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Tours On Jeju Island 9 Tourist Destinations in Beautiful Let’s Check Out 9

Let’s Check Out 9 Tours On Jeju Island, As Indonesia has Bali as one of the world’s tourist destinations, South Korea has Jeju Island which has the same fame as the island of Bali. Jeju Island was formerly known as Tamna which means island country. During the Goryeo Dynasty, the name Tamna changed to Jeju, which means a large province across the ocean.

Steps Before exploring Jeju Island

let’s explore what makes this island unique. Jeju Island, which is separated from mainland Korea, has a Korean language with a distinctive dialect. Jeju Islanders use a dialect of the local language, called Jejueo , to communicate. This dialect is different from the standard Korean dialect in general.

In addition, they have haenyo . Haenyo is a term for Jeju Island women who have been known for their diving skills since ancient times. They usually dive in search of abalone and sea urchins.

The beauty of Jeju Island not only attracts couples who are going on their honeymoon but also Korean drama directors. Several hit Korean dramas , such as Dae Jang Geum , Goong , Playful Kiss , Boy Over Flowers , and Secret Garden , were filmed on this island.

As one of the famous tourist destinations, Jeju Island has many very interesting places to explore. There are various types of tourism on Jeju Island , such as nature tourism, cultural tourism and artificial tourism.

Here are 9 tourist destinations on Jeju Island that are interesting to visit while on vacation to South Korea.

1. Seongsan Ilchulbong

One of the favorite natural tourist destinations that is the target of travelers is Seongsan Ilchulbong. The Peak of the Rising Sun is the nickname for this place. As its nickname, Seongsan Ilchulbong is well-known among visitors as a spot to watch the morning sun rise.

In the past, Seongsan Ilchulbong was in the sea. However, due to an underwater volcanic eruption that occurred approximately 5,000 years ago, a bowl-like crater eventually emerged. The peak of Seongsan Ilchulbong is surrounded by sharp rocks.

The scenery to the north and southeast of Seongsan Ilchulbong is a sharp gorge and the open sea, while the northwest side is decorated with hills with green grass that cools the eyes.

For those of you who like nature tourism , don’t miss Seongsan Ilchulbong. If you want to see the sunrise in stunning golden colors, there is no place as good as the peak of Seongsan Ilchulbong. The challenge is only one, namely a row of snaking stairs. But that tiredness will pay off when you see the sheen of the sun rising from the eastern horizon.

Because Seongsan Ilchulbong is located directly opposite the open sea, don’t forget to bring thick clothes if you can’t stand strong winds. To get to this place, you can take bus number 111 or 112 from Jeju Airport. Travel time is about 1.5 – 2 hours. The entrance fee is 2,000 Won for adults and 1,000 Won for teenagers and children.

2. Cheonjiyeon Falls

Cheonjiyeon Falls is one of three famous waterfalls on Jeju Island, besides Cheonjeyeon Falls and Jeobang. Cheonjiyeon Waterfall is located in the Seogwipo area. The name Cheonjiyeon means heaven connected to earth.

To get to Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, you have to walk from the entrance along a road that is lined with shady trees. Below Cheonjiyeon Falls is a turquoise green pond .

In addition to waterfalls, there are many other natural scenery that can be enjoyed while walking leisurely, one of which is a clear river above which there is a pedestrian bridge made of concrete and blocks. Many people use this bridge as a selfie or wefie spot .

If you want to visit Cheonjiyeon Falls, you can take buses and taxis. The admission price is the same as Seongsan Ilchulbong, 2,000 Won for adults and 1,000 Won for teenagers and children.

3. Jeongbang Falls

Besides Cheonjiyeon, one of the famous waterfalls in Jeju is Jeongbang . What is unique about Jeongbang waterfall is that the water flows directly into the sea. The height of Jeongbang Waterfall is about 23 meters. Water descends from the gorge into a deep blue pool below which contains coarse gray sand.

Jeongbang Waterfall does not flow every season. There were times when visitors couldn’t see the view of the flowing water at Jeongbang Falls. By going down the stairs, no less than five minutes from the parking lot, you can immediately arrive at this waterfall. The price of admission is 2,000 Won for adults and 1,000 Won for teenagers and children.

4. Cheonjeyeon Falls

The third famous waterfall on Jeju Island is Cheonjeyeon Falls. Another name for Cheonjiyeon Falls is god’s pool”. The legend is similar to Jaka Tarub and the seven nymphs. It is said that seven fairies who served the King of Heaven came down and bathed in this waterfall.

There are two more waterfalls in the Cheonjeyeon Falls area. To get to the three waterfalls, you have to walk down a small stone-lined path and stairs.

The atmosphere in Cheonjeyeon is the same as in Cheonjiyeon, left and right decorated with shady green trees and a river flowing with clear water. The atmosphere around Cheonjeyeon Waterfall is calm and “cool”, perfect for those of you who want to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

5. Seonimgyo Bridge

Seonimgyo Bridge is located near Cheonjeyeon Falls. With a curved shape, this bridge stretches from east to west. It is located right above the river which is between the second and third waterfalls around Cheonjeyeon Falls. Another name for this bridge is the Seven Fairy Bridge or Chilseongyeogyo .

On both sides of the Seonimgyo Bridge are adorned images of fairies. It is said that this bridge is a symbol of the way down the fairies. This bridge was completed in 1984 and cost 400 million Won. To cross this bridge is free of charge alias free. The beautiful scenery makes the Seonimgyo Bridge a pity if it is not captured through camera shots.

6. Cheonjeru Tower

Cheonjeru Tower is located at the end of the Seonimgyo Bridge. What is Cheonjeru? Cheonjeru is a tower built using traditional Korean architecture. On the beams supporting the roof are paintings of seven fairies who descended from the sky. There is also a painting of a mountain god that has a connection with a waterfall on Jeju Island.

Every May the Chilseonyeo Festival is held at this place. If you come in May to Jeju Island, be sure to watch this exciting festival. Just like Seonimgyo Bridge, this place does not charge visitors.

7. Saeyeongyo Bridge

Saeyeongyo Bridge is a pedestrian bridge. This bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge in southeastern South Korea connecting Seogwipo Harbor and Saeseom Island. Opened in September 2009, this bridge attracts the attention of visitors who come to Jeju Island.

The attraction of the Saeyeongyo bridge is the LED lights installed on the bridge that will light up at night. No wonder so many visitors come when it gets dark. The beauty of the light makes this bridge a favorite place to take selfies.

Near the bridge lies the sea decorated with large rocks. People like to sit or stand on the rocks while enjoying the view of the reddish sunset.

8. Yongduam Rock

If you know the Shark Rock in the Pangandaran area in Ciamis, on Jeju Island there is Yongduam Rock or Dragon Head Stone. Many tourists, especially foreign tourists, flock to Yeongduam Rock to see the appearance of the rock shaped like a dragon’s head.

This rock is the product of a volcanic eruption. Due to the wind and sea, the stone changed its shape to resemble a dragon’s head. According to local legend, this dragon is the embodiment of the Dragon King’s messenger assigned to collect the elixir of life on Mount Halla. In addition to the previous version, there is also another version of this Yongduam Rock.

Visits to Yongduam Rock are free, free of charge. If you feel the stone is ordinary, you can enjoy the view of the sea decorated with rocks.

9. Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear Museums are not only in South Korea but all over the world. The first Teddy Bear Museum is in Hampshire, England. In South Korea, there are three Teddy Bear Museums, in Seoul Namsan Tower, on Jeju Island and in Gunsan in Jeollabuk Province. All three have content that is not much different. The only difference lies in the area and shape of the building.

Teddy doll lovers will love to be in this place. Here, visitors can see various shapes and styles of Teddy dolls. These cute dolls are dressed in various clothes depending on the era they are being carried. They can also move around which makes the dolls look more attractive.

To enter this museum, you have to spend quite a bit. Adults are charged a ticket for 10,000 – 13,000 Won. Teenagers are only charged a ticket for 9,000 – 10,000 Won. In this museum there is also a place to sell souvenirs if you want to have these cute dolls.

The 9 tourist destinations mentioned above are some of the many tourist destinations on Jeju Island. Because the island is not too big, you can explore several tourist attractions in just a few days. Of the 9 tourist attractions that have been described, is there one you would like to visit?


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