Amazing Typical Thai Drinks! And You Must Try Year This 2022! Besides Thai Tea.

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When asked about typical Thai drinks, Thai Tea is the first name that is definitely mentioned. This is of course inseparable from his increasingly popular name, especially in Indonesia. But did you know that Thailand still has a line of other typical drinks?

If you don’t know, Wandering will give you a list of typical Thai drinks , besides Thai Tea, of course. You can see a number of these lists below!

1. Nam Bi Tua

Apart from Nom Yen, there is another Thai nutritious drink worth trying: Old Nam Bi. This drink is made from Old Bi leaves or what we know as reeds. The leaves of reeds themselves have a number of properties.

In this drink, reed leaves are processed by boiling them first. Then, it is mixed with a number of ingredients, so that it becomes a delicious and nutritious Nam Bi Tua.

Bandung. The full address of this cafe itself is at Jalan Pasir Kaliki No. 25 – 27, Kebon Jeruk, Andir, Bandung City.

2. Oilang

For you coffee lovers, we highly recommend this typical thai drinks. Oliang itself is iced coffee mixed with a number of ingredients. In a cup of Oliang, there are corn, soybeans, cardamom, rice and sesame seeds mixed with coffee beans and ice cubes. For those who like sweet coffee, condensed milk or syrup can be added to this drink.

3. Cha Manao

Just like only Thai Tea, this one typical thai drinks also makes tea as its main ingredient. Unlike Thai Tea, Cha Manao is not only made from a mixture of tea and milk. However, it also uses a touch of lime juice in it. This makes this drink a sweet and sour blend that is quite strong.

4. Nam Manao

Like the previous drink, this typical thai drinks also uses orange juice. The difference is, this one drink uses lemon juice as its main ingredient. And unlike other drinks, this drink doesn’t use tea at all.

In this drink, lemon juice is processed by mixing it with a number of ingredients. These ingredients are sugar, water, ice cubes, and mint leaves for decoration. This drink is perfect for drinking when summer arrives in Thailand. Or, to accompany you to eat typical Thai food that tastes spicy.

5. Nam Dok Anchan

You could say, this is a typical Thai typical thai drinks that is quite unique. The uniqueness of this drink can be seen from its very purplish color. Investigate a calibaration, this one drink is actually made from the petals of the pea flower mixed with lemon juice. The combination of these two ingredients is what makes this drink a purplish color.

This typical thai drinks is not only suitable as a friend to eat or quench your thirst. This drink is also suitable for your body’s health. This is due to the use of butterfly pea flowers which are rich in properties.

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6. Thai Coconut Shake

This one drink is no less interesting than the previous drink. This drink is made from water and young coconut meat which is processed in a blender and mixed with milk and ice. Quite similar to how to make a milkshake in general. The use of water and coconut meat as the main ingredients makes this typical Thai drinks has a sweet and savory taste.

7. Nam Som

Want to enjoy orange juice with an attractive appearance and taste? Just try this typical Thai drinks! Different from orange juice in general, Nam Som is sold and consumed in plastic bottles. This makes Nam Som an attractive orange juice that can be drunk anywhere and anytime.

Unlike other orange juice, this orange juice does not taste sweet. Nam Som is actually dominated by salty taste. The taste is obtained from the use of salt in this typical Thai drink. Even though it’s salty, this typical Thai drinks is still delicious to try. So, you don’t have to worry, okay!

8. Pomegranate Juice

As the name implies, this is a juice made from pomegranate. The pomegranate in this drink is squeezed directly by the maker without any other processes. In Thailand there, this drink is usually packaged in plastic bottles. You can find this drink in several corners of Thailand. And if you are lucky, you can see the process of making this drink directly from the sellers.

9. Nom Yen

In Thailand there, this drink is very easy to find. Because, there are many sellers of this drink in the White Elephant Country. The advantages of this drink can be seen from its striking color. Dominated by pink color, this drink looks so attractive and tempting to drink.

The pink color in this drink is said to come from the main ingredient. The main ingredient of this drink is salak syrup which is slightly reddish in color. To make it pink, the main ingredient is then added with fresh milk or sweetened condensed milk.

10. Nam Matoom

This is a typical Thai drink made from matoom or maja fruit. Maja fruit itself has a number of properties in it. One of them is to cure digestive diseases such as diarrhea or stomach swelling. These properties make Nam Matoom a drink that is not only delicious, but also nutritious.

Maja itself is known as a bitter fruit. However, after being processed into Nam Matoom, you won’t even feel the bitterness of the maja fruit. So, you can enjoy a glass of this drink without fear of feeling the bitterness of maja.

11. Nam Dang-Mu Pan

For you watermelon lovers, then you should try this drink. This is Thai style watermelon juice which is delicious and has a unique texture. The watermelon in this drink is made by blending it until it’s not too smooth. After that, blend again with ice cubes but not until smooth either.

The way of making this drink has a slightly rough texture. Although rough, but this drink is very fresh and delicious to drink.

12. King Mango Tea

This one typical thai drinks is now gaining popularity in Indonesia. This can not be separated from the delicacy contained in it. As the name implies, the basic ingredient of this drink is mango. In this drink, mango is not only used as the main ingredient. However, it is also used as a sweetener topping .

No need to bother going to Thailand to enjoy this drink. You see, this typical thai drinks is already served in a number of cafes or outlets in Indonesia. One of them is the King Mango Thai Paskal Cafe at Paskal 23 Mall

Apart from Thai Tea, Thailand apparently has a number of other typical drinks. And if you want to try these drinks, you can try a number of Thai drink lists that have been explained above. Good luck!


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