10 Types of Typical French Bread with Various Shapes and Flavors

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10 Types of Typical French Bread with Various Shapes and Flavors

When you mention baguette, people will definitely think of France . But actually, this country has a lot of bread choices. If visiting France, be sure to look for other types of bread besides baguettes.

If you travel to France, you will find many bakeries in towns and villages. For those who are curious about the types of French bread, see the following article.

1. Gibassier

Gibassier is one of the most popular types of French bread. This food is not fully recognized as bread because there are some people who think of it as pastry.

Gibassier is an orange-flavored bread served around Christmas time. Oranges are used to prepare this bread. The orange will be added to the flour and the rind can also be added to the top of the gibassier.

This bread is considered more as a type of breakfast bread because it has a sweet taste. However, this bread is also served at Christmas dinner because it is a tradition.

The citrus flavor in the gibassier is quite strong and gives the bread a very distinct and distinct taste. If many people assume that French bread tastes similar, there will be a significant difference in the gibassier.

2. Baguette

The airy, light, and long bread with the characteristic crispy crust is the hallmark of France’s most iconic bread, the baguette. This bread dates back to the 19th century when white and wheat bread was no longer the privilege of the rich.

It is said that baguettes were made before the name of the bread was invented. Derived from the Latin word baculum , the word baguette was first used in the 1920s, meaning a stick or stick. Baguettes were first baked in the form of wide and long loaves.

A 1920 law prohibited workers from starting work before 4 am, so bakers could not finish baking bread at breakfast time. So they make baguettes in thin and long shapes to make the baking process faster.

Another characteristic of this type of French bread is the distinctive flower petal design on the skin. It is made by giving the bread a diagonal cut with a curved knife before placing it in the oven.

Now baguettes are available all over France and are available for sale in almost any bakery. The great texture and taste of a baguette can turn any sandwich into a gourmet menu. In addition, baguettes are also flexible, can be made into garlic bread, croutons, or bruschettas.

3. Pain a l’ail

Another type of French bread is pain a l’ail. This bread is the French version of garlic bread. The term garlic bread means garlic is used in the preparation of this bread. How garlic is used, how much, or the process of using it is left to the chef.

One thing is always the same when eating pain a l’ail, which is that one will need a mint afterward. Garlic gives this type of bread a great taste. Although this bread is a typical French type of bread, pain a l’ail goes well with Italian pasta dishes.

4. Brioche

Brioche is a sweet bread with a much softer and lighter texture than a baguette. Brioche is great for breakfast and lunch. However, there is one dish that becomes a delicious treat from brioche, namely french toast.

With the sweetness of Brioche combined with the flavors of the french toast, this dish is the perfect breakfast dish. Brioche is made using a lot of butter and eggs, and that’s why it’s perfect for making french toast.

Brioche is a bread that is taller and thicker than some other types of bread, and usually has a golden yellow color on the outside.

5. Fougasse

Fougasse is a type of French bread that is flat in shape and is usually sweetened by orange-flavored water and sugar. This bread is common in Provence and throughout the south of France and is easily recognizable by its shape.

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Fougasse generally has a grain of grain, with cuts that form leaf lines and veins. Originally this bread was baked in Roman times and was used specifically to test oven temperatures.

Now this type of bread has many variations. Sometimes figs, cheese and olives are added to this bread dough. Fougasse goes well with a variety of dishes, but can also be used to make a variety of sandwiches.

6. Country Bread

Pain de campagne or country bread is a type of traditional country bread made throughout France. This type of bread can be found in many boulangerie or bakery .

Most versions of pain de campagne are made with a mixture of whole wheat flour or white wheat flour, and rye, bread yeast or natural yeast ingredients, water, and salt. In the past, people would bake large quantities of country bread in communal ovens.

This bread can be a family meal menu for days or weeks. In the early 20th century, baguettes replaced pain de campagne in popularity, but with the advent of artisan bread in the 1970s, pain de campagne made a comeback.

7. Sandwich Bread

An approximate translation of the name of this popular French type of bread is crustless bread. This refers to a thin hard layer and a thick white interior. Bread is made with flour, yeast, sugar, water, shortening, and salt.

Although it is usually made industrially and sold in supermarkets in sliced ​​and packaged form, this bread can also be made at home easily. Usually pain de mie is baked in a square or rectangular griddle, which ensures its distinctive shape.

The lid prevents the bread from rising completely, resulting in a smooth, dense crumb. The French most often choose this bread for baking, while its thickness and shape make it ideal for making classic French croque-monsieur sandwiches.

The latest industrial version of this bread is called 100% pain de mie, which is a slice of pain de mie bread with the skin removed completely. Pain de mie stays fresh for a long time due to the use of shortening in its manufacture, which other French breads usually don’t have.

8. Nut Bread

This is a French yeast bread traditionally made using whole wheat flour or wheat flour and coarsely chopped nuts, kneaded in a dough. Some other types of bread also contain other nuts, usually coarsely chopped hazelnuts.

Usually this bread is round or plain and is characterized by its dark brown skin and light brown interior sprinkled with walnuts. For best results, use whole grain flour and sweet-fleshed French beans if available.

Due to its rich and complex aroma, this bread goes well with savory spreads, charcuterie, soft cheese, butter, or sweet toppings such as fruit jam or honey.

9. Twine

Ficelle looks a bit like a baguette, but it’s actually different. This type of French bread is known for its elegance, and a slice of this bread usually means it will be followed by a fine meal.

The difference between ficelle and baguette is that ficelle is much thinner. Although the baguette is also thin, the ficelle is about half the size of a baguette. The outer skin layer is very crispy, and the small inside is soft. Some ficelles are made with sourdough , but that’s not always the case.

10. Crown Bread

France is never short on bread. This type of French bread called couronne is a circular bread with a hole in the middle in the shape of a ring. In fact, the French name couronne translates as crown.

The bread is quite flavorful and is usually made using wheat flour, yeast, sugar, and salt. This ingredient makes the inside of the bread soft, but depending on the baker, it can also be dense.

There are two types of pain couronne, namely petit couronne which is a small version with an almost donut-like appearance and grande couronne which is rather large but easy to slice.

Over the years, artisan bakers have come up with two other classes depending on the texture of the crust, the regular crust which is a bit soft almost like white bread, and the crispy crust which is golden brown in color with a crunchy texture.

If people generally only know the baguette as a typical French type of bread, it turns out that this country has many types of bread. Are you interested in trying other French breads?


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