7 Special Malaysian Drinks that are Very Delicious and Refreshing

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Special Malaysian Drinks, Hello, culinary friends, how are you meeting again in this article that we love and this time Mimin will discuss delicious and delicious Malaysian Typical Drinks. essst, but before continuing, let’s check the admin’s explanation first, culinary friends. Apart from food, a country where tourists must have their own special drink. You can sip some of these drinks, to quench your thirst while on a picnic in that country. One destination country that has a unique drink is Malaysia.

The country nicknamed the Neighboring Country has several typical drinks that you should try. Come on , see recommendations for drinks from Malaysia that Wander recommends here.

1Special Malaysian Drinks Cat’s Tears

Don’t be fooled by its name, because this drink doesn’t use real cat tears. This is just a drink made from longan, Lo Han Kuo fruit, Kundur fruit, and water. The four ingredients are then boiled, then lime and longan fruit without seeds are added to it. This drink can be served hot or cold. If you want it cold, you can add ice cubes in it.

The name of the Cat’s Tears in this drink comes from its main ingredient, longan fruit. In Malaysia, litchi is commonly called cat’s eye fruit. Besides being able to refresh your throat, this drink apparently has a number of benefits for the body. Relieves internal heat; cough; and increase the vitality of the body are some of these properties. To be able to get this drink, you can come to Petaling Street Market on Jalan Petaling, City Center, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory, Malaysia.

2. Special Malaysian Drinks Chendul Penang

Who says cendol only exists in Indonesia? Malaysia apparently also has this drink, you know. Chendul Penang itself is indeed the Malaysian version of cendol, especially from the Penang area. In terms of ingredients, Chendul Penang and cendol in our country are not much different.

The difference lies in the use of typical Malaysian Melaka sugar. The presence of these ingredients makes Chendul Penang have a distinctive aroma and taste. In some places, it is also customary to add sweet corn grains on top of this cendol made in Malaysia .

One of the most popular places selling this drink is Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul. This place is located exactly at 27 & 29, Jalan Penang, Lebuh Keng Khwee, George Town, Penang Island, Malaysia. Besides being able to sip Chendul Penang, this place can also be your lunch spot later. This is inseparable from the presence of a number of typical Malaysian dishes in it.

3. Special Malaysian Drinks Iced Teh Tarik

This is a typical Special Malaysian Drinks that is already popular in Indonesia. However, there’s nothing wrong with drinking it in the country of origin, right? The name Teh Tarik itself is inspired by the way it is made which is pulled.

So, after the tea and milk (which are the basic ingredients of this drink) are mixed together, the mixture is poured into another glass remotely; as if the mixture of tea and milk was pulled by the maker.

This one drink was first made by Mamak or Muslim Indians in Malaysia. That is why the sellers of this drink are usually ethnic Indians (especially Muslims). Like Tears of Cats, Ais Teh Tarik can also be drunk warm or cold.

If you want to order this drink in Malaysia, you should pronounce the name of this drink as “Teh Tarik Ais”. This is done in order to avoid ordering errors. This drink can be found in a number of places to eat in Malaysia, especially those serving Roti Prata.

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4. Special Malaysian Drinks Mixed Stone Water (ABC)

Apart from Chendul, Penang still has another special drink: Air Batu Campur. Another drink called Es Kacang is made from shaved ice mixed with grass jelly; Japanese red bean; roof fruit; litchi fruit; jelly; and tricolor syrup.

Over time, various variants of this Special Malaysian Drinks slowly began to appear. One of them is Air Batu Campur with added durian on top. The existence of durian makes this drink has a new name: Ais Batu Campur Durian (ABCD). Like Chendul Penang, you can find this drink on Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul.

5. Special Malaysian Drinks Ice Cream Milo

This is a typical Malaysian drink that sold well and went viral in our country. In terms of shape and ingredients, Ais Kepal Milo in Malaysia is not much different from our country. The difference lies only in the stronger and more authentic taste.

If you want to taste Ice Kepal Milo in Malaysia, you can come to Jalan Kangsar No. 12, Bandar Baru, Kuala Langsar, State of Perak, Malaysia.

6. Special Malaysian Drinks Bandung syrup

Special Malaysian Drinks Even though it contains the word “Bandung”, this Malaysian drink does not originate from the capital city of West Java. The word Bandung here comes from the Malay language which means pairs or different ingredients mixed with each other.

The ingredients of this Special Malaysian Drinks itself are indeed different and mixed with each other. In a glass of this drink, you will find sweetened condensed milk mixed with rose syrup which will give a sweet taste as well as a pink color to this drink. Over time, a number of other ingredients were added to this drink; from grass jelly to soda water.

Sirap Bandung is very suitable to be served as a companion to eat Biryani Rice in Malaysia. For the Malays there, Sirap Bandung is often used as a dish for breaking the fast or for wedding receptions. To be able to sip this drink, you can come to CITI Seafood D’Muara in Losong Haji Su Village, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia.

7. Special Malaysian Drinks Pop The Soda

The last typical Special Malaysian Drinks recommendation is Pop The Soda. You could say that this is a legendary soda from Malaysia, where this soda is said to have been made since 1957. Unlike soda in general, this one has an unusual taste. Unlike other sodas which are sometimes too sweet and have a lot of soda content, this soda has less soda content, with a sweet taste that is not excessive.

The flavors are also unusual. There are about five unique flavor variants that you can choose from when buying this soda. The five flavors are: lexi; banana; mangosteen; pineapple; and Dutch durians.

Another uniqueness of this drink is the way this soda is sold. Unlike other sodas that are generally sold through offline stores, you can only order this drink online at the official website.

Even if it is sold offline, only during bazaars or food festivals. This sales strategy makes Pop The Soda so exclusive in the eyes of its customers. Want to try this drink when in Malaysia later? Just go to the official site, okay!


Just like other destination countries, Malaysia does not only present typical food. This neighboring country also has a number of special drinks that can quench your thirst. If you want to know and try this country’s typical drink, you can try the seven typical Malaysian drinks that we have shared above. We hope our recommendations are useful! So, until here, before we discussed it, culinary friends, I’ll see you in another article, friend. have a try 🙂


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