Wow 10 Latest Extreme Culinary From South Korea

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Extreme Culinary, South Korea is very famous for the originator of boybands and girlbands. Not even a few people flock to South Korea just for their favorite artist. However, it would be a shame if you go to South Korea without tasting extreme culinary delights that may not even exist in your country.

South Korea has a variety of special and unique foods such as kimchi, kimbab, bibimbap, tteokboki, and others. Many people are not familiar with these foods. but, do you know about the following unique and extreme Culinary specialties from South Korea? One of the things that attracts attention is the food that is processed from unusual ingredients, or the unique presentation process.

Curious What These Extreme Culinary Foods Are? Check Out The Explanation Below!

1. Extreme Culinary In Gejang

Everyone loves crab-based food. However, have you ever eaten live crabs? If you’re curious about how live crab tastes like, then you should try this South Korean specialty, Gejang.

Gejang is a special food that is very unique but also extreme. The reason is, the basic ingredients of this food are raw crabs, aka crabs that are still alive. The crabs served are baby crabs, so you don’t have to worry about the shells, because you can eat the soft shells of the baby crabs.

How to serve Gejang is quite easy, only added with a special sauce and pieces of chili and other spices. According to people who have tasted this dish, the taste of Gejang according to them is naturally sweet.

2. Gaebul Extreme Culinary

extreme culinary Gaebul is a typical South Korean food. Besides being unique, this food is also quite unique and extreme to eat. Gaebul is a spoon worm. Many South Koreans like this food and eat it raw, you know. However, there are also those that are cooked first.

According to people who have tasted this culinary, the worms eaten don’t smell fishy, ​​even the meat tastes soft and savory. Most people would probably be amused to see it. Are you one of the amused or daring?

3. Haejangguk

Haejangguk is beef blood soup. extreme culinary In the past in South Korea, this food was useful to wake up from excessive drunkenness due to drinking sul (South Korean liquor). However, along with the times, this food is finally popular for food served at night.

The Haejangguk recipe was first written during the Joseon dynasty in the 1600s under the name Seongjutang. How to cook haejangguk also varies depending on each region.

In Seoul, people add this beef blood soup with beef bones, Chinese cabbage, and don’t forget the basic ingredient, which is fresh blood. It’s different if you’re in Jeonju, this dish will be served with sprouts, broth, and eggs.

If you are on vacation or visiting Uljin and want to taste haejangguk, then you will be served haejangguk with the addition of fresh squid which is cut into thin slices like noodles, seasoned and eaten with cold gravy and ice cubes, so that it becomes cold haejangguk.

4. In Beon

Beondagi is another extreme specialty that comes extreme culinary from South Korea. Beondagi literally means cocoon or pupa in Korean. This food is more directed to the type of South Korean-style snacks or snacks.

From the name alone, Beondagi, which has previously been explained, means cocoon. This is a food with the basic ingredients of silkworm larvae. How to cook beondagi is quite easy, you just need to steam it or just boil it.

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Beondagi is very popular among the people extreme culinary of South Korea, usually Korean people will peddle this food on the side of the road while served with soju, a Korean alcoholic drink. Because of its popularity, beondagi even has ready-to-eat cans. How, you are interested in trying this one extreme food?

5. Sundae

If you think Sundae is the dessert we usually eat, you are wrong. Because this typical extreme culinary South Korean sundae has nothing to do with the dessert we are used to. Sundae is one of the popular foods in South Korea made from beef intestine.

For those of you who are halal food hunters in Korea, you should avoid this one menu because the intestines of cows are usually filled with pork blood, vermicelli, but some are filled with squid. This food is processed by boiling or steaming. According to Koreans, if you visit this country of ginseng, you must taste the sundaes.

6. Bosintang extreme culinary

Are you a dog lover? Maybe if you are a dog lover, you don’t want to eat this one food. However, if you like extreme culinary cuisine, you need to try this one dish.

Bosintang is a type of extreme culinary Korean soup made from dog meat. South Koreans believe that Bosintang is a food that can nourish the body. This soup is believed to increase stamina, strengthen five vital organs, nourish the digestive system, and warm the waist and knees.

The dog meat used in this soup is a dog that is specially bred for consumption, not the pet dog that we know so far. In fact, to eat this dish there is a special time, you know, namely Dog Day in the 6th month of the Korean calendar. However, if you want to consume other than the special day that is also possible. The special day is just a Korean tradition.

Those are some extreme, distinctive, and very unique cuisines and foods that exist extreme culinary in South Korea. Do you feel challenged to eat this extreme dish from the country of ginseng?

7. Soondae, a very popular South Korean blood sausage

Blood is a part of animals that is rarely used as a basic ingredient in cooking, especially in countries with a majority Muslim population. But in Korea, the case is quite different. There is a black sausage-shaped dish that is often a favorite in various restaurants. Her name is Soondae.

Soondae made from beef or pork blood served as a side dish of rice or eaten alone. This dish also often appears in Korean dramas and mukbang content, you know! Interested in trying?

8. Seonjiguk, the blood soup that becomes a favorite during hangovers

Besides being processed into sausages, in Korea, blood can also be processed into soup. As we know, drinking alcohol has become a part of Korean tradition and culture.

Some foods that can be chosen to relieve hangovers after consuming alcohol are seonjiguk. This dish is usually chosen to relieve the effects of dizziness and nausea after consuming alcoholic beverages such as soju.

9. Yukhoe, raw meat with Korean spices and sliced ​​pears

In English, Yukhoe is often referred to as beef tartare. Although somewhat extreme and strange, apparently this dish is quite popular in South Korea. Yukhoe is raw meat (usually beef or horse) that is given Korean spices such as sesame oil, pepper, salt, and others. And to add freshness to the taste, pieces of pear are also included to be eaten together. Then, on top of the finished yukhoe, put the egg yolks and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

Despite the fact that yukhoe is meat that is served raw, it is quite popular for its delicious and fresh taste. You may have to add yukhoe as a must-try Korean food when visiting the Ginseng Country!

10.Boshintang, a controversial dog meat-based dish

Boshintang, a soup made from dog meat, is one of the most debated foods in South Korea. This is related to the status of dog meat consumption.

This dish is quite extreme and unusual because it uses the meat of animals that are widely used as pets. But now, the South Korean government has officially issued a ban on eating dog meat.

Well, those were some typical South Korean foods that are fairly extreme. From the dishes above, which one would you like to try?


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