This villa has a private pool, but the highlight of this property is the access to the private beach beside the backyard. A barbecue area and terrace are also available in the courtyard. A butler is also available to assist you during your stay. This villa provides five bedrooms to accommodate eleven guests. There are also six bathrooms, one of which is a small bathroom.

4. Designer villa in Palm Jumeirah

This luxury inn is also located on Palm Jumeirah Island, and is a designer villa. This place was built without limiting the budget, as you can see in the photos. Every object in the villa is placed to match the luxury that guests seek from the villa. This luxury accommodation stands on an area of ​​510 square meters with a private pool, private beach and a large backyard. The lounge and main area of ​​this house are equipped with clear glass windows that provide 180-degree views of the water area. There is a separate room with a pool table, wide screen TV and a few reclining chairs. This villa provides eight bedrooms to accommodate twelve guests and there are four bathrooms plus one small bathroom.

5. Lodging with a classic Arabic feel

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Unlike what we know in general, Dubai is not only a fishing community before the 1960s, its cultural side is also very rich. In this city there are ancient sites of thousands of years that date back to the iron age. But in today’s era, it is difficult to structure the classic era among these skyscrapers. For travelers who prefer a classic over modern feel, the Al-Tajer on our list could be your choice. Al Tajer Residence is an apartment in the city center area. This place is designed to give a nostalgic feel to Arab culture. But that doesn’t mean the facilities provided are less, it’s just that the architecture and especially the balconies are designed like ancient times. This luxury inn is a large apartment for two guests, with only one bedroom and one bathroom.

6. Lodging at Cayan Tower

The Cayan Tower is the tallest circular building in the world and this luxurious inn sits within this storied tower. Since Cayan is located in Dubai Marina, every balcony offers panoramic views of the marina. Other popular landmarks such as Jumeirah Beach Walk and Palm Jumeirah Island are nearby. Regarding facilities, you will get access to the gym and swimming pool which is included in the lodging rate. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and four people can stay here.

7. Lodging at Dubai Marina

This luxury inn is located on the top floor of Damac, a towering residential tower. This inn is also located in the Dubai Marina precinct, making it another marina apartment on this list, but this one is a bit bigger. This apartment has a floor area of ​​over 121 square meters and includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms (plus one small bathroom). Five people can sleep here. The inn’s balcony offers views of passing cruise ships. This building provides gym and swimming pool facilities, and every guest who stays can access them.

8. Apartments in Jumeirah

This is a white and fully furnished apartment in the Jumeirah area. The location of this luxury inn is in the midst of all the popular tourist attractions, just minutes from Jumeirah Beach Walk and the Dubai Marina area, as well as the Burj Khalifa in the city centre. In fact, the Burj Khalifa can be seen from the entrance of this tower. The apartment is surrounded by shopping areas, cafes and restaurants. This apartment provides three bedrooms and four bathrooms, and six people can stay here.

9. Vacation home in Palm Jumeirah

This luxury inn is located on Palm Jumeirah Island. Technically, it’s not a villa, but one could call it that. This option is a very high quality vacation home and the rates are very reasonable too. This property provides a plunge pool, a private beach, a large garden in front, a terrace and barbecue grills. Burj Al Arab tower seen from here. This holiday home provides four bedrooms and four bathrooms and eight people can be accommodated here.

10. Duplex apartment in Twisted Tower

In Dubai, there is the tallest tower in the world and an artificial island. But with this man-made canal city next to Jumeirah, we sometimes forget that the city itself stands in the desert. The city’s canal project is known as Dubai Marina, a leading shopping and residential area. This luxury inn is housed in the famous tower of the marina area, it is a two-level apartment located on the higher floors of “ The Twisted Tower ”. This apartment features an indoor fireplace, which is a rare feature among Dubai’s property options. The balcony of this apartment provides stunning views of the marina and pool. Yes, this tower provides swimming pool facilities on the roof of the building. Babysitting facilitiesalso available here. There are four bedrooms and nine guests can sleep in this apartment. There are four bathrooms and a small bathroom too.

Explore Dubai

With endless shopping options, desert nightlife or cultural dynamics at archaeological sites, the holiday experiences are endless in Dubai. Explore the city, go wherever your heart pleases, but there will always be something exciting to do in Dubai. Good luck with your holiday plans and thank you for reading our article. Hope our list helps!


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