Wow! 10 Delicious and Halal Thai Souvenirs

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Halal Thai Souvenirs, The (semi) mandatory thing when on vacation is buying souvenirs. This does not apply to everyone, it’s just that if you don’t buy souvenirs after traveling, it feels like something is missing. As a tourist who travels in another country, it’s a shame if you don’t try his trademark souvenirs. Moreover, Thailand is famous for a variety of food and cute items for souvenirs.

For Muslims, the matter of buying souvenirs must be more careful. Because the souvenirs in the White Elephant Country are not all labeled halal. But there are not a few choices of souvenirs from the country that are safe for Muslim tourists. If you have the opportunity to visit Thailand, we have a recommendation for halal Thai souvenirs. Here is the information.

1. Halal Thai Souvenirs Experiences Gift Set

The following souvenirs are traditional halal thai souvenirs spices that are commonly used for cooking anything at home. In this spice set, there are several kinds of herbs and spices in small packages.

This gift set is suitable to be given to office friends or bosses. This spice is packaged in a beautiful box with very distinctive Thai icons. Looks great as a holiday gift.

This Thai Experiences Gift Set consists of two kinds, namely Spiced Thai and BKK Thai To Go. You can get a set of Thai spices with prices ranging from 249 Baht / Rp. 113,000. You can get this gift set in Thai supermarkets and traditional markets.

2. Thai Rice Soap

In addition to food, the following Thai souvenirs will be suitable as gifts or souvenirs. Its name is Thai rice soap, or its cool name is Thai Rice Milk Soap. This halal thai souvenirs rice soap is a soap made from starch water (rice washing water).

This special rice soap is still processed in the traditional way and is taken from jasmine rice . The content of this rice soap is good for the skin. There are vitamins E and B, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants that are high in it.

Some of the components in starch are glucose, magnesium, calcium, polyglucose and protein. This Thai rice soap is added with natural ingredients that can smooth the skin such as olive oil and vitamin B3.

You can make this good scented soap for your skin as a gift for friends or family. Rice soap is in the form of a stick and is sold at a price range of IDR 7,000++.

3. Durian Chips Halal Thai Souvenirs

Durian is not a rare fruit in Indonesia. This sharp-smelling fruit is often found in traditional markets and supermarkets. However, Thailand mixes this one fruit in the form of crispy chips that are sweet and legit.

Don’t miss halal thai souvenirs Thai crispy chip souvenir. Because Thai durian is one of the best in Asia. In addition, Thai durian fruit is in great demand by tourists because of its delicious taste.

Well, if you happen to be traveling to Thailand, stop by the supermarket there and buy durian chips. There are several kinds of flavors available there. You can enjoy durian chips as an afternoon snack. One pack of durian chips is priced at around 65 Baht or Rp. 30,000.

4. Mango Cake Halal Thai Souvenirs

Not to be outdone by Japan, Thailand has a soft sweet cake that is often used as a souvenir by foreign tourists and domestic tourists. This sweet cake is called mango cake . This sweet cake makes the taste buds intrigued. Mango aroma that must be smelled immediately when the package is opened.

One box of mango cake is priced from 179 Baht or around IDR 80,000. You can make this cake as a gift for people at home.

To be brought to the office was not a problem. Because the packaging of this mango cake is unique. You can get this mango cake in major supermarkets in Thailand or at the most popular market in Thailand, Chatuchak.

5. Pad Halal Thai Souvenirs Instant

Basically phad Thai is fried kwetiau with vegetables such as mustard greens, bean sprouts, egg slices, shrimp and other Thai spices. Pad thai is the most popular street food in Thailand and is often sold on the street.

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Phad Thai is usually served on a plate and is delicious eaten hot. Now it’s available instant phad Thai that can be taken home. Phad Thai instant is currently in great demand by tourists as halal thai souvenirs.

One of the Phad Thai brands that are often hunted by tourists is Blue Elephant Phad Thai. This instant phad box already consists of spices, halal thai souvenirs noodles and a sprinkling of nuts and other complementary ingredients. The price of one box of instant phad thai is valued at around IDR 55,000 or 120 Baht.

6. Coconut Crackers Halal Thai Souvenirs

We often encounter coconut chips, the sweetness is the same. But you’ve never tried coconut crackers, right? This other unique Thai food you must try when you go to Thailand.

Crackers in Indonesia are usually made from tapioca flour or potato starch and corn flour. Well, now try this sweet coconut cracker.

These coconut crackers or coconut chips are available in several flavors, such as chocolate, sea salt caramel and original flavors. The price of coconut crackers is relatively cheap. One bag is sold starting at 35 Baht or around Rp. 16,000.

7. Milk Candy Halal Thai Souvenirs

Who doesn’t love candy? It seems everyone loves this sweet treat. Young and old always love sweets. In Thailand, there are chewing gums made from milk that taste sweet and chewy just right. There are some milk candies for sale here.

Original and fruity flavors are what tourists are often hunting for. This sweet milk candy can be an economical souvenir. With prices starting from 49 Baht (Rp 22,500), you can get souvenirs for many people.

8. Thai Jasmine Rice Halal Thai Souvenirs

Rice souvenirs from Thailand are not a bad idea. The country’s typical jasmine rice is different from the rice we consume every day. Jasmine rice from Thailand has a sticky texture and contains more vitamins and nutrients needed by the body.

Halal thai souvenirs jasmine rice is high in amylopectin . That is why the results of this type of rice become more sticky.

The grains of jasmine rice are longer than ordinary rice and have the aroma of jasmine mixed with a distinctive pandan. In addition to delicious taste, jasmine rice has been named the most fragrant rice in the world.

Gifting your friends with this rice is sure to make him happy. You can buy it at a price of around Rp. 156,900.

9. Koh-Kae Nuts

Koh-Kae was the first peanut snack in Thailand which started in 1964. The first products of this company were peanut crackers and shrimp crackers. In the following years, Koh-Kae produced many other nut-based snacks.

They trade Koh-Kae is the most famous snack in Thailand. The delicious taste and crunchy texture are the hallmarks of this bean. Koh-Kae is processed by dry roasting technique . To ensure the quality, they put nitrogen gas into the packaging container and use a vacuum can.

The specialty of Koh-Kae beans is that they are wrapped in various flavors. At first Koh-Kae was only wrapped in coconut cream flavor, as sales increased. Koh-Kae provides other flavor variants such as orange, coffee, and even tom yum flavors. One can of Koh-Kae costs around IDR 30,000.

10. Thailand Dessert Set

So that the Thai nuance is more pronounced, bring a typical Thai dessert as a souvenir from Thailand. This compote-like dessert is perfect for a holiday gift. The price is relatively cheap. One box of this dish is priced at IDR 21,000 or 45 Baht.

This dessert box consists of several flavors, such as black beans, and sweet potatoes. As a complement, this dessert is available with coconut milk and ginger sauce. These two choices of sauce are equally suitable to be eaten as dessert.

That’s 10 typical Thai souvenirs that are halal. All of these foods are made from halal thai souvenirs ingredients and are certainly safe for Muslim tourists who come to visit Thailand. If you are a person who pays attention to Islamic law, these 10 typical souvenir recommendations can

In addition to recommendations for food souvenirs, Thailand has many beautiful souvenirs with a Thai feel, such as miniature tuk-tuks, miniature elephants, soap decorations, sarong pants, wall hangings and Thai silk fabrics. These items are available at traditional markets and at Big C Supercenter Ratchadamri which is located at 11 Ratchadamri Rd, Khwaeng Lumphini Krung Thep Maha.


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