Let’s -Visit 10 Tourist Attractions Hokkaido

10 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Hokkaido When You’re on Vacation

10 Tourist Attractions Hokkaido, Japan is an archipelagic country that has beautiful scenery with their own characteristics in each place. No wonder Japan is also known as one of the destinations for foreign tourists.

Although Hokkaido is still less popular than some tourist destinations on the main island of Japan such as Tokyo , Kyoto, and Osaka , many tourists enjoy visiting this northernmost island in Japan.

Yes, attractions hokkaido or often called ” yukiguni ” or Snow country is the northernmost and largest island in Japan with an area of ​​83,456.58km2 which consists of 22% of the total country of Japan. This island has amazing natural wealth and is also a natural paradise. Because of the nickname yukiguni too, in attractions hokkaido there are many sports activities related to snow.

Why is attractions hokkaido called the paradise of nature? Because there are mountains, highlands, rivers, lakes, seas, blue skies to culinary that is not inferior to islands in Japan and various interesting annual events there that you would not miss.

Because Attractions Hokkaido has a different appeal to the famous cities in Honshu, there is nothing wrong if you are going to Japan to take the time to come to attractions hokkaido.

Here It Is, Here Are Some Tourist Attractions Hokkaido That Can Be Your Reference If You Are Going To Travel There.

1. Attractions Hokkaido Odori Park

Odori Park is a park located in the center of attractions hokkaido City. In the center of the park is a television station tower, the Sapporo TV Tower. In this park alone there are about 5,000 trees with colorful flowers. In spring, you will see lilac flowers blooming very beautifully.

If you come in winter, Odori Park is transformed into a place to hold a winter festival. Visitors will be presented with sculptures made of ice. Anyway, you will get an unforgettable vacation if you visit Odori Park in winter.

2. Otaru Canal

The 1,140-meter-long dam spans the original coastline and reclaimed offshore land. Tourists can visit the Otaru Canal during the day or at night. At night, the lights that provide lighting along the dam will add to the warm atmosphere.

The best time to visit the Otaru Canal is every February. This month there will be a saju festival, where so many candles will be floated along the dam. You will feel a serene and romantic atmosphere when you see the dam filled with the dim light of candles.

3. Asahiyama Zoo

When else will you be able to see wild animals up close and safe? At Asahiyama Zoo you are invited to interact more closely with the animal collections there with security that continues to occur.

For example, when you want to see a polar bear or a black wolf up close, this zoo provides facilities in the form of a very strong glass dome. This glass dome is a barrier between visitors and the collection of wildlife here.

Not only offering the experience of seeing animals up close, Asahiyama Zoo also has a collection of penguins and an aquarium dome that introduces marine life.

4. Shirogane Blue Pond attractions hokkaido

Have traveled to Kawah Putih in West Java. If you have, you will immediately feel like deja vu when you see a picture of Shirogane Blue Pond. This tourist attractions hokkaido is similar to Kawah Putih, only the water here is really light blue.

How can the water here be blue? According to his explanation, groundwater around this place contains aluminum. When mixed with the water of the Biei-gawa river, a blue colloid will form and affect the color of the surrounding water.

If you want to enjoy a very amazing view at Shirogane Blue Pond, we recommend coming in the snow season. In the winter season, the white color of the snow will contrast with the blue color of the water, creating a view that is refreshing to the eye.

5. Attractions Hokkaido Sapporo JR Tower

It’s not Japan if it doesn’t provide a choice of modern destinations that are suitable for metropolitan tourists. Sapporo JW Tower for example. This is a 38-storey building that is used as an office building, restaurant, to a shopping center. In fact, this building also has its own five-star hotel.

Curious about the inside of the Sapporo JR Tower as a whole? Maybe you should try to get into it. This building can be a one stop entertainment for tourists who are tired of traveling too far and want to find entertainment in one place only.

6. Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

At first glance the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse building looks like a row of warehouses. However, if you want to explore this place more closely, it turns out that this place is a shopping center and restaurant. In other words, this is an entertaining and anti-mainstream place .

So, what\’s going on in these buildings with red brick walls? Here, you can find restaurants, cafes, and other shops. The atmosphere around this tourist spot is so beautiful with the cool air. Understandably, Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse is indeed located near a hilly area.

7. Sapporo Beer Museum

Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido, is very famous for its beer production. To the extent that the city has its own beer museum, the name is Sapporo Beer Museum. As you may have guessed, this museum introduces you to the history and process of brewing.

The museum building carries a classical architecture that gives the impression of a “beer cellar”. Visitors who come are allowed to stop at the restaurant in it. In the restaurant, of course, you can find the typical Sapporo beer. In fact, the beer is free flow , aka you can add as much as you like.

8. Sapporo Clock Tower

Sapporo Clock Tower may not be as grand as Big Ben in London. This clock tower is only in part of a medium-sized house with a bone-white exterior dominance. However, what makes this clock has a high historical value is its age which has reached hundreds of years.

The clock tower which has stood since 1881 is still ringing today. Understandably, the manager always maintains and replaces damaged clock components so that the Sapporo Clock Tower still functions to this day.

9. Sapporo TV Tower

As we said earlier, in Odori Park there is a television station tower. The tower which is 147.2 meters high has an observation deck located at a height of 90.38 meters. For those of you who want to go up to the observation deck to see the surrounding scenery from a height, you must buy an entrance ticket in advance.

Although the Sapporo TV Tower is not as tall as other towers in Japan, tourists are still interested in visiting here. The reason is, on the lower floor of this tower there are shops and restaurants that can be visited in general.

10. Numa Quasi

Located 20 kilometers north of Hokadate, numa Quasi is a national park with incredible views. When you set foot here, you will be spoiled with views of the active volcano, Mount Oshima-Komagatake. While in the western part of the mountain there are Onuma Lake and Konuma Lake which are no less soothing to the eyes.

Activities that can be done in this place include cycling, camping, horse riding, canoeing, or fishing in the lake. The calm and peaceful atmosphere that is felt around this national park makes anyone feel at home for long breathing fresh air here.

11. Attractions Hokkaido Goryokaku

Goryokaku is a star-shaped fortress that was built 150 years ago. To be able to see the shape of the star in its entirety, tourists must go up to the Goryokaku Tower which is an observation point.

The fort itself was actually made by forming a moat. In spring, the trees in and around Goryokaku will display beautiful fresh cherry blossoms in bloom. You will surely be amazed by the human skills that can make a star-shaped fortress as well as be amazed by the beauty of the flowers around Goryokaku.

12. Jigokudani

There is something interesting about this one tourist spot. In fact, you may have heard the name Jigokudani Monkey Park before. Yes, this is a hot tub that is widely used by a Attractions Hokkaido herd of monkeys to soak in winter.

In this place you will see the sight of snow monkeys soaking in hot springs. However, to be able to see the phenomenon of this herd of monkeys bathing, you must come only in winter. In other seasons, a herd of monkeys will not be busy soaking in this hot tub.

13. Shikisai no Oka

No need to be confused when you have to look for tourist Attractions Hokkaido for spring in Japan. In Hokkaido, there is a flower garden that is overgrown with various types of flowers. Starting from lavender, luping, sun, to the cosmos, you can find everything in this garden. That said, Shikisai No Oka has 30 types of plants.

Indeed, the best time to visit this flower garden is April to October. If you want to see the tulips up close, come here every May.

When taking pictures at Shikisai No Oka, you will get a photo with a very beautiful background and will surely make anyone who sees it amazed.

14. Maruyama Park Attractions Hokkaido

A favorite spot for attractions hokkaido residents who want to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring is Maruyama Park. This 70-hectare park not only has cherry blossom trees, but also oak , maple , and magnolia trees .

If you come here in spring, of course you have a chance to see the cherry blossoms. In fact, at night the park provides special lighting on several cherry trees so that visitors can still enjoy hanami at night.

How about you come here in the fall? You will get a view of momiji aka the leaves of the trees that are starting to turn yellow and fall. The view of Momiji is no less beautiful than the blooming cherry blossoms, you know .

15. Farm Tomita

Another beautiful flower garden that has always been a favorite destination for tourists traveling in attractions hokkaido, namely Farm Tomita. This garden consists of several types of flowers with different colors. When the flowers in the garden start to bloom, it creates a very pretty scene of colorful lines.

Spring is the best time to visit Farm Tomita because this is when the flowers will bloom very beautifully. On the other hand, don\’t come here in winter because you can be sure that the flowers won\’t bloom.

Those are some tourist attractions hokkaido that you can visit in Hokkaido. There are many other places that you can explore there. While visiting the tourist attractions in Hokkaido, don\’t forget to also taste the special foods such as attractions hokkaido crab, seafood and also shiroi koibito which is a typical Attractions Hokkaido snack.

Hopefully this discussion will be a reference for those of you who will visit the Sakura Country.


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