Japanese Snacks

Here are Top 10 Japanese Snacks

Here are 10 List Of Japanese Snacks that are Popular in the World

Here are top 10 Japanese Snacks, Japan is a country known for its healthy food. In addition, the art of processing food is also very interesting, so sometimes it makes us love to eat it. 

In addition, Japan is also a country that has a popular snack, call it kitkat or pocky. Well, if you are curious about Japanese snacks, here is a list of Japanese snacks that are popular in the world. 

1. Pocky

Pocky is a popular Japanese snack. This snack is referenced in anime and video games. In addition, Pocky is also loved by Japanese youth. 

Pocky has even inspired a Korean version of the Pepero biscuit which is thicker and mostly covered in chocolate. These long, thin biscuits are covered in a hint of chocolate or one of hundreds of other flavours.

Pocky flavors consist of banana, matcha, cookies and cream, strawberry, mango, coconut, and more. Most of them are limited editions, related to festivals or cultural moments.

The best thing about Pocky is that these biscuits give a lot even though they are small. Pocky is sold in small boxes that provide a sweet afternoon snack that is perfect for two, as well as one person.

This snack can be used as food to share because this snack is sweet but not heavy and you will not be guilty if you eat it. Most importantly, the pocky tasted really good. Minimalism is supported by perfect taste, whatever Pocky flavor you choose, it will be delicious.

2. Royce Name Chocolate

Due to its fresh ingredients, extraordinary taste, and luxurious packaging as favorite top 10 japanese snacks. It is no wonder that Royce Nama Chocolate is the best candy in Japan. This one chocolate contains 70-75% pure chocolate, 20-25% fresh cream and a little prestige liquor. 

Then the chocolate is coated with fine cocoa powder and cut into rectangles. Each chocolate box contains 20 pieces in a vacuum bag. The taste of the name chocolate is fresh, elegant and slightly fragrant and the texture is very smooth like silk. 

Offering 6 main flavors, namely milk chocolate, matcha, Hennessy, which is a type of liquor, this flavor is perfect for a luxurious party, the name is white chocolate (milk flavor), the name is chocolate champagne, and the name is AuLait chocolate (extracted from fresh cherries).

3. Sanko Seika Cheese Almond

Next list of 10 japanese snacks in third position is Sanko Seika Cheese Almond. This is a small senbei (senbei is a kind of rice snack) that is covered with a layer of cheese and topped with whole almonds. Senbei has a crunchy texture with a slightly sweet taste coupled with cheese plus oil-free unsalted almonds. 

This popular Japanese snack is a confluence of east and west. In this snack you can enjoy a delicious mix of three different textures. Cheese Almond became one of the best-selling snacks at retailers in Japan. 

On the packaging is written that Almond Cheese is the best-selling western-style chips in Japan. Maybe you can try it to see if this Japanese snack is really that good.

4. Meiji Takenoko no Sato and Kinoko no Yama

Basically this of one kind from 10 Japanese snack is like cookies wrapped in bamboo or mushrooms in chocolate. Meiji is a Japanese company known for its delicious chocolate, but sometimes just eating chocolate is too sweet. 

Takenoko no Sato and Kinuko no Yama are the perfect and balanced combination of cake and chocolate, and both can be very addictive.

Usually Japanese people tend to choose one of the two. There are those who like Takenoko and those who like Kinoko. Generally, the one with the most followers is Takenoko. Why don’t you try both and find out which one is your favourite?

5. Kameda Seika Soft Salad

The majority of senbei sold in Japan are seasoned with Japanese soy sauce. But the Soft Salad is seasoned with salt and salad oil. Crispy and crunchy, Kameda Seika Soft Salad is seasoned with salt from the island of Okinawa in southern Japan. 

In Japan, rice crackers are not just a japanese snack. This snack has various types, there is a Soft with ice cream. Or two Soft Salad crackers with adzuki beans sandwiched between the two. 

Some people even dip this popular Japanese snack in an egg-milk-sugar mixture and treat it like French toast. Give it a try and you’ll see why it’s become such a popular snack in Japan!

6. Matcha KitKat

KitKats are simple chocolate covered wafers that are the part of product from Nestle. The biggest Swiss food and beverage company. This snack is an obsession in Japan. 

While most countries sell KitKat in several different forms, namely peanut butter, chunky, etc. Japanese KitKats are almost a symbol because they are snacks. In Japan, KitKat comes in many different flavors, most of which are available year-round.

However, some are only available for a limited time. This sparked Japanese romance, that is, beauty in things that existed at one time and then faded away, like cherry blossoms. Some types of KitKat are only available during certain festivals or seasons.

The matcha flavored KitKat is Japan’s most famous exclusive KitKat. This is because matcha is a flavor closely associated with Japan, and matcha is a key aspect of Japanese food culture. Eating Matcha KitKat when you visit Japan is like a must.  

7. Alfort Mini Chocolate

In general snacks, British people are known to be very fond of. Or most likely to have a strong affinity for chocolate biscuits, such as custard cream, bourbons, Maryland cookies, and so on. In Japan there are chocolate biscuits that are one bite in size which are often found in supermarkets.

Alfort is a brand of small biscuits with one side covered in thick chocolate. Which is then stamped with the image of a large ship which is the Alfort logo. It’s inexpensive, comes in a beautiful blue-and-gold packaging.

When unwrapped, there’s a layer of gold underneath, and that’s just a hint of the elegance of these biscuits. In appearance, Alfort Mini Chocolates are similar to Pocky, a light, crunchy biscuit covered in milk chocolate, but Alfort is much denser and more appealing.

8. Kabukiage Rice Crackers

Rice crackers or rice biscuits are another Japanese snack that is famous all over the world. Korea, China, and Taiwan also sell rice biscuits and can usually be found in imported supermarkets. 

In Japan, Kabukiage rice cracker is the most popular and possibly the best of all. These crackers are sold in different packs than their life-size snacks and are very indulgent. Even when compared to various other Japanese snacks, this snack is healthier.

9. Calbee Potato Chips

This popular Japanese snack is a successful potato chip in Japan with its market share. Once Japan completely ran out of these snacks due to a shortage of potatoes, and people started hoarding them and flipping them online for exorbitant prices.

These potato chips have come in a variety of flavors over the years. In fact at one time these chips had a taste for every prefecture of Japan, 47 in all. 

This causes strange tastes like squid, fish, plum, and pork soup, so it’s not surprising that almost all of them are no longer sold on the market. This “lightly salty” base variant is the best seller.

In Indonesia, the company Calbee cooperates with Wings, which produces potato chips with different brands. Maybe you consume it often.

10. Tokyo Banana Roar

Tokyo Banana is a Japanese sweet cake shaped like a banana. The original version of Tokyo Banana is full of banana custard inside wrapped in a soft sponge. But Japan is a very creative country, so these cakes are also available in a variety of flavors.

The taste of honey has a triple pattern that looks like a honeybee. The Heart maple looks cute with a colorful heart pattern and is delicious with a maple flavor filling. And many other flavors such as banana caramel, almond milk cream, chocolate caramel, and so on.

Tokyo Banana is packaged in a square-shaped gift box so many people buy it as a gift for their loved ones. Aside from being a souvenir, this popular Japanese snack is also delicious as a snack.

If you are a snack fan, you must have tried one of these popular Japanese snacks. Snacks are fun to enjoy not only alone but also with friends. By the way, what is your favorite Japanese snack ?

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