Condominiums & Apartments in 2022: Understand the Clear Difference

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Get to know the Condominiums & Apartments

Watermark friends, what do you think of the word Apartments and Condominiums? Would you associate the word with an apartments? Or do you mean it’s just a different term for an apartment but the building is the same? Well, maybe the term condominium is not so popular in Indonesian. Generally speaking, this term is used more abroad.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many high-end property developers in the city are competing to build both landed houses or what are known as Landed Houses or vertical dwellings or better known as Apartments or Condominiums (Suites).

The differences about Condominiums and Apartments

Vertical dwellings which are often called apartments or condominiums (suites) are mushrooming in big cities, including Makassar City. As we know Makassar is the largest city after Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung. No wonder many Top National developers are looking at Makassar city to build property.

Back to vertical housing, we often hear the words Apartments and Condos. Actually what is the difference between the two terms? Condo comes from English, namely condominium. This word is a combination of the Latin words “con” which means together or joined and “dominium” or possession or control. Overall, this means a lot more about ownership.

The Literal Definition of Condominiums & Apartments

While an apartment is a residence whose building model is vertical like an apartments. So, Literally, the main difference lies in the emphasis. Condos are more about building rights, while apartments refer to physical buildings.

Despite the literal meaning above, there are actually many striking differences between the two buildings. Many developers distinguish between apartments and condominiums by looking at the facilities & specifications in the unit.

For example, from the number of units, for apartments, units can be more than 15 units per floor because there will be many units per tower (mass product). Generally, for apartment classes, a minimum of 450-500 units per tower or more are available. Apartment unit types vary from 18m2 to 70 meters. The unit specifications on the floor usually use ceramic or HT (Homogenous Tile).

An apartment basically refers to a state of vertical occupancy. So it doesn’t refer to the type of building. In contrast with dwellings that are directly related to residential forms, such as country houses, townhouses, townhouses, etc. At the same time, an apartment has a narrower meaning than the building’s ownership status under the law.

Comparison of Condominiums & Apartments

If we compare, there are several things that differentiate apartmens and condominiums. We’ve heard and understood some of these differences many times, but we always generalize all luxury residential buildings with towers as apartments. Below are some of the differences between the two, highlighted by similar aspects.

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Difference points



Ownership status A condominium is a vertical residence with a state of full ownership. This means that the owner already owns full rights to the apartment. This may be because the installments have been paid, or the owner has complete correspondence and important documents regarding the title of the apartment. A dwelling is the period of time someone rents a dwelling to the original owner. For example, if you rent a unit in a specific high-rise building, it’s called an apartment.
Building Shape The shape of the apartment building is actually similar to that of an apartment, i.e. the upward vertical tower. Apartments are also equipped with amenities for the enjoyment of apartment residents. Most apartments consist of only 2-3 towers. Unlike condos which consist of only 2-3 towers, condos have more than 3 towers so they form a gated community. Generally speaking, apartments are also larger, with up to ten floors.
Building Management Administration usually consists of two options. In the first scenario, building management is managed and managed by the residents, and in the second scenario, the building is managed. Condominiums may be very familiar in foreign countries such as the United States, but housing authorities in Indonesia are more familiar with the housing system. The management of apartment buildings is usually managed and monitored by the building management department. Management means the PT or developer who manages the building.
Maintenance activities Repairs to the apartments fell into the hands of residents. Therefore, if there are damages and other obstacles, the occupants must fix the problem. For example, clogged toilets, windows that need cleaning, electrical issues, etc. In condos, residents can often contact property management if damage or other problems occur.

 Advantages of Condominiums Living

Similar to other forms of ownership or living, condos have their own advantages. Here are some of the benefits of your condo, let’s take a look.

The Location is Strategic

Friends, when you travel to a place with an apartment, you find the apartment in a strategic area. The apartment has a location advantage as it is close to various public facilities. This later became a benefit of apartment living, so many people. Especially city dwellers, took notice.

Highly Effective For People Who Have a High Level of Mobility

For those with limited mobility, this type of home is perfect for you. You work downtown and need to be back the next morning, so you don’t need hours to get to the office. Its strategic location is of course easily traversable by public transport and has well-designed walkways.

Housing is Far From Noise

For those who want to avoid noise or noisy neighbors and other people, you might consider living in an apartment. This is because the apartment prioritizes privacy and no neighbors will disturb you.

Disadvantages of Apartments

Like any other type of property, this property has its downsides. You need to understand these things that are missing from the upfront purchase decision of the equipment on offer.

The Cost of Maintenance is Higher Than For An Ordinary Home

Apartments are generally more expensive to maintain than country homes. This is often the main consideration before buying a vertical home.

It Does Not Provides A Large Garden

It’s no secret that condos and condos don’t have enough land for gardens. If you want to garden in a vertical home, the last option is to use pots or create your vertical garden.

The Space and Activities Available to You Are Limited

Also, when you live in an apartment, you feel like your space is limited. Unlike living in a country house, it allows you to have a larger area to roam and connect with the surrounding community.


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