Important Information! Halal Places Eat In Bangkok For Muslim Travelers 2022

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Important information! Halal Places Eat in Bangkok, For you Muslim tourists, looking for a halal Places eat is one thing that is worth doing. Moreover, if you want a picnic to another country. Halal places to eat now already exist in various countries and Thailand is one of them.

If you are looking for a halal Places eata in Thailand, then you can visit the capital city of Thailand, namely Bangkok. There, you can find halal places to eat in every corner of the city.

Then, what are the halal Places eat? Let’s just look at the list below!

1. Sinthorn Steak House

This first halal Places eat/restaurant in Bangkok is highly recommended. Moreover, if you are a lover of processed steak ( steak ). You can order a variety of steak menu portions here, ranging from mini portions to large portions.

You can also order other menu variants at this biggest halal restaurant in Bangkok. Starting from large portions of mutton, buffet grilled meat, to desserts in the form of Roti Tisu. Not just a place to eat. This halal restaurant can also be a place for you to shop. This is due to the presence of a number of raw meat and other halal food ingredients that are sold and served here.

If you are interested here, please visit the address at Ramkhamhaeng Road, Khwaeng Hua Mak, Khet Bang Kapi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand.

2. Yusuf Pochana

Unlike the previous restaurant, this restaurant serves Arabic specialties as the main dish. You can eat a number of Arabic specialties here, ranging from Biryani Rice, Fish Stuffed Bread, to Beef Soup.

This place to eat is perfect for those of you who want to eat lunch. Interested? Just come to the address in Chorakhe Bua, Lat Phrao, Bangkok, Thailand.

3. Farida Fatornee

Near the Madame Tossaud Bangkok Museum, there is a must-visit halal restaurant. Farida Fatornee is the name of the place to eat. The owner of this restaurant is a real Thai. Although a native of Thailand, the owner of this restaurant is quite fluent in Indonesian. So, you can also talk to him in Indonesian.

In terms of menu, Farida Fatornee provides a fairly varied menu. One of the mainstays is the Tom Yam, which has a spicy and fresh taste. Another mainstay at this restaurant is the Fried Fish and Tail Soup.

If you are interested, just come to Phetchaburi Road, Khwaeng Thung Phaya Thai, Ket Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand.

4. Muslim Restaurant

From the name alone, it is clear that this place to eat is for Muslims, especially for tourists. That said, Muslim Restaurant is a legendary halal dining place in Bangkok, where this restaurant has been around for 70 years. You can eat a variety of halal dishes here, from Martabak, Sop Neau, to Nasi Biryani.

The full address for this restaurant is Charoen Krung Road, Khwaeng Bang Rak, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand.

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5. Sophia Restaurant

If you want to taste traditional Thai cuisine, then this place to eat is worth a visit. You can find and eat a number of traditional Thai foods made from halal here.

The next time you eat here, then try ordering this restaurant’s flagship ice cream. The taste of the ice cream here is very delicious, perfect for closing your meal later. Interested? Just come to the full address at Soi Ramkhamhaeng, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Suang Luang, Bangkok, Thailand.

6. Himali Cha-Cha and Sons

Besides Muslim Restaurant. halal Places eat in Bangkok is also quite legendary. How not, this place to eat has been present in Bangkok since 41 years ago. This halal Places eat/restaurant is located at Charoen Krung Road, Charoen Krung 47/1 Alley, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand.

This place to eat is quite popular because of the consistency of the menu served by this restaurant. Consistently, this place to eat always provides Biryani Rice, Salad Soup, Curry, Oven Meat, and Roti Prata as mainstays.

7. It’s a restaurant

In Bangkok, there is a well-known mall called MBK Mall. And in this mall, there is an interesting halal Places eat. Yana Restaurant is the place to eat. Just like Sophia Restaurant, Yana Restaurant also provides a traditional Thai menu as a mainstay. A number of the menus presented are of course made from halal, so they are suitable for Muslim tourists.

This eatery is located exactly on the fifth floor of MBK Mall. The mall itself is located at Phayathai Road, Khwaeng Wang Mai, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand.

8. Sara halal Places eat/Restaurant

This is a halal Places eat eatery in Bangkok which is open 24 hours. So, you can anytime come and have fun here. You can find various menus here. One of the mainstays is Pad Thai. This is a typical Thai food made from rice noodles.

The price of food here is quite expensive. However, it fits perfectly with the quality and deliciousness of the halal Places eat food here. This restaurant is located in the Nuovo City Hotel area. To be precise, at 2 Samsen Road, Khwaeng Ban Phan Thom, Khet hra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand.

9. Karim Roti Fatty

As the name implies, this halal Places eat/restaurant serves a bread menu as a mainstay. One of the most recommended breads is Roti Mubarak. This is a bread dish containing sliced ​​chicken, mutton, or beef.

Not only bread, this restaurant also serves other halal Places eat dishes. This place to eat is located in the Phra Athit area. Precisely, at 136 Phra Athit Road, Khwaeng Chana Songkhram, Khet Phram Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand.

10. Islamic Saman

This place to eat is located right at Section 16 Chatuchak Weekend Market. The complete address of Chatuchak Weekend Market itself is at Chatuchak Paej, Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand .

You can find a variety of Asian specialties here, from Thailand to several other Asian countries. Tom Yum, Biryani Rice and Chicken Rice are some examples of them. This place to eat is very suitable to be visited, especially after tired of shopping at Chatuchak Market.

Currently, Bangkok already has a number of halal Places eat in it. We have mentioned ten of them above. Well, for those of you who want to go to Bangkok later, you can visit these ten places to eat later. Happy halal dining in Bangkok, yes!


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