Famous Buildings In Singapore

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Famous Buildings In Singapore

Discover the enchanting and magical charm of Singapore. Don’t blink, because you might miss the wonders of an ever-changing island nation with a variety of futuristic architectural displays, historical nuances, and a plethora of natural beauty to behold. As the sun sets in a burst of warm hues, the night comes alive in a masterpiece that radiates bright light, vibrant nightlife and impressive city views. Explore the bustling streets and every nook and cranny of Singapore, and discover the city’s hidden treasures, such as quaint cafes, fine restaurants, street food vendors and historic buildings. Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. As the horizon of the future, Singapore is a treasure trove of architectural wonders where ancient wonders stand side by side with the sophisticated designs of modern buildings creating a unique and captivating skyline. Read on to find out what famous landmarks in Singapore you should add to your holiday list.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is one of Singapore’s most iconic hotels and towers over this fast-paced city. The hotel offers the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool with unrivaled views of the Singapore skyline. The best time to visit this place is at night, where you can gaze at the glittering skyscrapers and bright city lights. There is a luxurious poolside lounge where you can relax while sipping a glass of champagne. Marina Bay Sands is an entertainment hub in itself. The hotel offers a variety of luxury retail options for those of you who like shopping, enjoying musicals at the Sands Theatre, or admiring the great outdoors .at the Event Plaza. There is something for everyone and every age here, and even children can enjoy time at the ArtScience Museum which is host to a myriad of exhibits.

2. ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum harmoniously blends art and science and is home to an ever-changing series of exhibits. Dive into the amazing underwater world and discover the treasures of the sea by visiting the exhibition “ The Deep ”. History buffs can enjoy “ The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World ”. The design of this museum is a blend of sophisticated and meticulous design that symbolizes the warmth of a Singaporean hand that welcomes with 10 fingers. Each of the 20 fingers refracts natural light into the building. The museum houses 21 galleries spread over 3 floors.

3. Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay

Be mesmerized by the splendor of the Esplanade which is a world-class performance center and home to more than 3000 shows every year. The Esplanade hosts a myriad of dance, music, and theater performances as well as visual arts exhibitions and more. The Esplanade is decorated with 7000 triangular aluminum dark glass and is in the shape of two round glass domes. The locals nicknamed this amazing building “Durian” because it is said to resemble the fruit. There is a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and shops on the Esplanade that tourists can also visit.

4. National Gallery

Admire modern modern art collections and learn about the art world in Singapore and Southeast Asia with a visit to the National Gallery. The National Gallery opens its doors to visitors of all ages. The gallery is housed in two national monuments namely the former Supreme Court and City Hall. The National Gallery is a celebration of Singapore’s rich cultural heritage and geographical location.

5. Interlace

Marvel at the architectural wonders of Interlace. Interlace are unique and artsy residential blocks. These apartment blocks are stacked randomly and are unusual but interesting to look at. Some of the apartments in this block feature rooftop gardens, sky terraces and balconies with pretty terraces. The building is situated on top of a hill and is surrounded by an unspoiled feel. Within Interlace, there are little pockets of paradise that offer gorgeous outdoor courtyards like Spa Valley with its spa pool lagoon, waterfall cave, massage pool, and more. However, this is a privately owned area, so only those of you who have friends or family living in this apartment can enter the building for a closer look.

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6. Victoria Theater and Concert Hall

This architectural splendor goes down in history and is one of the oldest buildings in Singapore. Founded in 1862, the Victoria Theater and Concert Hall is home to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and spectacular performances. The essence of the past is captured in the design and decoration of this building, and you will be transported into the feel of the old world charm of this building from the moment you first set foot.

7. Sri Mariamman Kuil Temple

Located in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown district , lies the gem of the Sri Mariamman Temple. This temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore and is full of charm and character. The Sri Mariamman Temple features exquisite colors and an intricately carved 6-story tower. The essence of the exterior design continues to the interior design which is also colorful with the walls and ceiling decorated with bright paintings.

8. Cathedral of St. Andrew

Step back in time and discover the architectural beauty of St. Cathedral. Andrew which is the largest cathedral in Singapore. St. Cathedral Andrew features elaborate colonial architecture and relics and was used as a makeshift hospital during World War II. Stroll through the halls of this landmark that is both a celebration of the past and a memorial to the lives lost in war.

9. Chijmes

Enjoy timeless charm when you visit the neoclassical wonders of Chijmes. The charm of this landmark is revealed in its well-manicured gardens, marble waterfalls and picturesque courtyards. There is a choice of restaurants and cafes in Chijmes to visit. Chijmes is an oasis of peace and a tribute to the capital’s beautiful architecture at the top of each column of its chapel, each one uniquely depicting a tropical bird or flower. Formerly an orphanage, it is now home to one of the most sought-after nightlife spots by locals and tourists alike.

10. Fullerton Hotel

Admire the extraordinary beauty of the iconic Fullerton Hotel. The sheer splendor of this National Monument is a sight to behold and will bring you closer to the heart of Singapore’s heritage. Built in 1928, Fullerton Hotel is a grand neoclassical landmark that was once home to the Singapore General Post Office, Exchange Room , Singapore Prestigious Club and Exchange Reference Library . This building goes down in history and has been transformed into a stunning hotel with 400 luxurious rooms. Combine history and luxury with a visit and stay at the Fullerton Hotel.

Singapore’s beauty

Explore the beauty of Singapore revealed in the splendor of this incredible world’s skyline, complemented by its traditional buildings and its own unique charm, it’s like walking through a time tunnel.


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