South Korean soup

10 Types of Typical South Korean Soups that are Delicious and Delicious

10 Types of Typical South Korean Soups that are Delicious and Delicious

10 Types of Typical South Korean Soups, Korean soup is made from a variety of meats, fish, and vegetables, and is usually eaten with rice. Koreans especially like a bowl of hot soup in winter. However, soup can be enjoyed at any time as part of a meal with rice, kimchi , and other side dishes. The names of soup types generally have the suffix – woof or – tang .

There are many types of South Korean soup . Perhaps the ones that are very often sold in small and large restaurants include manduguk , galbitang , samgyetang or seolleongtang . Before discussing the types of soup from South Korean Soups, let’s find out first what is the difference between soup or guk with stew or jjigae !

What’s the difference between Guk and Jjigae?

At first glance , South Korean Soups ( guk ) and stew (- jjigae ) look very similar but there are differences. Guk has more broth than meat or vegetables, simmers for hours, and the broth can be used several times. The broth, meat and vegetables taste the same, or don’t use salt when boiling.

Stew or jjigae the amount of broth is less than half of the total content. Cook it briefly and eat it right away. The broth is saltier than the meat and vegetables.

Types of South Korean Soup
Well, now that you know the difference between woof and jjigae so there’s nothing wrong with ordering. The following are some types of South Korean Soups that you can taste.

1. Tteokguk

This dish is an iconic Korean New Year South Korean Soups. Tteokguk , this savory soup usually made with meat broth and rice cakes is a staple in Korean cuisine. Not only a warm and delicious treat on a cold day, but also symbolic.

This is because tteokguk has an important role in Korean customs and traditions that have existed for hundreds of years. Tteokguk is also consumed on this holiday due to the symbolic importance of the ingredients.

For example , white tteok signifies purity as well as cleanliness, which is a new beginning for the new year. Meanwhile, rice cakes or tteok are round like coins that resemble ancient Korean coins, the yeopjeon , which are believed to symbolize prosperity.

Another important event that takes place in Seollal , the South Korean Soups new year’s name, is that one year is added to each individual’s age. It is said that one cannot become one year older until they eat a bowl of tteokguk .

Not infrequently children ask for extra portions in the hope that they will grow up quickly. This custom is so widespread that many Koreans often use the expression, “How many bowls of tteokguk have you eaten?” to ask someone’s age.

Although tteok can be purchased from almost any market today, and tteokguk can now be consumed all year round, this dish will no doubt continue to play an important role in South Korean traditions for years to come.

2. Manduguk

Translated directly, this South Korean Soups means “wonton soup.” While most people are familiar with Chinese-style wonton soup, Korean wonton soup incorporates palm-sized vegetables and meat-filled dumplings into a broth-based soup.

The basic ingredients of this type of South Korean soup are made with anchovies or a type of anchovies or meat broth. However, the main ingredient is mandu , which are traditional Korean crescent-shaped dumplings usually filled with beef and vegetables.

The gravy also consists of shiitake mushrooms and onions, or sometimes sliced ​​tteok . In some parts of South Korean Soups, manduguk is served on the first day of the Lunar New Year, a tradition believed to stem from ancient beliefs.

This belief holds that happiness is safely wrapped inside these bite-sized dumplings. The gravy is usually served with thinly sliced ​​scallions and egg, while side dishes include kimchi and other types of pickled vegetables.

This soup is a special favorite for breakfast or dinner. Not infrequently also served with tteok in soup.

3. Galbitang

Galbitang is a type of South Korean soup made with beef ribs. This delicious soup is eaten as a stand-alone meal, and is prepared by simmering beef ribs and whole radishes for about 4 to 5 hours.

When it is cooked, the meat is seasoned with spring onions, garlic, ground pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and salt. Then put back into the broth along with the radish slices.

This South Korean Soups is similar to seolleongtang made from beef bones. Since beef ribs are an expensive cut of meat, galbitang is considered a fairly special dish, so it is served on special occasions, such as weddings and banquets.

4. Dwaeji Gukbap

Dwaeji gukbap is a popular South Korean soup made with pork, soy sauce, miso , rice wine, sesame oil, and bone broth. When served, this soup is combined with various side dishes.

Common side dishes include rice, prawns, shallots, noodles, kimchi , garlic, and green peppers, all of which can be added to the bowl of the steaming gravy. Dwaeji gukbap started out as a food for the poor.

This dish began during the Korean War in the 1950s, when refugees from North South Korean Soups used to prepare it with beef. Over time, the soup became a popular local dish, especially in Busan .

Today, most people enjoy this unique dish while drinking alcoholic beverages, and this soup is especially beneficial for women who are just recovering from childbirth.

5. Seolleongtang

Seolleongtang , a soup made from beef bones, is a delicious South Korean Soups favorite. This dish proves that simple food can be better than more complex food if served well.

This South Korean Soups uses only a few ingredients, namely meat, noodles, and some scallions that float in a milky white broth to make it taste more delicious.

Seolleongtang is the perfect meal for a cold day or when you’re not feeling well. Warm, satisfying and simple, try a bowl of seolleongtang when you’re looking for a classic for cold weather or when you’re feeling out of sorts.

6. Haejangguk

Everyone already knows that South Korean Soups is closely related to soju , a Korean alcoholic drink. Drinking habits have also become part of their culture. So it’s no surprise that the so-called “ hangover soup ” is a staple across Korea.

Served with the addition of rice, this soup is made with frozen lumps of beef blood, and its sodium content is very helpful in awakening the brain that had drunk a lot the night before.

Try a pain-relieving soup when you need to get out of bed bright and early after a night of drinking. You’ll understand why Koreans can’t live without this soup.

7. Maeuntang

Restaurants that offer this dish will often allow you to select fish from the aquarium. Many specialty seafood restaurants have several aquariums so shoppers can choose the fish they want.

Popular fish for this dish include red snapper, sea bass , codfish , yellow corvina , globefish , croaker , pollack , and even freshwater fish such as carp or carp. This South Korean Soups can also be made with crab and clams.

After the fish is cleaned, it is then cut into several pieces and boiled with ground beef and green vegetables such as watercress and chrysanthemums, along with red chili paste.

Chili sauce and vegetables are added to this mixture. Next the South Korean Soups is seasoned with pepper powder, garlic, soy sauce, and more chili paste. The main condiment for this popular dish is gochujang or spicy chili paste.

This soup is one of the most popular side dishes in South Korean Soups when drinking alcoholic beverages. This dish can be made from leftover pieces of raw fish. If you order raw fish and rice, the soup is made from leftover fish.

8. Samgyetang

Samgyetang is a type of South Korean soup consisting of whole young chicken cooked with ginseng, garlic, and rice. In Korea, ginseng is revered for its medicinal properties, as it can lower blood sugar and boost the immune system and stamina.

Therefore, samgyetang makes an ideal soup for hot summer days, when people experience nutritional deficiencies due to excessive sweating and loss of appetite. The taste of the soup is somewhat milder than other Korean and Chinese herbal medicine soups.

The key to its popularity during the summer months may also lie in its price, as it is generally quite inexpensive. If you eat this soup at a restaurant, you will often be provided with a small bottle of ginseng gills alcohol which is believed to increase physical and sexual stamina.

9. Haemultang

Haemultang is ‘live seafood soup ‘, but it may not be what you think. While seafood is originally live, it’s cooked in a hot soup before serving, so seafood isn’t technically alive when you eat it.

Therefore, there is no seafood fresher than haemultang . This Korean soup is made with a variety of spicy pasta and vegetables which gives it a unique taste and makes it a favorite in Korean restaurants.

10. Kongnamul Guk

Kongnamul guk is a type of South Korean soup made with soybean sprouts as the main ingredient. This typical everyday soup has many variations and can be made with different broths, particularly those based on anchovies, or even water.

Red chili powder is often added to add spiciness. Other common ingredients include chives and garlic. The sprouts should not be overcooked, and if prepared properly, the soup should have a mild nutty flavor and the sprouts should remain crunchy.

How? Do these types of South Korean soups make you curious to taste them. It turns out that the name for the soup is also different. Some end in – woof and some end in – tang . Both are different Korean soups with jjigae or stew .

For those who have eaten at a Korean restaurant, you must have tried samgyetang or galbitang . But there’s nothing wrong with trying other Korean soups too. For seafood lovers, there are haemultang and maeuntang . Come on, which one do you want to try?

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