20 Delicious Korean Foods

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20 Delicious and Delicious Korean Foods and Snacks

20 Delicious Korean Foods, For those of you who are fans of Korean movies, dramas, music and artists, you must be familiar with some delicious Korean foods that I will discuss this time. In addition, recently the Korean world is endemic in Indonesia. Both in terms of the film industry, music and food.

Not inferior to neighboring countries such as Japan and China, the typical food of the Ginseng Country can spoil your tongue and you must try it. What are these Delicious Korean Foods? Let’s see the review.

The Most Delicious Korean Foods

1. Kimchi

Delicious Korean Foods, Kimchi is a fermented vegetable, probably similar to pickles in Indonesia. Vegetables that are commonly used and made into kimchi are chicory, radish and cucumber. This kimchi can last a long time if stored in the refrigerator or stored properly.

2. Kimbap

If in Japan there is sushi , then in Korea this sushi is called kimbap. Not much different from sushi, this variant of kimbap filling is in the form of vegetables, meat, but can also be modified according to taste. The rice itself is seasoned with a little salt and sesame oil. And don’t forget to also have seaweed, which is generally outside the kimbap roll .

3. Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a Delicious Korean Foods-style mixed rice. It is called mixed rice because when you eat it, the rice and side dishes are mixed/stirred together so that they are mixed and then eaten with chili sauce added. Bibimbap itself is usually eaten as a daily menu.

Usually served in a bowl. There is also served in a hot bowl and usually added raw eggs (egg yolks only) on top. For those of you who have difficulty finding halal Delicious Korean Foods in South Korea , this one menu can be one of the choices that you must try.

4. Delicious Korean Foods Bulgogi

And Delicious Korean Foods Bulgogi is beef that has been thinly sliced ​​and then grilled. Usually before roasting, the beef has been seasoned first. Bulgogi is usually eaten with other side dishes, or wrapped in lettuce leaves and eaten fresh.

5. Ramyeon Delicious Korean Foods

Ramyeon , also known as ramen in Japan , is a Korean-style instant noodle. Surely you are familiar with this one Delicious Korean Foods because almost in most Korean films there is a scene when eating this ramyeon. The way to eat is also unique, usually Korean people eat ramyeon directly from the pot.

You can also buy instant ramyeon which is sold in many minimarket outlets Delicious Korean Foods in South Korea to be used as Korean souvenirs .

6. Delicious Korean Foods Jjajangmyeon

Jjajangmyeon is similar to chicken noodles in Indonesia. One of the typical Korean noodles is usually mixed with thick black soybean sauce, then there are vegetables and pieces of meat. But you have to be careful, especially those who are Muslim, because usually this piece of meat from jjangmyeon uses pork.

7. Japchae / Chapchae Delicious Korean Foods

At first glance, in terms of appearance, it is similar to capcay in Indonesia. However, it turns out that the main ingredient itself is made of noodles (Korean-style vermicelli) added with vegetables. So different from capcay in Indonesia.

8. Delicious Korean Foods Miyeok We

Delicious Korean Foods Miyeok guk is seaweed soup. Usually this dried seaweed is cooked by soaking it in water until it becomes soft, then mixed into the broth and seasoned with soy sauce, salt and sesame oil.

9. Delicious Korean Foods Teok

Teok is a rice cake. There are various types of rice cakes. Usually served during certain ceremonies. However, because of the many types, this rice cake is not only eaten on certain days because we can eat it throughout the year. One of the famous types is tteokbokki which will be discussed later.

10. Korean Crab Sauce

What’s the difference between the crab sauce in Indonesia and the one Delicious Korean Foods in Korea? It turns out that the portion of crab in Korea is much larger. The taste of the crab sauce itself is slightly sour and also bitter and tastes delicious. This sauce crab is also known as ganjang gejang .

Not only famous for being delicious, Gejang is also included as an extreme culinary . How come? some Gejang dishes usually use raw baby crab as the basic ingredient.

11. Nakji Bokkeum

Unlike sannakkji , this seafood made from octopus is fried octopus so the octopus is no longer alive. It is usually served dry fried and mixed with stir-fried vegetables or as a topping for Korean noodles. This dish has a unique taste especially with the chili paste used to make it.

12. Gogigui

Goigui is a Korean-style barbecue. Besides consisting of meat, this nutrient-rich and nutrient-rich food is also eaten along with vegetables. Usually this food is eaten together with friends in the afternoon.

13. Haejangguk

aejangguk or Korean soup has a delicious taste, the soup is made from long-boiled beef bones, then the contents consist of thick pieces of beef, boiled eggs and sprouts added with herbs or spices typical of the country of ginseng.

Usually this haejangguk is served after consuming alcoholic beverages because it can relieve dizziness caused by these drinks.

14. Sannakji

If in Japan there is shashimi with food that is still fresh and raw, then in Korea there is sannakji or live octopus. Usually the octopus served is cut into small pieces, but some are served whole and what is certain is that the octopus is still alive. Sanakkji is only sprinkled with oil and sesame seeds and then eaten alive. Pretty extreme food.

15. Sundubu Jjigae

Sundubu jigae is a typical Korean soup. Usually served in winter or when it rains because it can warm the body. The main ingredient of this sundubu jigae is very soft tofu, plus cabbage, shrimp, fried fish and squid. This food is rich in nutrients and also delicious eaten while still warm.

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16. Fasting

Soondubu is another soupy food in the country of ginseng with the main ingredient being tofu or tofu. The filling of this food is quite varied and can be mixed with other seafood. Soondubu is usually served as a dessert or as a main dish.

17. Jjukumi

Besides sannakji and nakji bokeum, there is also jjukumi whose main ingredient is octopus. This jjukumi uses small octopus that is cooked by grilling it over high heat previously soaked in gochugang sauce .

18. Yangnyeom Tongdak

Yangnyeom Tongdak or Korean fried chicken has a sweet and spicy taste. With meat that feels crispy and also tender, it can make you addicted.

19. Roof yoke

Dakjuk is a typical Korean porridge. The main ingredients are definitely rice, chicken and garlic. Because of its soft texture and also not spicy, this food is liked by children to adults.

20. Seolleongtang

Seolleongtang is a food made from beef bones that are boiled to produce soup. The contents of this soup usually consist of sliced ​​​​beef itself and also radishes. Then this soup is given various spices to remove the smell from the beef. Usually this seolleongtang is eaten in winter or at night.

21. Jeongol

Jeongol is a soup cooked in a large pot. Usually served in the middle of the table and eaten together. This food has very varied contents, usually there are sliced ​​beef, offal, various kinds of seafood, plus vegetables and spices. Then boiled together. Usually it tastes spicy.

22. Samgyetang

Samgyetang is a ginseng chicken soup topped with pepper and salt. This food has a lot of nutritional content because the broth itself is boiled with the addition of medicinal plants and is believed to prevent disease. Usually this samgyetang is eaten on special days.

Typical Korean Street Snack or Snack

In addition to the various kinds of food above, there are also some typical Korean snacks that are very delicious and appetizing. These snacks are very suitable to be enjoyed in spare time. Here is a list of the foods.

1. Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki is a spicy rice cake that is one of the famous Korean snacks and often appears in Korean dramas. This rice cake is cut lengthwise and given a spicy sauce and has been seasoned. Usually this tteokbokki is added with boiled eggs or fish cake sheets .

2. Eomuk

Eomuk or Korean odeng , which is similar to Japanese oden , is fish that has been mashed and mixed with flour and other spices. The dough is then skewered and boiled into a broth such as horseradish or seaweed broth.

There are also those who add seafood to make the broth even more delicious. This food is usually eaten while hot and served with the sauce or it can also be dipped in the sauce.

3. Twigim

When viewed from the shape of twigim is similar to tempura . This Korean food is wrapped in flour and then fried. Usually twigim is in the form of seafood, chilies, sweet potatoes and also mandu (dumplings).

4. Bungee jump

This snack is similar to taiyaki from Japan. The filling is also not much different from taiyaki , namely red bean paste, chocolate, sweet potato and others. Usually these snacks are easy to find in winter.

5. Gyrenppang

Gyrenppang is a Korean sweet cake. The shape is oval and on top of the cake is added fried chicken eggs or beef eyes eggs.

6. Hotteok

These Korean-style pancakes or hotteok are round, wide, thin and filled with brown sugar, honey or ground nuts. Usually found in winter.

7. Bbopki

Bbopki is a crunchy candy made from liquid sugar and baking soda. Before drying, this candy is given a cute print in the middle such as a heart shape, a star and others. This candy is often used as a competition. The trick is that the person who can leave the mold in the middle of the candy is the winner.

8. Dried Octopus and Squid

Koreans really like seafood, as evidenced by one of these snacks, namely octopus and squid sticks that have been dried. Usually it has been provided in a paper cup container which is heated first before being given to the buyer. In addition to octopus and squid sticks, there are also chips.

9. Kkultare

One of the snacks that is similar to confectionery is in the form of a roll of white sugar and honey threads. These sugar and honey strings contain walnuts, peanuts and almonds,

10. Hweori Gamja

You must have seen this one snack in Indonesia. It turns out that in Korea there is also this snack. Tornado potato, also known as hweori gamja, is a potato chip that is skewered and has a long spiral shape.

11. Sundae

Sundae is one of the preparations made from pork. Sundae is a black sausage made from pork intestines that has been stuffed with blood and other ingredients such as sticky rice or vermicelli. This food has been popular since ancient times and is still popular today.

Usually this sausage is cut into pieces when it is served, and is also served with boiled liver or heart pieces (beef or pork). This food is not recommended for those of you who are Muslim.

Of the various Korean specialties, what made you interested in trying it? Or have you ever eaten one? Please tell us what food you like the most in the comments below.


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