11 Famous Crash Landing on You Filming Locations

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11 Famous Crash Landing on You Filming Locations

11 Famous Crash Landing on You Filming Locations, The drama, starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin , has successfully won so many fans that the filming location for Crash Landing on You has been offered by several South Korean travel agents . Want to know where to shoot Crash Landing on You Filming Locations ? Check out the list of locations below!

1. Grandhotel Giessbach

Address: Grandhotel Giessbach, CH-3855 Brienz, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0) 33952 25 25

One of the shooting locations for Crash Landing on You was the Grandhotel Giessbach. In episode 5 of Crash Landing on You Hotel it appears as Ri Jeong-hyeok’s (Hyun Bin) music school in Switzerland. In episode 7, Seo Dan (Seo Ji-hye) visits Ri Jeong-hyeok, her fiancé.

Grandhotel Giessbach is a four-star hotel located on Lake Brienz, Switzerland, in Brienz, in the Bern region. The hotel was built in about 1873-74 for the Hauser family of Zurich who was one of the great dynasties of the Swiss hotel trade.

This hotel was designed by Frenchman Horace Edouard Davinet. In 1879 the hotel opened the cable car which is now the oldest and still functioning in Switzerland, the Giessbach Cable Car or Giessbach Bahn.

Prior to World War I, the Grandhotel Giessbach had become a meeting place for the upper class, namely emperors and kings, statesmen, diplomats and renowned artists. They spend the summer here.

The hotel was closed in 1979 during two wars and changes in the tourism trade. In November 1983, the internationally renowned Swiss ecologist Franz Weber purchased the hotel and placed it under protection.

Today it is also a Swiss Historic Hotel. For the night, you can choose between a lake view or a view of ‘Giessbach Falls’ which was also seen in the drama Crash Landing on You .

2. Taean Film Set

Address: 3741-119 Anmyeon-daero, Gonam-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
Remember where Captain Ri lives in North Korea? This quiet village turned out to be an artificial setting. The shooting location of Crash Landing On You is named Taean which is a film set made for the drama Crash Landing On You Filming Locations .

Visitors who have been to the filming location for this film mentioned that Taean is located a few steps north of the Mokseokwon Parking Lot which is the Moseokwon parking lot in Jangguk village, in the Taean area.

Taean is in Gonam Township about 4 hours by public transport south of Seoul and half an hour by public transport from Victoria Pension. It is said that this filming location is free to access and will be removed once the drama is over.

3. House Kaiserstuhl-Buerglen, Swiss

Alamat: Mülifluestrasse 11, 6078 Kaiserstuhl-Bürglen
Phone: +41 41 310 13 13

Remember the scene in the Filming Locations last episode when Captain Ri finally reunited with Se-ri? At the end of episode 16 of Crash Landing on You , Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) waits for Ri Jeong-hyuk at their home in Switzerland.

They spend time together in the meadows that offer beautiful views of Lake Lungern. This private house is located in the Swiss village of Kaiserstuhl-Bürglen. The village consists of several houses, chapels, hotels, former school buildings, public baths by the beach.

There are also several piers here. It is located at the northeast end of the shore of Lake Lungern in Lungern in the Filming Locations Obwalden region of Switzerland.

4. Jungangtap Park

Address: 112-28, Jungangtap-gil, Gageum-myeon, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
Opening hours: 24 hours
HTM: Free
Phone: +82 43-842-0532.

Overlooking the Namhangang River, the Filming Locations park has a seven-story stone pagoda called the “Jungangtap Tower”. Jungang means middle. The name is pinned on this place because it was built in the middle of the area which was then ruled by King Wonseong of the Silla Kingdom.

Here you will see gazebos, statues, fountains, museums, and hiking trails. Bikes are also available for rent from the nearby Chungju Tourism Center. The recent installation of a large shining moon statue attracted crowds and made it a photo op.

5. Pulau Binae

Address: Chungju, Chungbuk, South Korea
It was told in episode 6 of Se-ri and Captain Ri’s friends had a picnic at this place Filming Locations. Actually this is a camping ground. It measures about 138 times the size of a football field, and is filled with thick reeds.

Even before appearing in dramas, this place had become a place visited by many people who camped outside the car. Want to try to revive the atmosphere of the drama Crash Landing on You Filming Locations ? You can rent a car and come with your friends here.

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6. Hantangang Sky Bridge

Address: 207 Bidulginang-gil, Yeongbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
In episode 13 of the drama Crash Landing on You Filming Locations, Captain Ri is reminiscing about a memory in Switzerland when he asks a woman who seems troubled to take a photo of him and Seo Dan.

The actual location of this episode is at Hantangang Sky Bridge in Pochen. This bridge overlooks a beautiful natural landscape with lush trees and a river flowing under it. This bridge is a 200m long skywalk built 50m above the ground.

Below it is the Hantan River Gorge. Opened on May 13, 2018, the bridge is Filming Locations in Daehoesan village, in Yeongbuk Pocheon City, Gyeonggi Province. Just a few steps from Bidulginang Waterfall which is located in the same area.

7. Binhaewon Chinese Restaurant

Address: 57 Dongnyeong-gil, Jangmi-dong, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
Opening hours: Daily, 10.30 – 21.00
Phone: +82 63-445-2429

This restaurant has been around for a long time. Opened in the 1950s, Binhaewon looks charming with its traditional interiors and decorations, complete with colorful lamps and wooden chairs. It has even become an officially registered cultural heritage site.

In episodes 11 and 12, Jeong-hyuk confronts a large group of gangsters. Se-ri purposely bought the restaurant at the request of the tenants to find Jo Cheol-kang. In fact, this restaurant has also appeared in iconic Korean films.

This restaurant was once the shooting location for the films “Tazza: The High Rollers” and “Man in Love” which are both iconic Korean films. Come early for some jjajangmyeon, jjamppong or tangsuyuk.

8. Mirinae Shrine

Address: 141 Misan-ri, Yangseong-myeon, Anseong, Gyeonggi-do
HTM: Free
Phone: +82-31-674-1256

In episode 2 of Crash Landing on You Filming Locations, two people came to this church to pray for Yoon Se-ri. Meanwhile, her brother-in-law, Do Hye-ji (Hwang Woo Seul-hye), hopes that Se-ri remains lost so that her husband can inherit the family company.

Se-Ri’s secretary’s best friend, Mr. Hong (Ko Kyu-Pil) comes and prays at the same time that Se-Ri is found as soon as possible so that he can secure the big business deal he has signed with him.

The Shrine of Mirinae or Shrine Grounds of Mirinae is a Catholic complex with three churches. One of the churches is 103 Korean Martyrs Memorial Cathedral St. Mirinae and the others are Mirinae Catholic Church.

In the Korean drama St Filming Locations. Mirinae is usually visible in the interior, while in Mirinae Catholic Church usually only the exterior appears. The complex is located in the northern part of Misan village in Yangseong Anseong area, about 3 hours south of Seoul by public transportation.

9. BBQ Olive Chicken

Address: BBQ Chicken & Beer Asan Techno Valley Branch- Junganggongwon-ro 16, Dunpo-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Opening hours: 16.00 – 24.00
Phone: 041-533-9212

This fried chicken restaurant seems to have been famous since its appearance in the Filming Locations drama My Love from the Star in 2014. The Korean people’s fondness for eating fried chicken and cold beer called chimaek has increased the popularity of this restaurant so that it is present all over the world.

BBQ Olive Chicken sales increased by 100% after appearing in the drama Filming Locations. You must remember the scene of Captain Ri’s friends looking at this fried chicken from behind the door of this restaurant. There is also a scene where Captain Ri and Se-ri eat fried chicken delivered from this restaurant.

10. Byeolmaro Observatory, Yeongwol

Address: 154-3 Yeongheung-ri, Yeongwol-eup, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea
Opening hours: The observatory is open from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. in summer (May – August), and from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. in winter (September – April). Monday closed
HTM: Adults (ages 19 and over) 5,000 won / Groups (20 people or more) 4,000 won, Students (ages 6-18) 4,000 won / Groups (20 people or more) 3,000 won, Free – Visitors with disabilities and one assistant , children aged 6 and under
Phone: +82 33-374-7460

In the first episode of this drama, Yoon Se-ri will test a new product for Seri’s Choice by paragliding over the beautiful landscape in Seoul. He started his roller coaster adventure at Byeolmaro Observatory in Yeongwo.

This place Filming Locations is a planetarium on a hilltop that offers the most amazing views. However, there is no information regarding paragliding activities in this place.

11. Landing Stage Iseltwald, Danau Brienz

Address: Iseltwald, Berne District, Switzerland
In episode 3 of Crash Landing on You , Ri Jeong-hyeok recalled his times in Switzerland when he played the piano on this landing stage. This place is in the village of Iseltwald on the southern shore of Lake Brienz, Switzerland.

The filming location for Crash Landing on You is located right in front of the private Seepark Iseltwald residence and next to the Harbor Iseltwald boat stop which is served by the privately owned public transport company BLS.

The three-star Strandhotel Iseltwald am Brienzersee is Filming Locations right on the harbor, a 10-minute car ride from Interlaken. Isn’t it beautiful, the place Filming Locations? If you are a fan of the drama starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, you will definitely be interested in visiting the shooting location of Crash Landing on You .

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