Here are 10 beaches in Tunisia for a summer vacation

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Here are 10 beaches in Tunisia for a summer vacation

Tunisia is blessed with beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and spectacular views. The beach has turquoise water and soft golden sand. The perfect place for a vacation because here the sun shines brightly all year round.

Tunisia is a place of interest for foreign tourists when choosing a vacation to the beach. Before vacationing in Tunisia, it’s a good idea to know which beaches you want to visit.

Here are some beaches in Tunisia that can be a reference for your vacation to know which beaches are quiet or also beaches that are quite crowded for you to choose.

1. Hammamet Beach

  • Location : Hammamet, Nabeul Governorate, Tunisia

Hammamet Beach is in the town of Hammamet, in northern Tunisia. This beach is a famous beach in Tunisia, a tourist destination that has beautiful scenery.

The beauty of the beach with very soft white sand. In addition, the beach is clean and also very comfortable as a vacation spot with the whole family.

The beach with a length of 14 km is suitable as a vacation spot with your little ones because there are facilities in the form of a playground for them.

The sea water is fairly calm so you can enjoy the beach with all family members including your little one. This beach offers a comfortable vacation with complete supporting facilities available.

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2. La Marsa Beach

  • Location : La Marsa, Tunis Governorate, Tunisia

This beach is located in the coastal city of La Marsa as the city’s name implies. La Marsa Beach is a beach that is a destination for tourists with thick wallets, especially from Europe.

This beach offers luxurious and prestigious hotels and apartments. This makes the beach not so famous among the crowd.

This beach has very fine golden sand. You will feel comfortable walking on the beach even barefoot.

This beach is also protected from the wind because there are hills around it which are decorated with buildings in the form of white villas. The beach with spectacular views and luxurious facilities, suitable for people with thick wallets.

3. DjerbaBeach

  • Location : Djerba Island, Medenine Governorate, Tunisia

Djerba Beach is a beach located on the famous island of Djerba in Tunisia. This beach is a suitable tourist destination for those of you who want to sunbathe and also relax by swimming.

The beach has white sand combined with the sea which has a color as beautiful as an emerald. Djerba Beach has relatively calm sea water suitable for holidays with family.

The sea water looks clear so it is suitable for those of you who like to swim. For those of you who like swimming at the beach, the best time to do it is from May to October.

At that time the weather will be much more favorable, not too much rain. While in July-August the weather will be hotter.

4. Monastir Beach

  • Location : Monastir, Monastir Governorate, Tunisia

Formerly this beach area was a fishing port area, but now this beach area has turned into a famous resort. Monastir Beach has golden sand with clear sea water.

The place is perfect for those who like fun activities, such as banana boating or water skiing. If you don’t like activities that are too active and are happy with relaxing activities, you can explore the beach by horseback or also by riding a camel.

One thing that should not be missed is seeing the sunset of course. The sloping beach is suitable for a vacation spot with your little one.

5. Gammarth Beach

  • Location : Gammarth, Tunis Governorae, Tunisia

Gammarth Beach is a beach known for its luxury resorts, but long before that Gammarth was a fishing and agricultural town. Gammarth Beach has golden sandy beaches.

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The sloping beach is suitable for children to play in the water and also swim. There are some areas of the beach that have rocks so you have to be careful.

This beach is also not very famous, it makes this beach not too crowded so the beach feels calm. The supporting facilities of this beach are also quite sufficient.

There is a place to rent beach equipment for those who are happy with sunbathing activities. In addition to restaurants and cafes, you can also explore the city of Gammarth which is unique with its culture.

6. El Haouaria Beach

  • Location : El Haouaris, Nabeul Governorate, Tunisia

Al Haouaria itself is the name of a coastal town where El Haouaria Beach is located. The beach is not as famous as other beaches in Tunisia, but it has a unique landscape.

Beaches that usually consist of white sand beaches, then El Haouaria is a beach that also has rock cliffs that form the shoreline.

This beach can be used as a vacation choice for people who are happy with adrenaline-pumping activities. Visitors on this beach usually do the action of jumping from the edge of the cliff.

They also usually swim in the recesses of the beach. On this beach you can also see the scenery when the birds migrate.

7. Mahdia Beach

  • Location : Mahdia, Mahdia Givernorate, Tunisia

Madia Beach, a beach located on the north coast of Tunisia. Mahdia Beach is a sloping beach with a sandy bottom. The place is suitable for family vacations, especially those with small children. Of course, the beach is not suitable for those who like swimming because the beach is shallow.

Mahdia Beach is a wide, quiet and comfortable beach, very suitable for those of you who want to calm down. Supporting facilities on the beach are also quite complete.

You can rent a sun lounger along with an umbrella. Then for those who like water sports, you can try water skiing, diving, and also parasailing activities.

8. Kelibia Beach

  • Location : El Amansorah BP 106, Kelibia 8090, Tunisia

Kelibia is a coastal city located in the Cap Bon area of ​​Tunisia. The beautiful beaches in Kelibia have quality bathing water and good environmental management, which earned them the “ Pavillon Bleu ” certificate.

This beautiful beach is not so crowded, of course it will be very memorable for people who are looking for a place to calm down accompanied by a calm beach atmosphere.

Kelibia Beach does not have complete supporting facilities as well as beaches that have become tourist destinations. There are no places to rent sunbathing equipment here and there are only a few restaurants to fill an empty stomach. But the beauty of the beach with clear water makes the holiday memorable.

9. Beach Sidi Bou Said

  • Location : Sidi Bou Said, Tunis Governorate, Tunisia

Sidi Bou Said is a city located on a cliff wall where at the foot of the cliff there is a beautiful beach. The beach with golden sand combined with clear turquoise sea water.

Although the beach is fairly narrow, this does not dampen the interest of local people to vacation on this beach. Sidi Bou Said Beach, which is not so wide, has a fairly sloping beach with fairly calm waves. The beach is very famous among local people.

Summer holidays will make the beach crowded with visitors who spend their holidays here. After vacationing at this beach you can also enjoy the ancient city of Carthage which is not far away.

10. Sousse Beach

  • Location : Sousse, Sousse Governorate, Tunisia

The beaches in the Sousse area of ​​Tunisia are known for their resorts along the coast. The beach with its resort is in demand by tourists from Europe such as Germany, France, and Russia, one beach that is well known is Bou Jaafar.

There are quite a lot of supporting facilities and entertainment venues near the beach, such as restaurants, night clubs , and also recreational parks.

You can enjoy the sloping beach with soft white sand and calm sea. Part of the beach is part of the resort, but part of it is open to the public.

Those are some of the beaches in Tunisia, interesting places to explore. Most of the beaches in the Mediterranean have soft, white sandy beaches, but there are also unique beaches with cliffs. In addition, the beach is also mostly sloping so that it can be enjoyed with children.

The beauty of the beach in the Mediterranean attracts many foreign tourists, especially Europeans. The resorts located on the beach are also an attraction for foreign tourists vacationing on the Tunisian coast.

The beauty of the beach certainly makes you curious. If you are on vacation in Tunisia, which beach would you choose?


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