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1 Celebration Traditions and Special Birthday Dishes in Korea

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Celebration Traditions and Special Birthday Dishes in Korea

Celebration Traditions and Special Birthday Dishes in Korea, Age is an important thing in Korean culture . This affects the way they celebrate birthdays. Families in Korea usually have small, intimate birthday celebrations attended by the immediate family and a few siblings. Adults usually go out with friends and drink soju, children invite schoolmates and hang out together.

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What is interesting that we will discuss in this article is that Celebration Traditions Special Birthday Dishes in Korea celebrations are different from birthday celebrations in general. The tradition of celebrating birthdays as a form of gratitude has a deep meaning which is represented through special dishes that are only made when someone’s birthday is.

For those of you who are interested in Korean culture, check out the traditions of Special Birthday Dishes in Korea in Korea and their special dishes below!

Birthday Celebration Traditions in Korea

The Special Birthday Dishes in Korea age calculation system is different from the general international calculation. In Korean tradition, a human’s age is calculated as one year at birth. Nine months when a baby is conceived is counted as one year at birth.

Korea has a tradition of Special Birthday Dishes in Korea based on age. Unlike in other countries that celebrate a birthday right on the person’s birthday. However, in the traditions of this country there are certain years that are celebrated differently.

1. 100 Days Birthday (백 )

Every birthday celebration Special Birthday Dishes in Korea is a special and special celebration. This birthday celebration in Ginseng Country starts from a baby 100 days after birth. This ceremony is held as gratitude because the baby can survive.

Although the centenary birthday is considered less important than the one-year anniversary of a baby or commonly called Doljanchi , some parents consider their child’s centenary to be something to celebrate.

This is motivated by the condition of Korea in ancient times which was in disarray so that it was rare for children to survive long. In this celebration, parents will distribute 100 rice cakes to their neighbors as a form of prayer for a long life for the baby.

2. One Year Birthday (돌잔치)

Doljanchi ( ) is a Special Birthday Dishes in Korea when a baby turns one year old. At this birthday celebration, parents will hold a party that is thick with certain traditions and rituals. They will invite people to join in the celebration.

This traditional celebration has its roots in the 18th century. The background is the same as the one hundred day anniversary at that time Korea was still in an appalling situation. Special Birthday Dishes Korea in the 18th century was a country with a low fertility rate and a high infant mortality rate.

Therefore, having a baby who makes it to the age of one year is a blessing that should be celebrated and grateful for. The form of gratitude is to celebrate a party and hope that the baby will continue to live a long and healthy life.

At this celebration, babies will be dressed in a hanbok complete with a traditional hogeon hat . There is a special celebration in Doljanchi called Doljabi. Doljabi is a tradition where the baby will be given a table on which there are several objects.

The baby is then directed to choose the object in front of him. The baby’s choice of objects is a prediction of the baby’s future. The objects used in doljabi are usually money, books, and other objects that reflect the profession.

This birthday tradition reminds us of the Tedak Sinten tradition in Java. The community holds a similar ceremony for their one year old baby. In this tradition, babies in Java are given certain objects that mean a prediction of the baby’s future, similar to the Doljanchi tradition .

3. 60th Birthday (환갑)

Before the invention of modern medicine, a person who could reach the age of 60 years was considered an extraordinary achievement in the human life span. When a person can pass the age of 60-61 years, the achievement should be celebrated with a proper feast in the house where he was born.

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Celebrating the 60th birthday is usually done by taking a vacation with a large family. They will gather together, eat traditional food and travel together as a form of gratitude for the long life that has been bestowed on him.

4. 70 (칠손) and 80 (팔손) birthdays

If the age of 60 is a good achievement Special Birthday Dishes in Korea life, the age of 70 and 80 is even better. This birthday celebration was made even more festive. The heart of the celebration is a large traditional celebration in a hall.

Close relatives, relatives, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and relatives are invited to celebrate the person’s birthday. They would gather in the hall and celebrate the special day together. In this celebration, everyone wears hanbok.

A variety of traditional dishes are served. Usually people present at the event gift wine to the birthday person.

Korean Birthday Specials
Speaking of birthday celebrations, the most important thing in this special celebration is the food. Special Birthday Dishes in Korea, birthday dishes are not just a dish to welcome guests or complete the event.

More than that, a special birthday dish has its own meaning which contains a prayer addressed to the birthday person. What are the special dishes? Let’s take a peek at the article below.

1. Seaweed Soup (미역국)

Seaweed soup is a must-have dish Special Birthday Dishes in Korea birthday traditions. Therefore, seaweed soup is also known as birthday soup.

This special dish is usually accompanied by the words “ ” which means thank you for being born into this world. Seaweed soup is a low-calorie soup, rich in iron and calcium and protein.

Warm soup is interpreted as proof that he is a person who is loved and valuable to those around him. It is so important, if someone forgets to make seaweed soup, the birthday person will be disappointed even though he doesn’t really like seaweed.

This tradition that has been going on since the days of the Goryeo dynasty also states that eating seaweed soup on a birthday means a tribute to the love of the mother who eats this soup after giving birth.

2. Japchae (잡채)

Japchae is a Korean dish. This dish made from shoun noodles is a special treat. People serve Japchae on certain occasions, such as birthday celebrations, Chuseok, Seollal and also weddings.

Japchae is made by mixing shoun noodles with other ingredients such as vegetables, chicken or beef, and other ingredients. Finally, topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. This dish is not just a dish. Japchae is a dish that symbolizes longevity.

3. Rice Cake (떡)

There are various types of rice cakes served on certain occasions. One of them is a rice cake made from rice flour and red beans. This dish is a symbol to ward off evil spirits so that the birthday person stays healthy and lives a happy life.

In birthday celebrations for babies aged 100 days to adults aged 80 years, Rainbow rice cakes or are usually served. This multicolored rice cake is also called songpyeong .

The rice cakes will also be distributed to neighbors on either side of the house. This is believed to bring good luck to the person who distributes the rice cakes. In modern times like today, the shape and taste of rice cakes are becoming more diverse

Rice cakes are made more colorful, more varied in shape and filling. It aims to suit people’s tastes. Nowadays, instant rice cakes are widely available Special Birthday Dishes in Korean traditional markets and supermarkets. This makes it easier for families who want to hold a birthday party.

Interesting, huh? Celebrating a birthday is not just a celebration, but a thank you for the blessings and long life that has been given to the birthday person.

What other unique birthday traditions are usually held? Traditional birthday celebrations are usually full of meaning and best wishes. In addition, holding a birthday celebration and Special Birthday Dishes in Korea is also a manifestation of the affection of those around him. So, when is your birthday? Want to make seaweed soup, heavy cake or japchae too?


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