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Italy has indeed become one of the countries that some tourists dream of in the world, and Italy is a fun country to explore. because Italy has a lot of delicious cuisine, diverse culture, and beautiful natural scenery. But what you really need to know is that Italy has lots of beautiful cities near the coast! so for those of you who want to vacation in Italy make sure you have read the article below, and guaranteed you will not regret it! because the Italian Most Beautiful Beach City that we will discuss is indeed beautiful, and is a favorite tourist destination for world tourists who are on vacation in Italy. instead of being curious, let’s just read the article below, and make sure you include some of these cities on the list of tourist destinations that you must visit!

1. Portofino

The place we will discuss first is a small square in Italy, and the City of Portofino only has 500 inhabitants. but even though this city is a small city and has a small population, it turns out that the city of Portofino has a lot of resorts with cool interiors, and lots of beautiful cafes in Portofino City. The cafes here are also an attraction for tourists to sit back and relax just to enjoy coffee with a beautiful view, and this place is also usually a romantic honeymoon location. besides the cafe here there are also restaurants and art galleries that you can visit with your loved ones. while the activities that you can do in this city are stopping by historical museums in Portofino City, hiking, snorkeling, and exploring the beautiful beaches in Portofino City.

2. Manarola

The city of Manarola does have a very perfect beauty, like a hidden paradise, and this city is on a rock that has a height of 70 meters with beautiful blue sea views. You can imagine how beautiful this city is right? this place is very romantic, and can be an option for those of you who want to honeymoon in Italy. For those of you who want to have a different experience with your loved ones, you can eat at a restaurant overlooking the sea view, and swimming in this city area can also be a fun activity with your partner. in the afternoon you can enjoy an exotic sunset in the city of Manarola, and this sunset was once called the most beautiful sunset in Italy.

3. Vieste

If you want to find a quiet city, and have the feel of an old town, this place can be your choice. besides having the feel of an old city, this city turns out to have a modern risort, and this is what attracts tourists to visit this city. In addition to having beautiful buildings, the city of Vieste offers a beautiful beach view with fine white sand, and a perfect view in the afternoon. So Kita Vieste is in Cape Puglian, and this city is often called the Pearl of Gargano. In addition to having a beautiful city beach, the city of Vieste also has beautiful cliffs and pristine forests.

4. Otranto

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For those of you who are visiting Italy, you really must stop by one of the most charming cities in Puglia, and this city is named the City of Otranto. So the City of Otranto had a magnificent castle, and solid perimeter walls and beautiful towers were built in the city. In addition to beautiful buildings, this city also has a beautiful small harbor, and a stretch of beach that has white sand and sea water that has two colors, namely blue and green. so for those of you who visit Italy, don’t miss this one city!

5. Amalfi

The city of Amalfi has indeed become one of the old cities that holds a lot of history, and this city has experienced an earthquake so powerful that it made this city swept into the sea in 1343. But over time now the city of Amalfi has become one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, and become a seafood paradise. if you are interested in stopping by this city, you can stay at several resorts that have old-fashioned interiors with views of exotic beaches in the Amalfi city.

6. Polignano A Mare Bari

Poligano is very famous all over the world, as it is one of the most popular places for rock jumping, and in 2010 they hosted a Red Bull sponsored event. because of this, 45 thousand people came to the city of Polignano. besides being a cliff jumping place the town of Polignano has beautiful views of the coast, and large cliffs. so don’t be surprised if this place is always crowded with tourists from all over the world, and the food that you must try is the ice cream in the city of Polignano.

7. Positano

The city of Positano is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, and this city has lots of sophisticated resorts with cool interiors. besides having the coolest interior in Positano city, it has a beautiful beach view, and the best time to enjoy the beautiful beach here is when sunset arrives. The city of Positano has cafes, restaurants, and luxury boutiques filled with cool clothes. The city of Positano also provides boats that you can use to travel to Ischia, Grotta dello Smeraldo Cave, or to Capri.

8. Vernazza

The most beautiful coastal city we discussed last in Italy is indeed very beautiful and the view of the city of Vernazza is like a painting. so the city of Vernazza has a huge, pastel-colored Tower, colorful houses, trails lined with vineyards, and beautiful beaches with blue seas. The city of Vernazza is the most beautiful city in Italy and is often referred to as a hidden paradise in Italy. Oh, besides having beautiful views, and beautiful buildings in the city of Vernazza, it is also very famous for its delicious Italian pizza! So when you are in the city of Vernazza, you really have to taste the Italian pizza, right!

Those are some of the Most Beautiful Italian Beach Cities that are beautiful, romantic, and can be a place for those of you who want to find a honeymoon place in Italy. In your opinion, which of the 8 cities above are the most beautiful? You can answer in the comments column below! I hope this information is useful for those of you who want to vacation in Italy, and have a vacation!


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