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Apartments in London

Maybe many of you don’t know, apartments in London are the number 1 property investment commodity in the world. Indonesia is indeed a country with low interest in property investment in London. This is due to the lack of openness of Indonesian investors to accept foreign markets such as London. Therefore information channels about apartments in London are becoming scarce.

In fact, savvy international investors have invested their wealth in London for a long time and have managed to reap very significant profits compared to other countries’ investments. Unfortunately, the Indonesian people are not given the opportunity to understand more about the advantages and conveniences of investing in apartments in London.

This article will explore some of the factors you need to know about the reasons, advantages, location, how to buy, and arrange an apartment investment in London.

Who are apartment investors in London
From the Asian continent, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China are important players. Plus European countries such as France, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Spain are common investors for apartments in London. Not lagging behind in the Middle East, the world’s oil conglomerates are also one of the enthusiasts for apartments in London.

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Here are some of the conglomerates who have invested their wealth in London as quoted

  • Amancio Ortega – Owner of Inditex Fashion Group which owns Zara, Pull and Bear, Bershka and many other
  • well-known brands
  • Wang Jianlin – Chinese real estate conglomerate
  • Thomas and Raymond Kwok – Hong Kong real estate conglomerate
  • Eka Tjipta Widjaja and family – Owners of Sinar Mas Group

    10 reasons why investing in London is loved by world investors

  • Transparent regulations
  • There is no ownership limit for foreign nationals
  • Maintained economic and political stability
  • London is the number 1 financial center in the world
  • London is also the center of the world’s leading universities
  • The housing supply is very less compared to the demand. This is good news for investors as house prices will continue to rise.
  • Many requests for rent from professional workers and international students
  • Easy to rent and generate passive income
  • Property prices are always rising from year to year. Average properties in London are doubling per decade
  • Population continues to grow. In 2015, the total population of london
  • World-class transportation systems: London Tube (Underground and Overground), DLR (Docklands Light
  • Railway), River Taxi, Crossrail (Newest and fastest MRT system), High Speed ​​Rail 2 (future), Plus 5
  • international airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted , Luton, and London city airport)

    Location – Zoning

    From a macro perspective, London is divided into 6 zones. Zone 1 is the most central and most expensive location in terms of property prices, Zone 6 is the location farthest from the city center. Apartment prices in London zone 1 are in the range of £1 million for a 1 bedroom type.

    Where is a promising location for investment now

    Apartments in London Zones 2 and 3 have a much higher demand than other zones for now. Especially in the east (East of London) which is being transformed by the government together with private developers to become a new business center.

    More reasons why London zones 2 and 3 are the most profitable

    • Too much difference between zones 1, 2 and 3. More affordable prices and high profit potential
    • Travel distance is not too far by public transportation
    • The no 2 financial center in London is in Zone 2 (East of London)
    • Higher rental income (rental yield) compared to zone 1 in terms of (%)
    • Included in the London government’s development plan is to build more jobs and a new business and financial centre.

    Documents required for the purchase of an apartment in London

    • Proof of identity such as Passport, KTP, SIM
    • Proof of domicile/address such as credit card bills, electricity/water bills, telephone bills, and others that can prove the correct identity and address
    • Proof of payment: Bank transfer slip

    The payment method for buying an apartment in London is very easy

    • Down payment only ranges from 20 – 25% depending on each property and developer
    • Remaining payment is paid only when your property is completed
    • Stamp duty tax is also paid when your property is completed

    Arrangements after purchase in terms of rent and sale

    One important thing you need to know when investing in an apartment in London is about arranging the rental and selling once your apartment is ready for occupancy. As I said above, property in London is the number 1 destination for investors in the world. Therefore, property agents in London are familiar and very experienced in helping international investors in terms of renting and selling. You don’t need to fly to London to take care of it. All can be done easily via email.

    Credit for the purchase of an apartment in London

    Credit can only be applied 6 months before your property is completed. And for now, there is no bank that can provide loans to buyers


    Marine Wharf East – Apartment in London zone 2

    • Built by experienced developer Galliard Homes with a portfolio of £6 Billion
    • 999 years leasehold
    • Close to 2 financial centers in London
    • Close to 8 top universities such as King’s college, London school of economics, and others
    • The location is close to bus stops, train/tube stations, river taxis, shopping centers, parks, and other recreational areas

    Royal Wharf – Apartment in London with a view of the River Thames

    • Built by Singapore developer Oxley International and UK, Ballymore
    • 999 years leasehold
    • Located in the new central business district
    • The township concept is equipped with supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, parks, indoor facilities, clubhouses, and others
    • The location is close to the DLR (train), river taxi, and parks

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