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Wow! These are Bangkok Thailand’s Unique Souvenirs That Must Be Purchased in 2022

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Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangkok Thailand. This is inseparable from the richness of tourist attractions and the exotica of the Thai capital. When you go there, make sure you don’t just travel too. Try to buy souvenirs typical of the Thai capital. Because. Bangkok has a lot of souvenirs that are a pity to miss. Want to know what the handiwork is? Let’s just look at the list below!

1. Mama Tom Yum Instant Noodles

If Indonesia has Indomie, then Bangkok Thailand has instant noodles called Mama Tom Yum. This is a popular instant noodle product in Bangkok Thailand with its delicious Tom Yum taste. These instant noodles are packaged in plastic packaging. Very easy to bring as a souvenir after returning from Bangkok Thailand later.

2. Cumi-Cumi Bento Snack (Bento Squid)

This is a popular snack in Bangkok Thailand which is now also popular in other countries. Maybe we can buy this souvenir and find it in Indonesia. However, there’s nothing wrong with buying it directly from where it came from, right?

As the name implies, this snack is a light snack with a thick squid taste. The taste of the squid is strengthened by the spicy taste that burns the tongue, but still leaves a deliciousness. There are already many shops in Bangkok Thailand that sell this one snack. So, you will have no trouble when looking for this souvenir.

3. Royal Chitralada Milk Candy

For tourists, buying this souvenir is a must. The reason is, this is an iconic candy from Bangkok Thailand, as well as pride for the Thai people. Made from milk, this candy has two flavors that you must buy. Original milk and chocolate flavors are the two flavors.

In Bangkok, there are several places that are suitable for buying this souvenir. Or Tor Kor is one of them. This place is located exactly at 101 Phaholyothin Road, Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900, Bangkok, Thailand.

4. Koh-Kae Nuts

If you have friends or relatives who love peanuts, then this souvenir is worth buying. This souvenir itself is an iconic nut with a unique packaging. The uniqueness of this packaging can be seen from the image of a man wearing glasses and slightly messy hair.

This hand fruit has a savory and delicious taste. There are many variations of the taste. Starting from the taste of coconut cream to barbecue, you can feel it in this one nut grain.

5. Phad Thai

Besides Mama Tom Yum, there is one other typical Bangkok Thailand noodle that can be used as a souvenir. Phad Thai is the Bangkok noodle. Phad Thai itself is a noodle made from rice or rice flour.

These noodles are usually sold in a number of restaurants in Bangkok Thailand. As a suggestion, you should buy these noodles in instant packaging. Moreover, if you want to make this noodle as a souvenir. You can get Phad Thai yourself at a number of souvenir shops in Bangkok.

6. Durian Chips

As we know, Thailand is one of the durian producers in Southeast Asia. In Thailand—especially Bangkok, durian is commonly processed into anything. Durian chips are one of them.

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This hand fruit is perfect for those who want to try durian, but in another form. You can find these souvenirs at mini markets or souvenir shops in Bangkok. The price itself is quite affordable, which is around 65 to 100 Baht only.

7. Fruit sweets

Not only in Indonesia, Bangkok also has candied fruit as souvenirs. There are two types of candied fruit that you can buy when you are in Bangkok. Dried candied and candied pickles are two types of such sweets.

To buy this souvenir, you can come to Chatuchak Market. This market is located on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand. If not, you can buy it at the Platinum Fashion Mall on Phetchaburi Road, Khwaeng Thanon Phetchaburi, Khet Ratchathewi, Kung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand.

8. Nestea Thai Tea

Thai Tea is a Thai drink that is already popular in a number of corners of the world and Indonesia is one of them. In Bangkok later, you can not only sip this one drink. However, they are also brought back to their hometown as souvenirs for friends or relatives.

If you want to make Thai Tea as a souvenir, Nestea is a recommended souvenir. Nestea itself is a popular ready-to-drink Thai Tea in Bangkok Thailand. This souvenir is perfect for all people, both children and parents. And for those of you who are Muslim, this souvenir is perfect to bring. This is because this drink has been declared halal by the authorities there.

9. Muay Thai pants

If you want to buy non-food souvenirs, then this souvenir is highly recommended. Especially if you have friends or relatives who like Muay Thai. In Bangkok, you can get these pants at affordable prices.

Muay Thai pants from Bangkok are made with a comfortable material. The appearance is also very cool. It is suitable for those who want to have comfortable and good looking Muay Thai pants. You can come to the MBK Center to buy these pants. The MBK Center itself is located at Phayathai Road, Khwaeng Wang Mai, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand.

10. Sutra Thailand

Bangkok has silk fabrics that you deserve to buy. In Bangkok Thailand, silk is commonly processed into a number of objects, such as jackets, shirts, wallets, scarves, shawls and pajamas. Even so, you can also buy original silk fabrics when you are in Bangkok Thailand later. There are two places to buy Thai Silk in Bangkok. These two places are:

Jim Thompson House which is at Rama I Road, Khwaeng Wang Mai, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand.
Amarin Plaza which is at Phloen Chit Road, Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand.

11.Fairy Lights

These recommendations are perfect for decorating the homes of your friends or relatives. Fairy Lights itself is a twinkling lamp that is suitable for decoration. This lamp has a unique shape variant. There are flowers, Angry Birds, and various other unique shapes.

In Bangkok later, you don’t just have to travel. Try to buy souvenirs there, because Bangkok is rich in unique souvenirs. If you want to buy souvenirs in Bangkok, you might consider some of the souvenir recommendations above.

Or do you want to find souvenirs that are really Thai? If so, please look for references in this article 10 Typical Thai Souvenirs . So, what do you want to buy for souvenirs later?


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