10 Cheap & Fun Backpacker Tips

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10 Fun Backpacker Tips & Cheap To South Korea

Backpacker Tips 2022, Wandering has given information about the cost of a -style vacation Backpacker Tips to Korea . However, if you feel that the estimated cost of a vacation to Korea is still too expensive, then you can try some backpacker -style tips who have been to Korea to save your expenses.

How To minimize Spending On a Backpacker Tips-Style Vacation

So, can you enjoy a vacation if all costs are cut to a minimum? Of course, I can! Who says a backpacker -style vacation has to be miserable? With sufficient preparation of supplies , you can get a pleasant backpacker -style vacation while in Korea.

Come On, Follow The Following Backpacker Tips To Korea.

1. Backpacker Tips Before Buying Airline Tickets in advance

This is an important point in the list of backpacker tips to Korea. You have to be diligent in hunting cheap tickets from far in advance. How do you get cheap airline tickets to Korea ?

First, be diligent in checking promos on airline sites or airline ticket booking sites. Second, don’t hesitate to come to airline exhibitions which usually offer attractive promos or substantial discounts. With a price range of 4 million, it can be said that it is cheap for a round trip ticket Backpacker Tips to South Korea with a full service airline .

In general, cheap airline tickets are sold 6-12 months before the departure date. There’s nothing wrong if you plan a vacation to Korea in advance, right ?

2. Choose lodging at a low price Backpacker Tips

No need to be afraid to look for lodging while Backpacker Tips in South Korea. Because there are many cheap lodgings in the ginseng country. So, is this cheap inn comfortable and clean? Most of the budget inns in South Korea always guarantee the cleanliness of the place and its facilities to ensure the comfort of its guests.

So, what is the estimated price for cheap lodging Backpacker Tips in Korea? Estimated rates for cheap lodging in Korea, in the form of inns or guesthouses , are around 200-250 thousand rupiah per night. If you are lucky, maybe you can get lodging for under 200 thousand rupiah. Some areas that are favorites for tourists to stay include the area around Hongdae, Myeongdong, and also Dongdaemun.

3. Visit tourist attractions for free

Nami Island is one of the must-see attractions if you visit Backpacker Tips South Korea. However, to reach Nami Island you have to pay a lot of transportation costs. Not to mention when you get to the island you have to pay an entrance ticket.

Well, one of the backpacker tips to Korea to reduce expenses is to visit tourist attractions that are free and easy to reach. One example of a free tourist spot in Korea is Namsan Tower , which is a landmark of South Korea. From this tower you can see the view of Seoul from a height, as well as visit the very famous Love Lock in this tower.

4. Don’t hesitate to eat cheap

The prices of food sold by sellers in South Korea are quite friendly. With 50 thousand rupiah, you can enjoy Korean food satisfactorily. Backpacker Tips In Korea there is a typical warteg of the country by the name of Kimbap Cheonguk. This restaurant, which is open 24 hours, serves delicious food in large portions. So, don’t be afraid not to be full when you eat here.

In Indonesia, tteobokki is sold at a fairly expensive price. However, Backpacker Tips in Korea this food is a street snack that is sold at a cheap price. You can also get various other street food easily, especially at shopping places like Myeongdong.

5. Choose cheap public transportation

Thinking of taking a taxi while on vacation in Korea? It doesn’t matter if you want to provide extra funds. Because just like in Indonesia, taxis in Korea also charge quite expensive rates. Cheaper public transportation solutions while in Korea are buses or subways.

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In Korea, there is a transportation card called T-Money that can be used for tourists. In fact, tourists can get a 5% discount when using this card when traveling on a special tourist bus. However, if the distance to the destination is very close, don’t hesitate to walk and mingle with the local community.

6. Bring lunch from home

Backpacker Tips While in Korea, try to occasionally eat lunch from the ground water. You can bring a few packs of instant noodles to eat while in Korea. This method is quite effective to help your savings while in the country of ginseng.

However, do not let you consume instant noodles every day. Because instead of saving money, you can get health problems if you eat instant noodles every day. Bringing biscuits from Indonesia is also important to block the stomach when hungry. So, you don’t need to keep snacking while you’re Backpacker Tips in Korea.

If you want to eat rice, then you can also buy instant rice which is sold at minimarkets. This instant rice is sold for around 20 thousand rupiah, and it can be cheaper if you buy several rices at once. You can eat this rice at the inn along with the lunch you brought from home.

7. Choose a cheap shopping place that gives a lot of discounts

When we are in another country, we certainly want to shop for souvenirs or goods typical of that country. Well, try to choose a shopping place that offers various discounts. There are several shopping attractions Backpacker Tips in Korea, two of which are quite famous, Myeongdong and Dongdaemun .

However, you need to know that the price of goods in Myeongdong is more expensive than Dongdaemun, because in Myeongdong there are many boutiques of international brands . However, it doesn’t matter if you are willing to spend the extra money, but try to find a store that offers special discounts.

One of the backpacker-style shopping tips is to come to the store when a season is about to end, for example between autumn and winter. Because in general, collections of goods during the fall will be discounted when they are about to enter winter.

8. Get free souvenirs

It’s not impossible to get free souvenirs while on vacation in Korea. Backpacker tips to Korea will give you a little sneak peek of how to get free souvenirs that can be used as souvenirs . Just take a walk to Myeongdong which is known as the most famous cosmetic shopping place in South Korea. There, generally cosmetic samples will be distributed for free, you know !

These free samples aren’t always really “free”. You usually have to shop first in the store to then get a variety of bonus cosmetic samples. But if you are lucky, then you can also get it for free without the need to shop first.

9. Make friends with Koreans

Before traveling Backpacker Tips to Korea, try to find friends who live in the country of ginseng. Because there are many benefits if you have Korean friends or Indonesian acquaintances living Backpacker Tips in Korea.

They can provide various important information, become tour guides while we are there, or even provide free accommodation. At least you won’t feel alone when you’re in someone else’s country.

10. Don’t be shy about being a Backpacker Tips

Many Indonesian people are ashamed and proud to be backpackers when traveling to other countries. In fact, being a backpacker is not something to be ashamed of. Besides being able to save on vacation costs, another advantage of being a backpacker is having an interesting experience that will not be forgotten.

Those are 10 backpacker tips to Korea that you can give away on this occasion. Before starting a trip to South Korea, make sure that your physical condition is healthy. Bring a credit card or extra money just in case there are sudden expenses. If you have any other tips, please share them with us in the comments section.


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