Cheap Shopping Places In Bangkok That Must Be Stopped By 2022

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Only in Bangkok you can shop for goods at low prices even in the mall. Bangkok is a shopping paradise for tourists from various countries. In fact, many Indonesians go to Bangkok to shop for clothes and accessories which will later be sold again in Indonesia.

For those of you who are going to Shopping Places in Bangkok for the first time and don’t know where the cheap Shopping Places in Bangkok are in the capital city of Thailand, we will provide a list of cheap shopping places in Bangkok. You can buy good things without spending extra money when you’re in Bangkok.

1. Sukhumvit Road

Sukhumvit Road is a quite lively and famous night market Shopping Places in Bangkok. Like night markets in Indonesia, on Sukhumvit Road you can buy clothes, bags, food and all kinds of things you need.

Unfortunately, vendors on Sukhumvit Road often overcharge goods, especially if they know that you are a tourist from another country. However, you don’t need to worry because you can bid on the prices of goods sold up to 3 times cheaper here.

2. Chinatown – Yaowarat Road

Cheap Shopping Places in Bangkok, the first of which have also been discussed by we in tourist attractions that must be visited while in Bangkok . Is Chinatown which is a Chinatown area on Yaowarat Road. Here, you can have a culinary tour as well as shopping.

There are a number of shops selling clothes, antiques and other knick-knacks at reduced prices. However, the condition for you to get a low price when Shopping in Chinatown is to be friendly to win over the seller, then you can ask for a discount. Being in Bangkok’s Chinatown will make you feel like you’re in China.

3. Chatuchak Weekend Market

As the name implies, this market is only open on weekends, namely Saturday and Sunday. Chatuchak Weekend Market is claimed to be the biggest cheap Shopping Places in Bangkok/shopping place in Thailand. In this place, you can shop for souvenirs of various types, ranging from clothes, bags, accessories, to food.

The prices of the items sold here are very friendly so they won’t break your wallet. When you buy in large quantities, you can offer the seller a discount. Satisfy your cheap Shopping Places in Bangkok desires by walking around this 11-hectare market.

4. Asian The Riverfront

Bangkok is indeed famous for its cheap Shopping Places in Bangkok. However, it is not only cheap, but this cheap shopping place in Bangkok is also unique because it is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Is Asiatique The Riverfront which is a night market that sells a variety of food and goods at economical prices.

The market, which opens at 17:00 local time, is in a strategic location, namely in the middle of the city. So, if your accommodation is in the city center, then at night you can visit Asiatique The Riverfront. This is a great night market away from the grungy vibe.

5. Khao San Road

Are you planning to take a vacation to Bangkok as a backpacker ? If so, you should stop by Khao San Road and mingle with backpackers from various countries who also visit this cheap Shopping Places in Bangkok. Along Khao San Road it looks more like a traditional market.

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After being satisfied with tasting Thai food at Khao San Road, you can continue shopping for souvenirs or personal needs. Regarding the price, you don’t need to worry, because the price of goods here is very cheap Shopping Places in Bangkok. Especially if you are good at bargaining. You can bring home the items you want at prices that are certainly friendly to your wallet.

6. The Platinum Mall

As Keluyuran said at the beginning, only in Bangkok you can shop for cheap things at the mall. Of course this is very fun, because you can shop in a comfortable Shopping Places in Bangkok at an economical price.

The Platinum Mall is a shopping center that sells various clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and other products at low prices. On the 5th floor of The Platinum Mall, you can also find various kinds of needs at wholesale prices.

The inside of the mall in the Pratunam area is laid out very neatly, so that buyers can easily find shops that sell the items they need.

7. Pantip Plaza

After shopping at The Platinum Mall, you can also visit Pantip Plaza which is next to it. This place is the same as ITC Roxy Mas in Jakarta which sells various kinds of gadgets .

Are gadget prices at Pantip Plaza cheaper? Yes, just like when we were at ITC Roxy Mas, we have to shop around to find shops that offer lower prices. When your cellphone is lost or you suddenly want to change to a new cellphone while on vacation in Thailand, come to Pantip Plaza immediately to find gadgets at the lowest prices.

8. Pratunam Market

Still in the same area as The Platinum Mall, you only need to cross from The Platinum Mall to get to this cheap Shopping Places in Bangkok.

Pratunam Market is a market that is open 24 hours and sells clothes. In fact, many boutique owners or online clothing stores in Indonesia buy clothes wholesale at Pratunam Market for resale in Indonesia.

9. MBK Center

From the outside, the architecture of the MBK (Mah Boon Krong) Center looks very grand. Maybe you don’t think that a mall as grand as this sells goods at such low prices.

In fact, here you can hunt for souvenirs or personal needs at very friendly prices. This 8-storey mall is a shopping paradise for Thai goods that are economical. When else can you shop cheaply in a convenient Shopping Places in Bangkok if not at this MBK Center?

10. Amarin Plaza

When you’re done shopping for clothes, maybe you want to look for other needs, such as cosmetics and cloth? So, visit Amarin Plaza, a shopping center which is famous for selling silk fabrics at lower prices than other places.

In this shopping center, you can find Thai brand cosmetics at affordable prices. Amarin Plaza is located on Ploenchit Road and it is a neat and modern looking mall.

Here are ten cheap shopping places in Bangkok that can satisfy your shopping desires. In these places you can get good stuff at economical prices. Come on, visit this cheap Shopping Places in Bangkok paradise when you are on vacation in Bangkok.


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