6 Types of Transportation in Singapore You Must Try

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6 Types of Transportation in Singapore You Must Try

Have a vacation plan to Singapore independently or backpacker? No need to worry? Yes! Singapore is already well-known as a developed country that has a good and organized transportation system, making it easier for anyone who wants to explore every region in this country. Not only easy and cheap, using public transportation in Singapore is also considered convenient, fast, and efficient.

Well, for those of you who already have a travel plan to Singapore, it’s a good idea to know what types of public transportation can take you to various interesting tourist attractions in this Merlion country. Here is the full review of the Wandering version .

1. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

This mode of transportation is indeed the most popular among tourists. Not without reason, the reach of Mass Rapid Transit or MRT is indeed very wide, which is almost to every part of the area in Singapore. You can easily visit almost all of the popular landmarks and tourist attractions in Singapore just by taking this MRT.

Consisting of 4 main lines that are integrated with each other, how to use the MRT in Singapore is quite easy. You can purchase a one-way ticket at the vending machines available at each station. The fare itself ranges from 1 to 1.5 SGD, with arrival intervals of about 3 to 5 minutes.

However, to save money and time, you can buy a transportation card such as Ez Link or Singapore Tourist Pass (STP). In addition to giving a discount, you can refill the card in a certain amount, so you don’t have to queue at the vending machine every time you go on a trip. Oh yes ! Don’t forget to note, this MRT operates from 05.30 in the morning to 11-12 at night.

2. Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Although not as popular as the MRT, in fact the only developed country in Southeast Asia also has other rail-based transportation, namely the Light Rail Transit or LRT. The LRT is not the favorite transportation for tourists because the LRT route does not go to tourist attractions, but goes to residential areas for Singapore residents.

The LRT line consists of 3 lines that reach residential areas in the Bukit Panjang, Sengkang, and Punggol areas. Built with an elevated system , all of these LRT lines are of course integrated into MRT stations that have a wider range. So, you could say this LRT is a connector for suburban areas that are not reached by MRT lines, which mostly cover the city center.

3. Bus

Public transportation that is no less convenient than the MRT is the bus. For those of you who are quite tired of walking and going up and down stairs like when taking the MRT, then using the bus is the most appropriate choice. The reach of bus routes in Singapore is also quite wide. Moreover, you can easily find bus stops around tourist areas, for example in the Orchard area, Clarke Quay, Chinatown, Bugis, and many more.

The fare for using the bus is arguably a little cheaper than the MRT. You can pay with cash in small denominations or loose change , or with an Ez Link transportation card to get a discount. Buses in Singapore are very comfortable with almost no traffic jams. Moreover, some buses are in the form of two levels so that they can accommodate large numbers of passengers.

The thing to consider when boarding a bus in Singapore is the bus number and the route it takes. You don’t have to worry about getting lost, because the information about this is clearly stated at every bus stop.

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4. Taxi

Switch to public transportation which is quite expensive, namely taxis. As in other big cities, taxis in Singapore are also quite expensive. In fact, the taxis here apply an additional charge for peak hours, and will be even more expensive when it is already midnight.

Taxis in Singapore are divided into two, namely regular taxis and premium taxis. What’s the difference? Of course the type of car and the rates that apply. In addition, keep in mind that taxis are only intended for a maximum of 4 people, and cannot be stopped anywhere, other than at the Taxi Stand.

Although it is quite expensive, there is nothing wrong if you use a taxi when you really need it, such as when carrying quite a lot of luggage, or with children. You can also share costs with friends to be more efficient when using a taxi.

5. Online Fleet

Not only in Indonesia, you can also find online fleet services in the land of lions, Singapore. In fact, the brand name of this service provider is certainly not foreign to your ears. But keep in mind that in Singapore two-wheeled vehicles or motorbikes are not permitted as public transportation. Therefore, you will only find four-wheel or car online services.

Grab is a ride-hailing service that has been operating in Singapore for a long time along with its former competitor Uber, which has now been acquired by Grab. As in the country, how to use this service is the same. If you have had this application before, then you can directly order a fleet through this service.

Even though it’s relatively new to spread its wings in Singapore, you should be proud because applications created by this nation’s children can penetrate the Singapore market. So, don’t hesitate to use this application when you want to travel in Singapore.

As for the fares themselves, these online taxis can be said to be slightly cheaper than regular taxis in Singapore. Oh yes ! The online taxi payment system here can also use a credit card or cash.

And one thing that is no less important is if you don’t use a local Singapore number, the driver will have a hard time contacting you via telephone. So, it’s best to use a local number there to communicate as well as to get internet service to make your trip more enjoyable.

6. Singapore River Cruise

Not like public transportation in general, this one is arguably indeed intended for tourists who want to enjoy the scenery and holiday atmosphere along the Singapore River. Yes! This Singapore River Cruise will take you along the river which is flanked by two areas that are famous as favorite hangout spots, namely Clarke Quay and Boat Quay.

To ride a boat with this wooden ornament, prepare a budget of 25 SGD for 1 adult, and 15 SGD for children. Its operating hours are from 10 am to 9 pm. If interested, you can head to the Clarke Quay pier, where the ticket counter is located, and the boat departure point begins.

Those are some public transportation that can take you around in Singapore. Of course, each of these transportations has its own advantages, and provides a different experience. Be wise in choosing transportation while in Singapore. Adjust your needs, and budget so that the holidays are fun. So, are you ready for a vacation?


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