Beaches in Japan that You

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Beaches in Japan that You Must Visit in Summer

Beaches in Japan that You, Summer is the best time to come to Japan . And if you have a picnic in that season, then choose the beach as your tourist attraction later. Japan itself has a number of beautiful beaches that are suitable to be visited in the summer .

Among a number of beaches there, ten of the best of which we will recommend here. Who knows, you might be interested in having a picnic on a Japanese beach in the spring. You can see some of the recommendations below:

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1. Hayama-Isshiki

The first beach in Japan that you can visit is Hayama-Isshiki. This beach in Kanagawa has clear water and coconut trees around it. The atmosphere on this beach is quite calm. You can also enjoy a calm summer if you choose a vacation at this beach.

There are a number of tourist activities that you can do on Isshiki beach. Starting from surfing, kayaking, swimming, or just sunbathing on the white sand. You can visit the beach that has been nominated for the best beach by CNN’s version at the following address:

  • Address : Honuchi, Hayama, Miura District, Kanagara 240-0112, Japan.

2. Shichirigahama

For those of you who want to enjoy summer while surfing, this beach is worth a visit. Because, this beach has high waves and challenging. Satisfied surfing, you can visit one of the famous cake places near this beach.

Bills Sichirigahama is the name of the place. At Bills, you can taste a variety of delicious cakes, while enjoying the view of the Sichirigahama beach that is in front of this place. Interesting right? If you are interested in this one beach, please come to the following address:

  • Address: Sichirigahama, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan.

3. Araihama

This beach is perfect to visit when the sky is bright. At that time, you can see the beach sand and clear blue water, as well as the beautiful view of Mount Fuji. Especially for Mount Fuji, you can listen to it from Sagamihara Bay on this beach.

Don’t just enjoy the panorama while on this beach. Try to play in the beach area. If not, you can also try snorkeling in this coastal sea. You interested? Just come to the address below:

  • Address : Misakimachi, Koajiro, Miura City, Kanagawa, Japan.

4. Oarai

You could say that this beach is classified as remote in Japan. Even so, this beach is worth a visit in the summer because of the panorama and a number of advantages in it. One of the advantages of this beach is the sand.

Unlike the general beach sand, the sand on this beach looks a bit like pebbles. This will make you feel a unique sensation when you step on the sand. For those of you who want to enjoy summer at this beach, you can come to the following address:

  • Address : Minatochuo, Oarai, Higashiibaraki District, Ibaraki, Japan.

5. Moriya

This beach in the Chiba area has clear sea water. It is said that the sea and the entire area on this beach have been preserved for many years. Unfortunately, you can’t do water sports and camping at this beach.

Because it has been preserved for years, this beach has also received a number of awards. One of them is an award as one of the 100 best beaches in Japan according to the Ministry of Environment.

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Please visit the following address if you are interested in Moriya beach:

  • Address : Moriya, Chiba, Japan.
  • Phone : +81 470-73-6641.

6. Onjuku

Chiba still has beautiful beaches besides Moriya. The beach is Onjuku. This beach has beautiful sand and sea and will accompany you to enjoy the summer in Japan. Not only that, this beach also has a statue in the form of a pair of Arabs riding a camel.

The two statues will be very beautiful to look at. Moreover, if exposed to sunlight or sunset Investigate a calibaration, the statue was made to commemorate an inspired by this beach. The song is Tsuki no Sabaku which means “Desert on the Moon”.

You can visit Onjuku Beach at the following address:

  • Address : Isumu-gun, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

7. Kira Waikiki

Many consider this beach a twin of Hawaii. This can not be separated from the beauty of this beach which is similar to Hawaii. If you go to this beach in the summer, make sure to come in August.

In that month, this beach will hold a festival with a thick Hawaiian feel. At the festival, you will see the attraction of the hula dance and fire dance performed by a number of dancers. If you want to take part in this festival, please come directly to the following address:

  • Address : Nakabeta Kiracho Miyazaki, Nishio, Aichi 444-0513, Japan.
  • No. Phone : +81 563-32-2157.

8. Tatadohama

Like some beaches in Japan, the waves on this beach are also quite high. Very suitable for those of you who like to surf. This beach also has trees that line up, and rocks that are beautiful to look at.

Not far from this beach, there is a hot spring. So, after you enjoy the beauty of this beach, you can lay down for a moment in the bathhouse. Please visit the address below, if you are interested in Tatadohama:

  • Address : Kisami, Shimoda, Sizuoka, Japan.
  • No. Phone : +81 80-4085-5567.

9. Shirahama Chuo

Besides Totodahoma, there is one other interesting beach in Shizuoka. Shirahama Chuo is the name of the beach. Not only does it offer beautiful and beautiful sand and sea, this beach also has a number of facilities that you can enjoy.

Starting from the burning area that is suitable for barbeque parties, to beach chairs and umbrellas that are suitable for your place to lie down. You also surf on this beach, considering the waves are good enough for surfing.

You can visit this beach at the following address:

  • Address : Shirahama, Shimoda, Shizuoka, Japan.
  • No. Phone : +81 558-22-5240.

10. Wakasa Wada

If you want to enjoy summer while camping, this beach is suitable to visit. This beach has a qualified camping area and is located in a remote area. Its somewhat secluded location will make you feel like camping on a private beach.

In addition to the camping area, this beach also has an open bathing area. You can lay down in the bath while enjoying the surrounding scenery. You can visit this beach at the following address:

  • Address : Wada, Takahama, Oi District, Fukui, Japan.
  • No. Phone : +81 770-72-0070.

You can enjoy summer in Japan at the beach. Incidentally, Japan has many beaches that are suitable to visit when summer arrives. Ten of them have been recommended above. If you are later interested in a vacation to Japan during the summer , you can visit one or several of these beaches. Happy holidays!

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