Amazing! Tourist Attractions Thailand Here are 10 Tips for Hunting Cheap Flights to Thailand!

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Tourist Attractions Thailand, Vacationing to the land of the White Elephant is indeed a wish list for tourist attractions thailand, especially Indonesia. Just like Malaysia and Singapore, visiting Thailand has become easier because it is an ASEAN country that exempts Indonesian citizens from visiting visas for 30 days.

In addition, the affordable budget for a vacation to Thailand is also another reason why this country is in demand as a tourist destination. When compared to a vacation budget to Singapore , of course, a vacation budget to tourist attractions thailand is cheaper.

It’s just that usually a plane ticket to Thailand is more expensive than to Singapore considering the distance and travel time which is certainly longer. But don’t worry, for those of you who are looking for promo tickets to Thailand, the following Wandering has summarized the following tips.

1. Tourist Attractions Thailand Buy Tickets In Advance

Preparing for a vacation can’t be without preparation. The same goes for buying plane tickets. For that, start hunting for tickets in advance, which is about 6 months or even 1 year in advance.

Because usually airlines open tickets at low prices for departures in the next few months. Don’t expect to get cheap tickets if you buy tickets suddenly.

Besides being cheaper, of course you also have enough time to prepare other needs such as hotel reservations, making an itinerary, and many other preparations so that your vacation is planned and fun.

2. Departing During Low Season To Tourist Attractions Thailand

Peak season in one year usually falls during school holidays, year-end holidays, holiday holidays, and national holidays that are adjacent to the weekend so that vacation time becomes longer. In these seasons people flock to the holidays to take advantage of time with loved ones. As a result, ticket prices are expensive.

Well, for those of you who have more flexible time and prioritize budget savings, of course it doesn’t matter right, if you have to take a vacation during low season.

Oh yes, in tourist attractions thailand itself there is such a thing as the Songkran festival or the biggest festival in Thailand which is usually held in April. Well, at this time the ticket price is also quite high. However, if you book tickets in advance, who knows, you might be lucky to get a cheap price at Songkran.

3. Avoid Weekends Tourist Attractions Thailand

Like any flight ticket to any destination tourist attractions thailand, usually Friday has a high number of requests so that it affects the high ticket price. We recommend that you choose a regular weekday so that in addition to having a greater chance of getting cheap tickets, tourist attractions thailand tend to be less crowded when compared to weekends.

Or, deal with departures on Wednesday or Thursday and end the trip on Saturday or Sunday night so you can still get cheap prices but your vacation leave is not too long.

4. Midnight Booking

One other trick is to book at night. Why does it have to be midnight? Usually airlines apply a time limit system for ticket bookings that have not been issued because the payment has not been made by consumers.

Now, at this time, there are also many promo tickets that are finally released because in the previous booking no payment was made, so the seats were sold again. For that, for those of you who like to stay up late, there’s nothing wrong if when insomnia arrives, you can while idly looking for promo tickets.

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5. Transit Ticket

Most direct flights to Thailand from Indonesia start with the Jakarta-Bangkok route, either with the CGK-BKK (Suvarnabhumi Airport) or CGK-DMK (Don Mueang Airport) flights. This direct flight usually takes about 3 hours 40 minutes. But did you know that there are also many transit tickets with the final destination to Thailand?

Although direct tickets offer faster travel times, transit tickets also have their own advantages. For those of you who are new to traveling abroad, transit tickets can take you to visit several countries at once with only one ticket, but with the consequence that your arrival time in Thailand will be longer.

Usually, several transit ticket options to Thailand will stop in several countries such as Singapore, or Malaysia. If the transit time is long enough or even almost 24 hours, you can all take a short trip in the country.

6. Choose Alternative City

Popular tourist attractions thailand are scattered in several cities including Bangkok , Pattaya , Phuket , Krabi, to the northern part of Thailand such as Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Fortunately, Thailand is also supported by an international airport that makes it easier for tourists to reach tourist attractions thailand in various cities in Thailand.

Usually people always make Bangkok their first choice, but there’s nothing wrong if you try to search for tickets to destinations like Phuket or Krabi.

Not infrequently these destination tourist attractions thailand routes often offer promo prices. Or you can also enter multi-city options such as leaving for Phuket and then returning via Bangkok. Variations like this are also not uncommon to secretly provide low prices.

7. Use Multiple Ticket Search Apps

Currently, there are many ticket sales sites and ticket price comparison applications that you can easily access or download on your smartphone. Use several trusted applications and frequently monitor ticket prices in these applications.

In addition to comparing the cheapest ticket prices, usually each application site offers its own promo, be it direct discounts, cashback, points or credit card promos.

8. Follow Airline Social Media Accounts

Being a follower of airline social media accounts will certainly provide several benefits, and one of them is that you are the most updated person regarding the promo info offered by each airline.

Usually, super cheap price promos are only opened for a limited time and number of seats, or you could say that they are fighting over, aka who gets it fast. So, make sure you become an active follower who follows the updates of these airlines so you don’t miss any promo info, OK!

9. Make sure your passport is still valid

Passport is one of the important factors and should not be forgotten when traveling abroad. make sure, you also check the passport period to make checking easier. If that time is running out, it’s best to add more.

10. Attend the Travel Fair

Travel is an annual event that you can attend to hunt for cheap airline tickets. In this event, usually not only flight ticket offers, but also various things related to holidays such as hotel reservations, transportation or even tour packages.

In a year there are usually several travel fairs held by various companies or institutions. And as before, most of the promos offered in a travel fair are in collaboration with certain banks. In other words, certain bank customers will get greater benefits and opportunities to get promos.

But don’t worry, because apart from bank promos, there are also many other interesting promos such as direct discounts, cashback, and happy hour programs. So if you have the opportunity to visit a travel fair, don’t miss it, OK?

Those are tips for getting cheap plane tickets to tourist attractions thailand that you can try. How? Are you ready to visit various interesting tourist attractions in Thailand ? Prepare your luggage and have a good holiday!


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