10 Clothes Winter On Vacation Korea

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10 Clothes Winter And Other Equipment For The 2022 Korean Holidays

10 Clothes Winter On Vacation Korea When on Vacation to Korea 2022, South Korea is a country located in East Asia and borders several countries such as North Korea, Japan, and China. The country is located in a subtropical area (subtropical climates in South Korea are Busan, Changwon, Geoje, Jeju, and Ulsan) and have four seasons, namely spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Among the four seasons, the most curious for many people who live in the tropics is the snowy winter, So tourists are required to bring clothes winter, And As one of the popular tourist destinations, South Korea has now been flooded with millions of tourists from various countries including Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries.

Clothing Preparation for Winter Vacation

Many Indonesians choose to vacation in South Korea during the Bring Clothes Winter season, which occurs from early December to early March. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Korea are Seoul with an average temperature of 5 to 2.5 °C in January and Jeju island with an average temperature of 2.5 °C in the same month. Then tourists must Bring Clothes Winter.

You need to know that winter is the driest time in South Korea. There Bring Clothes Winter, And you will often see the bright blue sky that will spoil your days. With snow piles in various parts of Korea, you can get a very valuable experience when visiting a KPOP country (in Indonesia you can actually see snow, but you have to climb to the top of the Jaya Wijaya mountains in Papua).

Prepare luggage, Bring Winter Clothing and winter gear when going to Korea in this season is very important. In order to stay comfortable and warm, you should at least wear several layers of clothing (inner, middle, and outer) including an insulated jacket, winter hat, and gloves. All parts of the body (except the face) must be covered with layers of clothing (Bring Winter Clothes) so that the cold air does not attack you.

Well, if you are ready to visit South Korea in the snowy season, then you need to know first what clothes to have in your suitcase. Example Like bring winter clothes.

For more details bring Clothes Winter When in Korea, Come on, see below!

1. Underwear

In order to keep your feet warm when walking outside, you need to use underwear such as leggings . Besides being comfortable and providing warmth when used, these pants are also able to absorb sweat and odors so that your outdoor activities continue to run well. These can be the second layer of underwear you wear in bring clothes winter.

2. T-shirt Bring Clothes Winter

Soft t-shirts are highly recommended for use in T-shirt Bring Clothes Winter in Korea. To keep other body parts such as wrists warm, you should bring a long-sleeved shirt. T-shirts can be used as the first layer of clothing, which will later be covered with sweater- like clothes . Use a shirt that you think is comfortable to use, yes.

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3. Sweater

Sweaters are clothes that you need to Bring Clothes to serve as the middle layer. Using insulated t-shirts and jackets is not enough to dispel cold air that enters the body. For that, bring some sweaters that are thick enough to make your body even warmer. Because later it will be covered with another layer of clothing, just bring an existing sweater (no need to bother thinking about the model and style).

4. Trousers

These trousers will be used as a layer of the underwear discussed in the first section. There are various types of trousers that you can wear in winter in Korea. We recommend that you use long pants that will not make your steps difficult.

Winter Outerwear

1. Insulated Jacket

Insulated jacket or insulated jacket ( hardshell type ) is very appropriate to use in Bring Clothes. This type of jacket offers an insulating layer that can warm your body. To keep your head warm, choose an insulated jacket with a hood (the majority of insulated jackets seem to have a head covering). There is also this type of jacket that is long to cover the calf.

2. Beanie Hat

These clothing accessories are useful for warming your head and ears from the biting cold air. There are various models of this hat, there are special men, women only, and unisex. So, choose the best and most comfortable beanie hat for you.

3. Scarf or Shawl

You need to Bring Clothes a scarf to protect your neck from cold air attacks so it doesn’t feel stiff. Even though the insulated jacket has covered the neck, air can still enter through the gaps. So, so that the entire upper body is completely covered (except the face), use a scarf when you are outdoors. Better to bring a scarf that is long and thick enough, yes.

4. Gloves

So that your hands are not cold and stiff when visiting Korea in winter, then you should prepare several pairs of special winter gloves. You can also buy special gloves that allow you to operate your smartphone screen without taking it off. The fingertips of this type of glove are usually made of silicone.

Bring Clothes Winter Footwear

1. Socks

To keep your feet dry and warm, put on socks before putting on your shoes. Choose socks with a material that is thick enough but still has good breathability . To keep your walks comfortable, you can buy some special socks that offer extra cushioning.

2. Shoes

You can choose the type of waterproof shoes to use in winter in Korea. Slip-on shoes made of thick and waterproof material are a good choice. If you want something that covers your feet more, you can use special winter boots (men and women).
Those are some winter clothes and accessories that you need to prepare before visiting Korea (and to other four seasons countries). You can choose the winter clothing model that suits you. The key to having a good day while you’re there is to wear layers of clothing.

At least you need to wear three layers of clothing to keep your body warm when you are outside with temperatures below freezing. Use clothes with soft materials and thick enough so that cold air does not enter your skin. Odor-resistant clothing materials are recommended so that you stay comfortable for longer.


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