Airbnb in Switzerland, 8 Beautiful Lodging Options

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Airbnb in Switzerland, 8 Beautiful Lodging Options

What is your next travel destination? Switzerland? If so, it feels right that you are reading this article because we will help you find accommodation in Switzerland. When you plan to travel, it’s a good idea to make a detailed plan. Airbnb is one of the best online marketplaces that aims to make it easier to find accommodation for people around the world, when needed. Here are some beautiful Airbnb accommodation options in Switzerland, promising you an unforgettable Switzerland trip experience.

1. Zimmerwohnung in Chalet

A beautiful house located in one of the most charming villages in Switzerland, Grindelwald. In other words, this house is a real painting! This house offers one of the most beautiful views in Grindelwald. This spacious and comfortable house is located near the train station, making it easy for you to travel. You can also try to prepare Swiss food, as kitchen utensils are already prepared for guests. Ah! If only you could settle in Grindelwald.

2. Zimmer im Berner Seeland bei Biel

This antique house is actually part of a farm located in Bern, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful cities. This house is a well-known accommodation in Bern for its warm, comfortable and family-friendly atmosphere. If you stay at this house, in the morning you will be greeted with beautiful views around the house. Bern’s tourist attractions are easily accessible from this house. The hosts are very friendly, and they will do their best to help with any of your needs.

If you are looking for a calm and peaceful night atmosphere, this house is the best choice because guests are not allowed to party. The furniture consists of antiques such as beds, tables, lounge chairs, a small kitchen complete with a refrigerator, and another kitchen in the house equipped with other equipment.

3. Sleep in the cabin

Want to experience being a cowboy or cowgirl while on vacation in Switzerland? You can try this experience if you stay in a cabin in Spiez. You will stay in accommodation located in the Aeschi mountains. This cabin can accommodate two people. If you like the rustic style and want to see life on the farm, then this house is the right choice. Another interesting thing is that you are allowed to bring your own horse, if you have one!

4. Beautiful bungalow in Verzasca Valley

This bungalow is located in a very quiet village in the Tessin mountains. Every morning when you wake up, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains. Stepping into the house, you will immediately feel the love that makes this bungalow beautiful and warm.

This bungalow accommodates two guests as it only has one bedroom. Kitchens, TVs, fireplaces in the house, and various other necessities are available for you. However, this bungalow is not equipped with an internet connection, so you need to bring your own SIM card if you want to connect with the outside world. However, it feels like without an internet connection everything will be fine, because isn’t the main purpose of walking to a rural area is to enjoy the beautiful scenery and connect with nature?

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5. Cozy place with Jungfrau view

Want to enjoy the best panoramic views of the mountains of Mönch and Jungfrau? Then this apartment, located in Bern, is right for you. Also, if you want an adventurous hike to Interlaken or Lauterbrunnen, you should choose this inn.

Located next door to Wilderswill train station, this home features a modern kitchen, generously sized bathroom and free Wi-Fi. These high quality facilities are provided to provide guests with the best possible holiday experience in Bern, Switzerland.

6. Vila Wilen – Premium Swiss summer and winter

Standing majestically in the middle of Switzerland, Vila Wilen is a strategic accommodation with easy access to all of Switzerland’s attractions without having to spend time on the road. Cool views of mountains and lakes can be seen from this villa that has spectacular architecture. What’s more, this villa is equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems such as Apple TV, Netflix, and Zattoo.

There is an elevator in the building so you can save energy. If you’re traveling with kids and pets, don’t worry! This accommodation is child and animal friendly. The Wi-Fi connection is very fast and available throughout the villa area, so you can stay connected to your loved ones in your home country. You can also choose to sleep on a king sized bed , single , or on the sofa.

7. Three amazing bedrooms with mountain views

St. Moritz in Switzerland is one of the most beautiful ski destinations for those who love adventure. This apartment is located right in the heart of St. Moritz! The location is very convenient, making it easy to reach all the landmarks, restaurants and shops.

This family-friendly apartment can accommodate up to 7 people as it has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The apartment is quite spacious, making it suitable for groups traveling together. If you need an internet connection, fast Wi-Fi is available in every corner of the apartment.

8. Holiday at Lucerne villa

How would you feel if you rented a special villa for a private vacation? You don’t have to deal with drunk, noisy, or annoying neighbors. Such a holiday can happen if you choose to stay at Holiday Villa Lucerne Switzerland. Spend time with loved ones and create memories together.

This villa is perfect for those traveling with groups of up to 10 people. Guests can enjoy beautiful views of Lucerne and the surrounding mountains and lakes. The location of this villa is in the middle of the city, so you can walk to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Live in paradise in Switzerland!

For an extraordinary vacation experience in Switzerland, make sure you choose accommodations that make you feel like you are living in nirvana. The method? You can book a stay at any of the Airbnb accommodations in Switzerland listed above!


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