Celebration Building Safety Month 2022 in the city of Alexandria, VA

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The City of Alexandria invites the public to celebrate Building Safety Month start in May 2022. It begins with a launch event at Market Square (301 King Street) on May 6 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Annual Awareness Month Alexandria recognizes the importance of building security and the code experts who implement it. This year 2022 theme is “Safety for All – Building Codes in Action“.


The free event included a manifesto from Mayor Justin Wilson, City Manager James Parajon, and keynote speaker Cindy Davis of the International Regulation Committee, followed by lunch, Free raffles, and exhibitions by the city government and the local building community.

Getting to Know About Building Safety Month

Building Safety Month is an annual public awareness campaign designed to help individuals, families, and businesses understand how to build safe, sustainable buildings. Established by the International Code Council, Building Safety Month is held in jurisdictions around the world in May. Every week, the global movement will feature a new theme to keep our communities safe and resilient.

The movement reinforces the need to adopt modern model building codes. Robust and efficient code execution systems, also trained professionals to maintain the systems.

The launch event also includes free training sessions from 8 am to 3 pm. Virginia Energy Conservation Code provided by VIRIDIAN of Virginia. The training course includes face-to-face testing of mechanical equipment performance, and upon completion provides the equivalent of five hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

About Building Safety Month

Building Safety Month is an international event held in May to raise awareness about building safety. This event highlights the need for modern building codes that are regularly updated and help individuals, families, and businesses understand how to make buildings safe and sustainable.

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The International Code Council, its members, and various partnerships of construction, design, and building safety professionals work with businesses, government agencies, professional associations, and nonprofit organizations to advance building safety through newsletters, briefings, legislative briefings, and more. We came together to support Building Safety Month because we understand the structures in which we live, work and play require structures that are safer and more sustainable.

All communities require building codes to protect their residents from hazards such as fire, weather-related events, and structural collapse. Building codes are the best way for communities to protect their homes, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, shops, and places of entertainment. Regulatory officers work day in and day out to maintain public safety.

History Record For Event Construction Safety Month

Over the past 42 years, we have celebrated progress in building safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient buildings and homes. Ongoing support for Building Safety Month from Presidents, Governors, Mayors, County Commissioners, other government officials and building industry professionals as well as the Code Officer’s important role in public safety in the built environment.

Reviewing Construction Safety Month 2021

The theme of Building Safety Month 2021 is: “Prevent, Prepare, Protect. Maintain Building Codes.

More than 200 jurisdictions and organizations have issued announcements declaring Building Safety Month in May 2021, including US President Joe Biden. “Investing in our infrastructure and adopting and implementing modern building codes is the most effective mitigation a community can undertake.” See the National Building Safety Month announcement here.

Since last year’s event was completely virtual, the Code Council hosted four virtual events with over 740 participants. Building Safety Month celebrations were also held on social media, with the video being viewed and shared more than 4,000 times, and the hashtags #BuildingSafetyMonth365 and #PreventPrepareProtect retweeted and used more than 1,500 times.

During the event, two episodes of the ICC Pulse Podcast were released, with over 600 downloads in the first week.

In the end, the event raised $77,000 with the generosity of 20 sponsors.


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