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10 Unique Habits of Japanese People

10 Unique Habits of Japanese People That Can Make You Wonder

10 Unique Habits of Japanese People, Japan is one of the countries in Asia that is famous for its extraordinary progress in several sectors, ranging from the economy, technology, to the culture of its people.

Well, in addition to getting a good predicate in the eyes of the world, this country with a parliamentary system of government is also known to have a number of unique habits that make other people surprised, even difficult to understand.

So , to find out more about the unique habits of the Japanese. Check out the reviews that will be wandering about in the article below. What makes it interesting? Here is the review:

1. Sipping Noodles Loudly

Noodles are one of the dishes that are quite a favorite in Sakura Country, Japan. Various types of noodles are served, ranging from Ramen, Soba, Udon, Shomen, and Shirataki.

Well, Japan itself has a unique habit that is often done when enjoying noodles. If some regions consider making noise when eating food is impolite, then in Japan it is considered normal to slurp noodles with a loud voice.

Japanese society itself considers this habit as a way for someone to show pleasure when eating the noodle dish.

2. Bathing together without clothes

Japan is known to have a bathing culture that is different from other countries. Japanese people themselves are known to really like to soak at night in hot springs (Onsen) and public baths (Sento).

These two activities became known as Onsen and Sento culture. Well, one of the unique habits of Japanese society related to this culture, namely bathing together without a naked Alisa clothes.

Although the baths are distinguished by gender, but for people who are not used to doing it, it can certainly cause feelings of awkwardness or embarrassment.

3. Sleep Anywhere

Japan is known as a country that has high discipline. Most Japanese workers are known to be diligent in their work. This is what then makes their rest time a little different from the world community in general.

Well, when they feel tired from work, they themselves have a habit of sleeping anywhere, or what is known as Inemuri . So , you don’t need to be surprised when you see many Japanese

people sleeping in public facilities, in offices, classrooms, train stations, parks, even in shopping centers.

4. Bow in Respect

One of the other unique habits that we can see in Japanese society is the way they give respect to others, where to show respect, Japanese people will bow to that person. This habit is also known as Ojigi .

Well, Ojigi itself is usually done by Japanese people when they want to thank, beg, congratulate, or apologize. Although it looks simple, Ojigi’s way has its own way of doing it.

5. Picnic at the Tomb

The next unique habit that can also make other people see Japanese people is picnicking at family graves. Yes, if picnics are generally done in locations that are considered good,

then in Japan there is a unique tradition known as Hanami , a spring tradition that Japanese families still do today. During this season, Japanese people will gather with their families and then visit the graves of other family

members to do activities like people on a picnic such as eating together, drinking, and singing. This is done by the Japanese people as a form of respect for their ancestors.

6. Random Bike Parking

Although known as a country with a high level of discipline, Japan also has one bad habit that is often practiced, namely parking bicycles carelessly. Bicycles have become one of the daily means of transportation for Japanese people.

Although the government has provided coin parking lots for bicycles, many Japanese people still like to store bicycles carelessly. Well, because of that problem, the Japanese government often acts decisively by transporting the bicycles into trucks for safekeeping.

7. Harakiri Culture

One of the Japanese habits that is well known in the world is Harakiri , which is an act of suicide as a punishment for their mistakes or failures in doing a task or a job. This tradition began to appear during the Tokugawa Empire in the Edo period, which was around 1600 -1867.

Suicide by the Japanese themselves is something that is commonplace, even for some it is considered an honorable way to end a life of shame. The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated Japan as one of the countries with a fairly high suicide rate.

8. Breakfast Raw Eggs and Rice

Japan is known to be very fond of eating raw food. Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish in the form of a mixture of raw fish and rice.

Well, besides Sushi, there are also other unique habits that are carried out by Japanese people, namely breakfast of raw eggs mixed with rice. For some people it can certainly make you nauseous,

but for Japanese people this dish is something normal. They themselves call the Japanese-style breakfast Tamago kake Gohan.

9. Staring at the Moon

Staring at the moon is indeed not a strange thing for someone to do. This can indeed be done for several reasons such as contemplating life, missing someone, or admiring the natural beauty of God’s creation. If in other places, it is only done by a handful of people, then in Japan these activities are carried out by the majority of Japanese people.

They themselves call it the Tsukimi or Otsukimi tradition, which is a tradition of looking at the full moon in autumn with the aim of showing gratitude for a good harvest and hoping to get the same for the harvest in the next season to come.

The Tsukimi or Otsukimi tradition itself has been going on for centuries and is considered an important part of traditional culture in Japan.

10. Leaning Your Head on Others

Well, one of the unique habits of other Japanese people is falling asleep leaning your head on other people on public transportation. If for some people this is considered as something disturbing,

then in Japan itself it is considered a normal thing. Japanese people often give their shoulders to the person next to them.Fatigue at work is something that is highly valued by Japanese society.

So, don’t be surprised if you see many people sleeping leaning their head on the person next to them. However, the person next to him was not bothered or angry. It is a form of solidarity between them.

Well, those are 10 unique Japanese habits that can make other people wonder that I’ve been wandering around for you. Each country or region does have its own customs that deserve respect.

Like Japan, Indonesia itself has customs that may be considered unique by other countries. Even so, mutual respect is the right step in dealing with this. I hope the information above is useful for you!

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