Exciting Winter Tourist Spots in Japan

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Exciting Winter Tourist Spots in Japan

Exciting Winter Tourist Spots in Japan, Japan has now become a favorite country for Indonesian tourists to visit. There are many reasons why it is worth a visit. You must have too, right?

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Some of the reasons include cultural diversity, natural beauty, artificial tourist parks, and winter. Winter? Yes, Japan has winter which automatically makes it snow. Meanwhile in Indonesia, there are only two seasons.

Do you want to take a winter vacation there? If you want or have plans, we recommend visiting these 10 winter tours in Japan. Of the many activities, Leisure has summarized it for you.

1. Sapporo Snow Festival

One place that you must visit during winter in Japan is Sapporo . This small town in Hokkaido has a seasonal festival called the Sapporo Snow Festival. This winter festival which lasts for 7 full days. Not only that, the festival is not centered on one point. Rather it is spread over several points.

This annual event is the largest in Japan. It has been held regularly since 1950.

One of the most famous is the many statues and other objects built from ice. The sizes range from the smallest to the largest. You will be amazed by the details of the masterpiece. The sculptures were then competed. The makers not only come from Japan, but come from various countries.

The best point for you to be satisfied with this festival is the Sapporo TV Tower which is located east of Odori park. This place will be open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Japan time. To enter, you will be charged an entrance ticket of 720 yen per person.

In addition to the sculpture exhibition, you can also enjoy a number of culinary, handicrafts, and others that are sold there. To enjoy it, this festival is usually held in the first two weeks of February.

2. Shirakawa-Go

After the winter festival in Sapporo, you can visit Shirakawa Go. This is a place located in Shirakawa Village. The place is in the mountains and is located in the stream of the Shogawa valley. This place is the one with the most snowfall in the country of Sakura.

If Sapporo has ice sculptures, here you will enjoy an amazing view of the village. The houses of local residents who are still in the form of traditional houses or called gassho-zukuri are the main attraction. He said the houses there had survived for more than 100 years. Some even say there is a 4 century old house.

Gassho-zukuri itself has a tapered roof shape, with a high degree of slope and has a large size. The slope was deliberately made to withstand heavy snow so as not to damage the roof. Usually, the Japanese will replace the roof within 20 years.

When visiting there, there are several activities that you can do. Starting from staying overnight, bathing in hot springs at the Onsen, and going around the village.

So unique and considered a culture, Shirakawa Go has been recognized by UNESCO so that gassho-zukuri continues to be maintained and preserved.

3. Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort

Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort is the perfect place for those of you who want to try skiing. Yuzawa has a height of about 1,181 meters above sea level. Even though it’s high, you don’t have to worry about reaching the top, there is a cable car that connects directly to the station below.

To ski, you will be charged a rate of approximately 550 thousand for adults. As for the children, the price is half of that. The fee includes the cost of a gondola ride to the top of the mountain.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding , you can soak in hot spring baths and explore the mountain area. Just don’t come later than 5 pm, okay? Yuzawa operates from 8am to 5pm.

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4. Niseko

Niseko is located on the island of Hokkaido. This place is often visited by tourists during winter. The attraction is skiing, hot baths, and stunning natural scenery. Especially at the Oyonuma hot spring lake.

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For skiing, you can go to Niseko Gramd Hirafu Ski. This resort is the biggest there. The entrance ticket is quite expensive. You have to pay 4,700 yen or approximately 600 thousand rupiah for 8 hours. That does not include ski equipment and gondola tickets.

5. Takaragawa Onsenkaku

When winter comes, what’s more delicious than a hot bath. Onsen or hot springs in Japan can be found in various places. One of them is Takaragawa Onsenkaku. The difference from other places, here you will soak in hot water in an open space. So, the scenery around you is snowy nature.

In addition, at Takaragawa Onsenkaku, you will have an extraordinary experience. When you first arrive, you are treated to a welcome drink , then served breakfast with a choice of authentic Japanese or western food . You can also stay there, there are rooms provided with traditional Japanese designs complete with various kinds of furniture.

Among them, here you can choose to use a mixed or separate onsen. So for those of you who are on vacation with your partner, you can choose a mix.

6. Shiga Kogen

Shiga Kogen Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Japan, even in the world list. Here there are 21 resorts that are in one broad scope. So vast, it will take you two days to get around Shiga Kogen. This place is also flanked by two very beautiful mountains with a height of 2000 meters.

The price of admission to Shiga Kogen is 4800 yen or around 600 thousand rupiah, including all activities that can be done there. If you are tired of skiing and snowboarding , the other thing to do is fishing. There are several small lakes that can be used as a place to spend your time.

After tired of playing there and lazy to go home, you can stay overnight. There are many hotels, with very complete facilities.

7. Shiretoko, Hokkaido

Back to Hokkaido Island. You can visit Shiretoko. On a winter vacation there you can enjoy the charm of the surrounding nature. One of my favorite spots is the Shiretoko Peninsula. Here you will enjoy the beach covered in ice and drifting snow.

In addition, you can also sail using a ship on the sea. Each cruise will take one hour.

8. Monster Mountain Zao

Snow monsters are always depicted as tall and hairy creatures. The monster is of course not real. But in Japan, on Mount Zao in Yagama Prefecture, there is a snow monster named Juhyo.

Can you imagine how the monster is? As it turned out, the mountain monster was just a phenomenon that arose as a result of an extreme winter storm. This is because the Zao Mountains are one of the areas that cold winds pass from the Siberian plains.

A continuous blizzard will cover all the trees in the Zao Mountains. When that happened, the trees there were covered with snow and formed like monsters.

9. Kamakura Festival

The Kamakura Festival is the most famous winter festival in Akita Prefecture. Usually held in the peak of winter or in the middle of February. Here, you can see snow houses typical of the Eskimo tribe. In Japanese, the house is called Kamakura.

Kamakura was built in the area of ​​Kamakurakan Hall, Minami Elementary School, and also in the grounds of Yokote Castle. The festival is held around 6 pm to 9 pm Japanese time.

Kamakura sizes vary. Some are big so that adults can enter, but there are also mini ones. Small houses are usually only used as decorations in the form of lamp illumination. Some of the small children there will invite tourists to enter the house that is considered theirs. After that, they will also give you baked amazake and mochi cake.

Apart from being a tourist attraction, the Kamakura Festival is also used by Japanese people to pray for a bountiful harvest, family health, business success, and success in school.

10. Jigokudani Mountain Monkey Park

This Monkey Park is well known and familiar to tourists. Even for Indonesian tourists. It is located in the mountainous interior of Yamanouchi, Nagano. The thing that makes this place unique is the many monkeys that soak in the hot spring pool. This is probably the only place like it in the world.

To get there, you have to walk through a steep incline for 2 kilometers. This is not due to the absence of vehicles, but usually heavy snow covers the access road. Once there, you don’t have to worry about the monkeys. Because, they are tame and familiar with humans.

How? Already interested in a winter vacation in Japan? Considering the temperature difference and the weather being quite extreme in winter, don’t forget to bring winter gear to keep your body warm, OK! If you visit Japan in spring , check out this article on spring attractions in Japan .

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