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10 Parks in Korea that You Must Visit for a Vacation

10 Parks in Korea that You Must Visit for a Vacation

10 Parks in Korea that You Must Visit for a Vacation, Besides being known for its glittering world of entertainment, the land of ginseng is also one of the favorite destinations of many people.

Especially if you are a lover of Korean dramas or Korean idols, you will definitely be more excited to visit some romantic locations found in one of the dramas or those that have been aired on Korean television shows.

For those of you who want to reminisce about your favorite drama scene, or want to spend your vacation time warmer, you can visit the following parks in Korea.

From nature tours to other historical tours, parks in Korea are the right choice for those of you who want to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the scenery. Here are some recommendations for the best parks you can visit in Korea’s version of Wandering.

1. Namsan Park

If you are on vacation in Seoul, you should wander to Namsan Parks in Korea. This is the park that is said to be the most extensive in the city. Comes with a variety of beautiful plants, plus there are various species of animals that you can meet there, you can sit back and relax or take a walk enjoying the scenery.

For JJS, aka a leisurely walk with loved ones, this destination is a suitable choice. However, we recommend that when you want to visit Namsan Park, you choose April. The reason is, in that month the cherry blossoms begin to bloom and there are often held festivals. So that the garden was decorated with various adorable colorful lights.

2. Gyeongju National Park

No less interesting, for those of you who want to visit a park with historical value, Gyeongju National Parks in Korea is a good choice. The park coincides in the center of Gyeongju, the capital of Korea during the Silla Dynasty. never empty of visitors. That’s because this one park is included in a historic national park in Korea.

There are various oldest architectures that still stand strong and well-maintained to this day. You can also find a pond called Anapji, above the pond there is a kind of post with an ancient Korean style. In addition, there is also an old temple called Bulguksa which is the center of attention when visiting Gyeongju National Parks in Korea.

3. Yeouido Hangang Park

If you are looking for a park that has easier vehicle access, Yeouido Hangang Parks in Korea is the right choice. The reason is, this park has a location that can be easily visited using the subway or bus. Moreover, the park has a different view from other parks, namely the Hangang River flowing through Seoul.

There, you will be pampered by a garden that is suitable for relaxing or cycling to fill your spare time. Not only that, in Yeouido Hangang Parks in Korea there is also a large grass field decorated with cherry blossoms. So, it’s only natural that this destination never escapes from various events and festivals.

4. Songpanaru Park

Ever heard of a park with a thousand cherry trees in Parks in Korea? Songpanaru Park is the answer. The park, which is located in the Lotte World area, is decorated with cherry blossoms that can form a flower tunnel in spring. Not only that, every spring festivals are often held in the Parks in Korea as well.

In addition to views of the sea of ​​cherry blossoms, this beautiful park is also surrounded by Lake Seokchonhosu which can make us calm. The perfect mix for a vacation and spending time with loved ones, right? This place is also very Instagramable. So, don’t forget to take pictures, okay?

5. Ilsan Park

Not much different from the previous park, Ilsan Parks in Korea is also filled with cherry blossoms which are much more numerous, which is around 1,800 trees. Amazingly, this park is not only decorated with cherry blossoms, but also willow and forsythia trees.

In addition to being a beautiful destination, this park is increasingly recognized by many people when it was used as a shooting location for the very popular Korean drama “My Love From The Stars” in 2013.

This place also became the shooting location for another popular drama, “The Girl Who Sees Smells”, in 2015. Besides being called a flower garden and often used as a flower exhibition every year or known as International Holticulture Goyang Korea, Ilsan Parks in Korea is also equipped with a lake. Korea’s largest artificial lake with the same name, Ilsan Lake.

6. Jehwangsan Park

If you visit Korea in spring, one of the must-visit destinations is Jehwangsan Parks in Korea. You see, there is often held the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival every year. The festival presents the beautiful cherry blossom garden which is also equipped with the ship Admiral Lee Sun Shin which is popular and loved by visitors.

There, your eyes will be spoiled too with Anmingogae Hill and Yeojwacheon Stream. FYI, this park is not located in Seoul, but in Jinhae City , South Gyeongsang Province.

7. Ssangyesa Temple Simni Cherry Blossom park

Believe it or not, this park is actually not a park, but a road that stretches for six kilometers. This street connects Hwagae Market with Ssanggyesa Temple in Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. However, along the path there are rows of cherry blossoms, so it looks like a very pretty garden.

However, behind its beauty, this park has a story that many people believe. It is said that if a couple walks along the park in spring, it is believed that they will fall in love with each other and get married. That’s why park Ssangyesa Temple Simni Cherry Blossom is also called the wedding road.

8. Seomjin River Train Village park

This Korean destination is quite unique compared to some of the previous parks. The reason is, long ago before Seomjin River Train Village became a park, the area was just an ordinary train station. However, in the hands of creative people, this location has been transformed into a garden decorated with various flowers.

This park is located in Gokseong. There you will find a variety of attractions, one of which is a steam locomotive that can operate five times a day. The locomotive will run across the Seomjingang River.

9. Olympic Park

The park which was once the location of the Asian Games in 1986 and became the venue for the Summer Olympics which was held 2 years later is called Olympic Park. Located in Songpa-gu, Seoul, this very popular park has a total area of ​​about 1.4 million square meters. Because of the extent, it is said that it will take up to 3 hours for you to walk around the park.

Not surprisingly, with the size of this park, visitors are advised to use a park map or ride the Hodori train or bicycle. Besides being used to relax, this park is also often used by visitors to exercise. When visiting Olympic Park, you will find Single Tree Hill in the middle of a vast expanse like a painting.

10. Pyeonghwa Nuri Park

If you are tired of gardens filled with flowers, this park with thousands of windmills in northern Gyeonggi-do can be an option. Pyeonghwa Nuri Park which is also included in the World Peace Festival which was founded in 2005 has successfully attracted the attention of many people.

The visitors come here just to relax or deliberately invite their children to play. The park which has 3,000 colorful windmills called Bukit Angin is also decorated with vast grass fields.

This place is also often used as a location for music concerts, so besides Bukit Angin, this place is also called Bukit Musik. There is also Peaceland which is a favorite location for small children with a variety of exciting rides. If you are hungry, there is also a restaurant available. Thus, this park is the most complete park with facilities for family tourism.

All parks in South Korea are very beautiful and of course clean. You can enjoy the cool and calming nature of the city. Are you planning to visit one of them?

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