Wow! That Must Be Check Food Prices Malaysia, And Travelers Need To Know 2022-2023

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food prices Malaysia is a tourist destination for some tourists from Indonesia. Although culturally not too different from Indonesia, Malaysia has its own charm to visit. Indonesians generally come to this neighboring country to see one of the tallest buildings in the world which is located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of food prices Malaysia.

The modern skyscraper is none other than the Petronas Twin Towers or the Petronas Twin Towers. Even though the title of the tallest building in the world currently belongs to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Petronas Twin Towers are still the tallest twin towers in the world today.

Apart from Kuala Lumpur or KL, Malaysia’s tourist destinations which are quite well-known among Indonesian tourists are Penang and Melaka. The two cities generally offer various historical and cultural tours of food prices Malaysia.

When on vacation to Malaysia, of course, don’t forget the local culinary delights there. Below, Keluyuran will discuss food prices Malaysia including local dishes. So, you can prepare the amount of money that must be spent when you want to buy these foods in Malaysia.

1. Asam Laksa Penang

If you are visiting Penang and want to taste spicy and refreshing food, then you can try the Penang Laksa.

The penang laksa itself consists of noodles or vermicelli served with a thick, sour-spicy sauce. Similar to nasi lemak, Penang Asam laksa also has different toppings such as mackerel, lettuce, cucumber, and chili.

Penang laksa acid is sold at a fairly affordable price. For only five ringgit (RM 5) or around IDR 17,000, you can get a delicious bowl of penang sour laksa. If spicy food is your thing then trying the penang asam laksa is a must.

As information for Muslim tourists, it’s best to first know the halalness of the penang sour laksa that you want to taste. That’s because this sour laksa penang is a blend of Chinese and Malay cuisine.

2. Fatty rice

One of the popular traditional food prices Malaysia is nasi lemak. Because this is a typical Malay food, nasi lemak can also be found in other countries such as Brunei, Singapore, and of course Indonesia (Sumatra). In many areas in Indonesia, of course, we know similar dishes with different names and slight differences.

Nasi lemak is rice cooked with coconut milk to produce a savory taste. Pandan leaves are also sometimes added to nasi lemak so that the aroma is fragrant and appetizing. It doesn’t stop here, Nasi Lemak is served with a variety of toppings such as eggs (boiled or fried), chicken, various vegetables, chili sauce, and others.

You can find nasi lemak sellers easily in various parts of Kuala Lumpur and also food prices Malaysia. The price also varies depending on what type of nasi lemak you want to order (usually the price depends on the toppings).

From various searches, the price of nasi lemak in Kuala Lumpur ranges from RM 5 to RM 20. Converting it to Rp. 17,000 to Rp. 70,000. Every nasi lemak shop has different prices. And the price of nasi lemak can probably be found even cheaper outside Kuala Lumpur.

3. Spicy Chicken

Ayam percik is a dish of grilled chicken that is drizzled with a spicy sauce while it is in the roasting process. This delectable dish originates from the State of Kelantan in the northeast of Peninsular Malaysia. A dish in Indonesia that is similar to ayam percik is ayam bakar padang.

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This percik chicken is rich in coconut milk brewed with lemon grass, onions, galangal and spices which makes it a unique dish. Percik chicken is very delicious eaten with warm rice. The percik chicken seasoning is so pervasive because the chicken meat has gone through the process of being soaked in rich spices overnight or in a matter of hours.

Percik chicken is a very popular dish during the fasting month. This is because many traders sell it directly at the Ramadhan bazaars. So, if you want to feel the pleasure of percik chicken with the splendor of the fasting month, come to food prices Malaysia when Ramadan arrives.

How about the price? You can enjoy a piece of percik chicken (as a side dish or as a snack) with prices ranging from RM 5 to RM 10 (Rp. 17 thousand – Rp. 35 thousand). Prices can be cheaper or more expensive depending on where you enjoy it.

4. Chicken Pongteh

If you look closely, this pongteh chicken looks similar to stewed chicken. It’s just that the chicken pongteh dish is complemented by pieces of potato and shitake / hioko mushrooms or black mushrooms. The chicken pongteh sauce looks brown due to the use of the tauco (fermented soybean) seasoning when cooked.

Because chicken pongteh is a peranakan dish in Melaka and generally in food prices Malaysia, you also have to be aware of whether the dish is halal or not. But don’t worry, there are lots of places that serve halal chicken pongteh. Just look for restaurants that provide food that has received halal certification.

If you want to taste the delicious chicken pongteh while visiting Melaka, the price you have to pay is around RM 20 (Rp. 70 thousand per bowl for medium-class restaurants). The price can be lower or higher depending on where you buy it.

5. Palak Paneer

Apart from the Malays and Chinese, in food prices Malaysia there are also many people who come from Indian descent. Well, one of Malaysia’s local culinary delights is Palak Paneer.

Palak Paneer is a kind of curry sauce made from spinach leaves giving it a green color. Apart from that, palak paneer is also usually given extra cheese from goat’s milk. In order to have a full stomach, palak paneer should be eaten with typical Indian cheeses such as chapatis or bhaturas.

The price range for palak paneer at Indian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur is around RM 20 (or IDR 70,000).

6. Fast Food

Sometimes there are tourists who prefer fast food to fill their stomachs. So, in food prices Malaysia you can easily find familiar fast food restaurants. Especially in Kuala Lumpur, these fast food restaurants are scattered in various corners of the city.

If you’re in KL and want to buy a Big Mac package or the like, then you have to be willing to spend around RM 14 or around IDR 50,000. This value is not that much different from prices in Indonesia.

7. Food at Budget Restaurant

If 14 ringgit is too expensive for one meal there, maybe you can try tasting food at budget restaurants (cheap food stalls). With only RM 8 to RM 10 (Rp. 30 thousand to Rp. 35 thousand), you can fill your rumbling stomach with delicious food at this place.

8. Meals at Mid-Range Restaurants

The price of food in mid-range restaurants in Malaysia (especially in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur) is not that much different from the price in the same place in Indonesia (the capital city of Jakarta). To be able to eat food at these restaurants, the cost you have to spend is around RM 30 (Rp. 100 thousand) per person.

That’s a list of food prices Malaysia that travelers need to know. The food prices Malaysia above are just a range. When you are in person, the price may be different. If you’re ready to go to Malaysia, just buy the ticket via Bukalapak .

Apart from knowing the range of food prices Malaysia, you also know what items to bring while on vacation to Malaysia so that your vacation is fun and runs smoothly. Happy holidays!


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