12 Halal Snacks at Korean Minimarkets for Muslim Friends

12 Halal Snacks at Korean, When traveling to South Korea , sometimes you want to try the food too, including snacks or drinks. However, for some people who care about halal food, it is not easy to get halal snacks at Korean minimarkets.

Launching from several websites and social media, such as Halal Korea, it turns out that there are several halal Korean snacks that Muslim friends can enjoy. Anything? Check the list here.

1. Doldori Seaweed Snack

Seaweed chips or seaweed crisps seem to be nothing new in Indonesia. Korea also produces this snack. If you take a trip to Korea, you will find it. Good news for Muslims, seaweed crisps are Korean halal snacks that you can enjoy.

What makes seaweed chips or in Korea known as games to be a delicious snack is not only made from natural ingredients without artificial coloring and preservatives, but also provides many health benefits.

This light, crunchy snack is low in fat and high in fiber, and is a great food to eat especially when you’re watching TV or on the go. Plus, real seaweed chips are usually vegan-friendly.

But to be sure, look for the Doldori brand of seaweed crisps which has been deemed suitable for Muslim consumption by the Halal Korea Consumer’s Union. Doldori chips have 4 flavors, namely honey butter, hot spicy, cheese, and wasabi which can be purchased at supermarkets or supermarkets.

2. Samgak Kimbap

Halal snacks at Korean minimarkets in the form of small triangles are Muslim-friendly snacks that are super delicious and filling. The meaning of samgak itself is an equilateral triangle.

This food is a rice ball that is stuffed and specially packaged so that the seaweed that wraps it remains crunchy. Tuna mayonnaise is a safe option and you can find it at most convenience stores.

If you can’t read Hangul, aka Korean characters, look for samgak with a blue wrapper with a picture of fish flesh. This is usually not a problem.

However, you have to be careful with the purple and pink wraps, usually with some meat or pork added. You can find Korean halal snacks at the nearest Korean minimarket or supermarket.

3. Binggrae Banana Milk

This one can almost be considered a national drink. Banana milk is very popular because it often appears in Korean dramas and variety shows. Many drama fans are looking for it. This is a famous beverage product from Binggrae.

For many Koreans this drink was an important part of their childhood and some have even carried it into their everyday adult life, so its popularity may well be a nostalgic one.

So if you are looking for halal snacks at Korean minimarkets, you can try this one. This iconic Korean drink is simply delicious.

4. CJW Olive Oil Laver

If you’ve ever eaten at a Korean restaurant, you’ve probably tasted the popular side dish, which is dried seaweed. Laver is a type of seaweed that is often eaten with rice and other dishes. To know the taste you have to try it yourself.

The CJW brand makes several Olive Oil Laver, from the traditional version as well as Green Laver. This Korean halal snack is a healthy snack that will never bore you, and will also make a great gift for people at home.

5. Milkis

If you shop at supermarkets or minimarkets in Indonesia, you will often find this Korean product. Yes, Milkis in the form of carbonated milk. Some call it a cross between soda and yogurt, but the taste you can’t imagine, must try.

Milkis is a product of Lotte Chilsung, a well-known South Korean beverage company, and received halal certification from the Korean Muslim Federation in 2015. There are six flavors to choose from, namely original, melon, strawberry, banana, mango and orange. In Korea it is also sold at vending machines .

6. 아! 그칩 (Ah! Geu Chip)

Known as ! (Ah! Geu Chip), this alligator chip snack, is also the kind of snack you can’t put down or save for later. when you open it you will see a puffy triangle-shaped snack. You might be thinking, “What’s so special about this snack?”

This snack, which is included in one of Korea’s halal snacks, looks like an ordinary snack. When you bite into this snack, you will find that the inside is completely hollow. The outside has a texture that is not too crunchy and not too dry.

On the other hand, this type of snack breaks in the mouth, which gives it its own delicacy. The crocodile chips have two flavors, namely cheese volcano and ranch tornado. Unlike most other types of chips, these alligator chips are lightly coated with spices.

The taste of cheese volcano is not too cheesy or spicy. The balance of cheese and spices makes this creamy snack highly addictive. Tips, to know whether the snack contains meat or not, check the allergen. There are some cheese-flavored chips that also contain meat.

7. Pepper

If in Japan there is Pocky, in Korea there is this snack. An all-time classic favorite among Koreans and foreigners alike, Pepero is a great snack to put in your bag. There is even a special day dedicated to giving Pepero to your loved ones.

Can you guess what date? Yes, it’s true on November 11 because if written numerically it means 11/11. There may be several factories producing Pepero, which means different batches may have different halal status.

For that, choose peppero which is sold in Muslim-owned halal food stores in Korea. One of them is My Village in Myeongdong, Seoul.

8. Dried Fruits and Vegetables

This one will probably be easy to find sometimes also difficult. You can find chestnuts, sweet potatoes, dried strawberries, pears, and more. Usually sweet potatoes are easiest to find in most stores. You can also get dried fruit in Olive Young’s snacks section.

So when you buy Korean cosmetics at Olive Young, don’t forget to buy dried fruits too. If you’re not a fan of dried fruit, you can find ready-to-package fruit at most Korean convenience stores.

9. Dr. You Cereal Bar

You can find halal snacks at Korean minimarkets in almost all minimarkets. This snack is usually near the cashier or in front of the store. This is indeed the kind of snack that you take and pay for. The texture is chewy and has a very nutty taste

You can choose the original flavor or the light bar. If you like both, of course you can take both and taste the delicacy.

10. Crown Corn Chips

Crown corn chips are exactly what the name suggests, they are chips made from corn. This snack is thin, not salty, and slightly sweet, like most Korean snacks, so Korean halal snacks at this convenience store can be the perfect light snack between meals.

Crown has also introduced Wasabi and Balsamic Vinegar variations for this Halal Snacks, but it is not yet known whether it is Halal Snacks or not. To be on the safe side, try the barbecue corn flavor first.

11. Jolly Pong

Crown’s Jolly Pong is a Korean halal snack that is small in shape and tastes delicious. This is a variation of the puff Halal Snacks cracker. Crown uses its unique method to expand natural grains into a whole crunchy snack which is then coated with a sweet ingredient.

This makes for a practical snack to eat a handful. In addition, you can also add milk to enjoy it like cereal in the morning.

12. Chilsung Cider

Cider Chilsung, despite its appearance is a non-alcoholic soft drink. This drink is often referred to as the Sprite of Korea. This refreshing lemon-lime drink also has an impressive reputation as a representative drink of Korea.

This drink does not contain caffeine, additives or artificial coloring so it is perfect for spicy or flavorful dishes.

Those are some halal snacks at Korean minimarkets that you can choose when traveling in this ginseng country. So when hungry or thirsty, you can choose one of these snacks or drinks and consume it without worry.

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