Cool! There Are 13 Korean Souvenirs That Are Halal And Must Be Brought Home In 2022

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13 Korean Souvenirs That Are Halal and Must Take Home, If you go to Korea later, it would be better to buy korean souvenirs there. Buying souvenirs can make your family or friends happy when you get home later. Korea itself has many foods that can be used as Koreaan souvenirs.

The good news, some of these foods are halal items. This is certainly good news for those of you who are looking for halal souvenirs in Korea. Then, what are the foods that you can buy as Halal Korean souvenirs?

Let’s Just Look At The List Below:

1. Instant Ramyeon To korean souvenirs

Besides Samyang, South Korea has one noodle that is no less interesting. Ramyeon is the name of the noodle. This one noodle already exists in Indonesia. However, there is nothing wrong with buying these noodles directly from the place of origin, right?

Ramyeon (also known as Ramyon) is a typical South Korean noodle . This noodle turned out to be an adaptation of a typical Japanese Ramen. As for the difference between Ramyeon and Japanese Ramen itself is a thicker texture. In addition, the resulting gravy has a spicy taste, and is made from special spices.

2. Snow Pang Korean Souvenirs

If you want to bring a gift in the form of a cake, then this Korean souvenirs is a must. This is a cake that is round in shape and is processed by frying until cooked. In Korea, this cake is served in various flavors, from chocolate to green tea. To buy schnee pang, you can buy it at a number of malls, bakeries, or train stations in Korea.

3. Butter caramel pringles are also one of the Korean souvenirs

Pringles is a brand of potato chips that we already know. Variants of taste vary, and we can find in supermarkets. However, there is one variant of Pringles flavor that is only available in Korea, namely Butter Caramel Pringles.

These are Pringles with a caramel flavor that is both sweet and savory. The hallmark of this Pringles is the pink color of the packaging. this can be a suitable gift, especially for your relatives or family who like Pringles.

4. Tteokbokki

This is one of the typical Korean food that is halal. It is a rice flour cake cooked in gochujang seasoning. Gochujang is a chili paste made from chili powder and glutinous rice. The presence of Gochujang in this cake makes this one cake rich in spicy taste.

In Korea, this food has several variants, namely cheese tteokbokki, tteok kkochi, and haemul tteokbokki. If you want to buy and even try this food, just try coming to Sindang-dong, Seoul, South Korea. The area is the center where Tteokbokki is located.

5. Chocolate Rice Cake Pie

Just like Tteokbokki, this one korean souvenirs is also a cake made from rice flour. The difference is, Tteokbokki is a traditional Korean cake, while this food is a modern cake in Korea made by Lotte. This cake is coated with chocolate on the outside, and the filling is chocolate. In texture, this one cake is so soft, like a typical Japanese Mochi.

6. Pepper

Like some other foods, this one food can actually be found in Indonesia. However, you can still buy this stick-shaped cake as your souvenir. Moreover, this one cake has a special flavor variant that only exists in Korea, you know. As for the flavor variants, they are Oreo, Tiramisu, and Double Dip Pepero.

7. Yakult Jelly Candy

This is a unique snack from Korea that deserves to be your hand later. This jelly candy snack has a unique shape, which is similar to a Yakult drink bottle. Not only the shape is similar, the packaging is also very similar to the Yakult drink bottle.

The texture of this candy is very chewy. And seeing how it looks, you will definitely feel very excited. Guaranteed you wo n’t regret it if you bring this candy as a souvenir.

8. Kimchi

This is an iconic Korean food that deserves to be a Korean souvenir. Kimchi itself is pickled vegetables that are preserved by fermentation.

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In Korea, Kimchi has many variants, one of which is Baechu Kimchi. This one kimchi is made from chicory and radish mixed with garlic, red chilies, scallions, and a number of other ingredients. After that, of course fermented for some time.

You can buy these korean souvenirs at a number of shops in Korea. However, you can also make these souvenirs yourself, you know. The trick, you have to come to the Kimchikan Museum in Insadong. To be precise, at 35-4 Insadong-gil, Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South

In the museum, you will be taught how to make Kimchi from the experts. Later, you can take the Kimchi you make home as your Korean souvenir. Wow , not bad, right?

9. Disney Tsum-Tsum Tea

If some of the previous lists were for food, then this list of korean souvenirs is for drinks. This is a tea from Korea that is served in a steeped format. So, you don\’t have to worry when you want to buy and bring it to Indonesia. Because, of course it will be durable and will not spill.

This one tea is equipped with a unique plastic cup. It is said to be unique because it has designs of famous cartoon characters, such as Poo, Olah, and chipmunk. In addition, this tea is also equipped with magnets in the shape of various cartoon characters. It is suitable to be attached to your refrigerator, or as a korean souvenirs for the people closest to you.

10. Binggrae Banana Milk

This is another typical Korean drink that you can bring as a korean souvenirs. As the name implies, this is a drink with banana and milk flavors. Even so, this one drink also has a number of flavor variants, such as melon and strawberry.

If you want to buy this drink, you can visit the Yellow Café. This cafe is located at 20 Jangchungdan-ro 13-gil, Gwanghui-dong, Jung-go, Seoul, South Korea. Besides being able to buy Binggrae Banana Milk, you can also eat some snacks at the cafe. Banana ice cream is one of them.


As the name suggests, a very typical Korean Souvenirs with Korea is ginseng. In Korea, there are 3 types of ginseng, namely Susam, Baeksam, and Hongsam. However, the price of ginseng is not cheap even if you buy it from its own country. If you want to save your budget , you can buy souvenirs in the form of food, medicine, or drinks made from ginseng.

Meanwhile, if you want a different experience, you can also try harvesting your own ginseng directly from the garden. In addition, you can also enjoy a variety of processed ginseng which is very delicious. You can get this ginseng harvesting tour package through Klook via this link .

12. Soju

Since drinking is common in Korean Souvenirs society, you will easily find soju in many convenience stores there. In Indonesia itself, soju is usually sold in restaurants that serve Korean dishes but are sold at a slightly expensive price. In fact, in their home country, soju only costs around KRW 1000 to KRW 3000 or still costs under 50 thousand rupiah.

When you are traveling to Korea, you can buy soju as a unique gift for your friends. However, if your relatives and friends do not consume alcohol, you can also bring other Korean drinks as Korean Souvenirs.

13. Snoopy Milk

If you want to buy other drink korean souvenirs, then this drink is worth buying. Snoopy Milk is a dairy product with packaging with Snoopy cartoon characters in it.

This milk has a variety of flavors to choose from. Strawberries, caramel and coffee are some of them. You can find and buy this milk in a number of supermarkets or shops in South Korea.

Korea has a lot of food that can be used as souvenirs. And, some of them are halal food. We have mentioned a number of halal foods as well as korean souvenirs in the list above. You just have to choose and buy what you want. If you want other korean souvenirs recommendations, please watch this video:

Now that you have ideas for souvenirs, it ‘s time to list tourist attractions in Korea itself. Already have a plan where to go when in Korea? If not, we recommend 13 Tourist Attractions in Korea that you really must visit. Happy holidays, yes!


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