5 Things How to Sell Apartments to Sell Fast at the Best Prices

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How to Sell Apartments to Sell Fast at the Best Prices

How to sell apartments by a property owner must be done in the right way. The goal is that the apartment can be sold immediately and sold at the best price. No need to be afraid of not selling if you know how. Moreover, nowadays the interest in buying apartments is increasing.

According to data from Bank Indonesia, sales of apartments, houses and shop houses increased in the first half of 2021. Several research institutions provided an update that sales of apartments and houses also increased in the second half of 2021, in line with normal community activities during the pandemic.

For those of you who own an apartment and want to sell it quickly. Recently, you don’t have to worry about the apartment being difficult to sell. Moreover, your unit is ready stock, of course it is easier to sell it. Apartments whose units are already available are indeed more preferred by prospective buyers than those whose units are still pivoted.

So, what should be done to make the apartment easier to sell? This article will discuss about:

  • Preparation Before Starting to Sell Apartments
  • How to Sell the Right Apartment
  • Avoid this way of selling apartments

Preparation Before Sell Apartments

There are several things preparations that you must do before selling an apartment. This preparation will determine your success in attracting potential buyers. The better and more mature the preparation, the easier it will be to sell apartment units.

source: https://purpleglen.com/

The first thing that needs to be done is to renovate your apartment unit. Check carefully any damage that needs to be repaired. Prioritize which ones need improvement and which ones don’t.

To save money, you can make your own repairs for minor damage, such as peeling wallpaper. This method can save renovation costs significantly. The appearance of a beautiful apartment will be able to attract consumer interest.

Compare Apartment Market Prices

If the apartment already looks beautiful, make sure your apartment prices are competitive. Don’t set the price too high, but don’t put it too low either. Compare prices for apartments around your unit. You will be able to get the best price range that can be offered to potential customers.

List the Advantages of Apartment Units

You also need to make a list of the advantages of apartment units for sale. For example, the unit faces west with a view of the sunset. It could also be an apartment that is already fully furnished or the location of the unit is close to the swimming pool, for example.

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Make sure the apartment is free of fees

When selling an apartment, make sure that the apartment does not have water fees, electricity fees, and also the apartment’s Environmental Management Fee (IPL). If the fee is still burdened, of course it will reduce the interest of potential buyers.

One of the keys to selling an apartment is to research market prices. Do you want to have a house at an affordable market price? Check out the choice of houses in the Cibinong area, Bogor, for under IDR 700 million here!

5 Things How To Sell Apartments Quickly And Accurately

How to sell apartments quickly and precisely, there are several processes that apply to be successful. A successful apartments sale requires more than just putting up a sell sign on your door. However This Process involves a lot of things consisting of, a few simple and doable steps. If you are planning to sell your apartments, here are five important steps that can make this venture worthwhile and easier for you.

Create Photos and Videos for Promotional Materials

The first thing to do in How to sell apartments is to prepare a photo or video. Preparing some of the best photos and videos as promotional material is the main thing in the practice of how to sell apartment quickly and precisely. The higher the quality of the photo, the more attractive it is to buyers. Make sure the photo is not too dark or too light.

Take photos with a wide angles. The latest mobile camera technology makes it easy for you to take photos with wide angles. You don’t have to buy an expensive digital camera. Give the photos to property agents or you can share them yourself with colleagues.

Set Competitive Prices

The second thing to do when selling an apartment is to set a competitive price. The price factor is very vital in how to sell an apartment. Because this is certainly the most important consideration for buyers. Prices that are too high can make potential buyers back off slowly or immediately.

Set a value price that ranges from the market price of apartments in your area. If there are several advantages such as an attractive appearance, easy access, or an undamaged unit, you may be able to sell it for a slightly above average price.

Advertise on the Property Portal

The third thing you need to do on how to sell apartments quickly and precisely is to promote it through advertising. Placing ads on property-specific portal sites such as rumah.com is also very helpful in accelerating apartment sales. People who access property-only portals are people who actually want to buy or sell property.

Promote on Social Media

The next step in how to sell apartments is to add ads on social media networks. Advertising through social media Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, Instagram, and Twitter is very powerfull in this strategy. It aims to support advertising on property portal sites.

You can share the ad on social media with your virtual relatives or friends. You can also create your own promotions on social media by including photos and videos that have been created in the first stage. Don’t forget to write down the apartment specifications in detail.

Be patient with potential buyers

Now the last thing in how to sell apartments that is patience on the process of selling an apartment. You may meet or be contacted by a prospective buyer who asks for details about the apartment unit. Perhaps, it is approaching the stage of investigation and even interrogation.

When dealing with consumers like this, you still have to be patient and should not criticize. Your response when answering questions can be the basis for potential buyers to decide whether or not to buy the apartment unit.



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