6 Processed Eggs from Japan

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6 Processed Eggs from Japan, Rich in Nutrients for Breakfast

6 Processed Eggs from Japan, And Processed eggs from Japan are one of the most popular foods from the country. The ingredients and seasonings are very simple,

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as well as the way they are made. Eggs are one of the food ingredients that are very safe and suitable for the tastes of many people. It is liked by young or old, neither male nor female.

Some of the egg dishes below are suitable for breakfast or lunch. In addition, the nutritional content is also not kidding because it only uses ingredients rich in protein and vitamins. 

What are some egg preparations from the famous bamboo curtain country that can be imitated? Here is the information for you!

1. Chawanmushi

This first Japanese egg preparation is known as Chawanmushi . It is an egg pudding that is very soft in texture and is served in a bowl with a lid. 

Chawanmushi can be served hot, warm or cold and is perfect as an appetizer or main course.

One of the few Japanese foods that cannot be eaten with chopsticks, it is made from a mixture of eggs seasoned with various ingredients such as dashi (Japanese broth),

soy sauce, tofu, ginko beans, shrimp or steamed mushrooms. Can also be decorated with shavings of carrots, parsley or seafood.

If you want to make it, you just need to provide chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, peas, two eggs, shiro dashi and water. For the dose, just adjust the number of Chawanmushi you want to make.

Next, cut all the ingredients, except the eggs, into smaller pieces and can be put in a ceramic dish/container. After that, beat the eggs, water and shiro dashi until well blended. 

Finally, pour the beaten eggs into a container that already contains the pieces of material earlier.

Finally , steam for about 10 minutes using medium heat. When it is cooked, let it rest for about 10 minutes so that the water content is slightly reduced. This healthy and delicious dish is ready to eat. According to history, Chawamnushi is said to have originated in Kyoto and Osaka, especially during the Kansei Period. It then spread to Edo and Nagasaki.

2. Tamago Nigiri Sushi

Tamago Nigiri Sushi is a type of traditional Japanese nigiri sushi . It’s pretty easy to make. You only need to make nigiri, which is to form one bite-sized rice by making fists with your hands. After that, add the dashi -spiced omelet and sugar.

The size of the sliced ​​omelet rolls should be exactly the same as the rice balls that were prepared beforehand. After that, tie them together using dried seaweed or nori . 

Traditionally Tamago Nigiri Sushi is eaten with your hands and in one bite. Although it looks simple, but each restaurant must have a different taste for this dish.

To serve it you need ingredients and seasonings such as rice, rice vinegar, water, mirin, salt, sugar, eggs and oil. The rice to be clenched/printed must first be seasoned with rice vinegar and water. 

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After that you can start making the omelet rolls by adding sugar, mirin, rice vinegar, salt and water to the beaten eggs.

When the two main components are ready, you just need to arrange them as shown in the image. Tamago Nigiri Sushi is also ready to be eaten with the family. It is suitable to be taken as a lunch, especially for children and adults who do not like sushi with raw cuts of meat.

3. Tamagodon

Processed eggs from Japan this one is a comfort food for many people. Simply put, who does n’t like omelettes and warm rice? Especially if seasoned well. In addition, how to make it is also no less practical. You can make it yourself at home.

Tamagodon itself is a dish of rice and an omelet that is seasoned with the addition of onions, mirin, dashi , sake, salt and fish sauce. It is usually served with a sprinkling of spring onions and pieces of nori.

Want to make it? Easy! First you just need to fry the sliced ​​onions, mirin, dashi , sake, salt and fish sauce for about 5 minutes using medium heat. While waiting, beat the eggs first. Once the onion slices are wilted, add the beaten eggs to the skillet. Wait until the eggs are half cooked.

Next, push the edges of the egg toward the center so that the raw part of the egg can flow to the side and cook. Cook over low heat until the surface of the egg starts to dry, which means the egg is cooked. Serve over hot rice!

4. Tenshindon

Tenshindon is a Japanese dish consisting of an omelet and a mixture of crab meat with rice. You can also add original Japanese negi , mushrooms, peas and sliced ​​ginger. 

The method of presentation is quite easy. You just need to prepare the seasoned rice and then put the omelette on top.

After that, pour it with a thick sauce which is usually made from a combination of soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sake , sesame oil, oyster sauce, chicken stock and tomato sauce. 

In the Kanto area, Tenshindon is usually served in a slightly sour taste. While in the Kansai area, you will find the sweeter Tenshindon .

5. Tamago Onsen

Named Onsen Tamago because this egg preparation from Japan is made by dipping eggs into an onsen or natural hot spring that is easy to find in Japan. If you don’t have an onsen, you can of course cook it in boiling water over low heat.

The technique of cooking eggs using water at 40° for just two minutes will produce very soft boiled eggs. You have to be careful when opening the shell,

removing the eggs from there and storing them in a bowl. Then add cup of soy dashi broth to a bowl. Onsen Tamago is ready to serve.

6. Tamago Kake Gohan

This type of processed egg from Japan may be the simplest. You simply put a raw egg into a bowl that is already filled with rice. Then add soy sauce, salt and nori powder .

 Although simple, this menu is very popular as a stomach booster in the morning before activities.

Tamago Kake Gohan has a sticky texture and a salty taste. If you don’t have time to just fry eggs, you can imitate this recipe. Especially if you prefer raw eggs to cooked eggs. Interested in trying it?

The ten processed eggs from Japan above are quite famous in their country and other countries. They all tend to be easy to make. 

The additional ingredients and spices needed are also not difficult to find and obtain. The taste is definitely delicious. Is it inspiring enough to cook it as breakfast for the whole family?

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