6 Ways to Sell A House Quickly in a Short Time

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6 Ways to Sell a House Quickly in a Short Time

How to sell a house quickly in a short time, is it possible? certainly can. Although generally selling a house takes quite a long time, from the preparation of documents to the final transaction process with the buyer.

In fact, many also assume that selling a house is more difficult than an apartments. Even so, the house can actually be sold in a short time, about three months, as long as you are willing and able to set the strategy.

Before discussing how to sell a house quickly in a short time, you need to know the documents that need to be prepared. For the seller, you need to prepare KTP and KK, original Land Certificate that has been checked by BPN (National Land Agency), and PBB for the current year with taxes already paid. After the document is complete, you also need to do research and create a strategy to make the house sell faster.

Understand the mechanics of sell a house

There are several key factors when it comes to selling your home that cannot be changed. This has a huge impact on the speed at which your home sells. Factors such as the location of your home. Location, location, location! This is the most important thing in selling a house.

If your home is in a very strategic and desirable neighborhood or is located directly near the water, you may be in luck. Most likely will sell quickly without the need for special means. Also, the power of the real estate market.

For the real estate market thing you can’t change it but wait. And never know how long each of those markets will last.  So, how long does it usually take to sell a property? According to Zillow Research. The national average number of days a home spends on the market is 68 days.

Of course, it depends on the location of the house and price. If you’re looking for a non-strategic high price, feel free to wait. And, if your home is in poor condition, don’t expect high prices. For example, Zillow says that homes in Palo Alto, CA spend an average of 36 days on the market. In Peoria, Illinois? 136 days.

From the presentation of this article, you will know the following things:

Most people don’t understand that nearly 40% of all real estate transactions that take place in this country take place using cash. This means that there are no banks involved in the sale of the house. It also means that most of the traditional hurdles in underwriting have been removed. But wholesalers do something a little more unique.

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They help people broker the sale of your home. Not for one-sided benefit. However you will get a fair and proper amount. They have queued up as cash buyers on their side telling them what inventory they are interested in.

Unlike in Indonesia, where the average population will definitely involve the bank and a land notary in negotiating the sale and purchase of a house.

1. How to Sell a House Fast in a Short Time

  • Using the Services of a Property Agent
  • Knowing the Institutions Involved until the Transaction is Complete
  • Showing Good Property Condition
  • Make improvements
  • Getting Rid of All Unnecessary Stuff
  • Selling at Affordable and Realistic Prices

2. Rooms that need to be renovated before sell a house

  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Family room
  • Dining room
  • Preparation Before Selling a House Mental and Physical Preparation (Home)
  • Research on Regulation
  • Market Price Research
  • Excessive Renovation
  • Professional in Choosing a Broker
  • Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home
  • Come on, see more below.

Indeed, selling a house seems difficult because there are many factors that must be considered. However, you can sell your house fast in no time by following these few steps.

Using the Services of a Property Agent For Sell A House

Although many choose to sell their own homes without seeking professional help, the facts prove that real estate agents can play an important role in fast home sales. They use an extensive database, contacts and effective tools to find the best buyers and speed up the sales process.

Institutions / Agencies Involved In The Home Selling Process

Knowing the Agencies Involved until the Transaction is Completed. In a house sale and purchase transaction there are several agencies involved until the house sale and purchase transaction is completed, namely:

  1. Buyer’s lawyer
  2. Sales Lawyer
  3. Lawyer/bank panel
  4. LHDN – related to stamp duty and stamp duty
  5. Commissioner Oath – Statement Letter
  6. Banks/Financial Institutions/LPPSA
  7. Land & Minerals Office – transfer registration
  8. District/Land Office – apply for permits and temporary transfer of rights
  9. Court Registration and Cancellation of PA
  10. Developer – if involving strata
  11. Liquidator – If the developer has launched
  12. Real Estate Agent
  13. MyEg – check bankruptcy status/roll.

5 Things Most Important In Sell A House

For those of you who are planning to sell a house, don’t make a mistake in determining the price. This is because there are various factors that affect the selling value of the house, some of which are as follows.

Showing Good Property Condition

First impressions are always important and make sure you leave positive things in the minds of potential buyers. Simple things, like not letting the property get dirty with litter, painting the gates, and mowing the lawn can make a big difference in making a good impression. It can also increase your chances of selling your home faster.

Make improvements

Pay attention to all parts of your home. Including the smallest parts such as former property repairs. Repairing all of these parts does take time and effort. But this is also what is sure to attract potential buyers. But remember, don’t forget to calculate the cost of repairs with the final selling price of your home.

Getting Rid of All Unnecessary Your Stuff

To invite active potential buyers. You have to get rid of all the unnecessary items in your home. Remove family photos from walls, shelves and desks. The presence of personal items can reduce the interest of potential buyers in the property you are selling at that time.

Sell a House at Affordable and Realistic Prices

Affordable and realistic prices are the main keys in terms of sell a house quickly. Facts prove that a house that is too expensive can discourage potential buyers from buying. Meanwhile, a price that is too low can cause buyers doubt about the quality and legitimacy of the house.


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