Warning! You Should Bring These Are The Items You Must Bring On Your Vacation To Malaysia 2022-2023

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Items You Must Bring, Already have holiday tickets to Malaysia? Planning to visit tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, or Penang? To whatever city your vacation destination is while in Malaysia, it’s a good idea to prepare everything that has to go into your luggage. Don’t let it be due to lack of preparation when packing, it will disrupt your vacation time and moments while in neighboring Malaysia.

Then, what Items You Must Bring should you bring while on vacation in Malaysia ? Take note one by one and start putting the items below into your mainstay traveling suitcase! Here’s more.

1. Items You Must Bring, Local SIM Card

An internet connection is definitely another mandatory thing wherever you are. Likewise when traveling. Arriving in Malaysia means that the internet network that you normally use in your homeland is of course no longer reachable. For this reason, it is very important to buy a local SIM card to get internet connection during the holidays.

You can prepare this one item long before your arrival in Malaysia. There are already many online sites that offer the purchase of this local SIM card by way of payment in advance, and the SIM card pick-up can be done when you arrive at the airport, or another agreed place.

These special local SIM cards for tourists are usually sold with a short validity period, which is around one week with internet quota and telephone quota which is enough to cover your communication needs. With a fast internet connection, local SIM card prices are considered more affordable when compared to international roaming packages offered by Indonesian cellular providers.

2. Items You Must Bring, Travel Documents

Holidays to any country, travel documents are always number 1 on the list of items that must be brought when you travel abroad. Because Indonesian citizens who visit Malaysia for vacation are not subject to a visa, the travel documents that you must prepare include passports, return flight tickets, hotel reservations, along with copies of each.

Why bother having to Items You Must Bring a copy? Wasn’t it already in the email? Considering that you are in a foreign country, of course everything must be prepared taking into account the worst possibility. Likewise with these travel documents, especially passports.

So, if something unwanted happens to your passport, whether it’s lost or damaged due to moisture and other things, you have prepared a copy to back up and take care of the next process. It doesn’t hurt to be on guard, right?

3. Items You Must Bring, Cash

In Malaysia, both for transportation fares and prices for snacks and food, they are quite cheap. For this reason, bringing cash is one of the things that must be prepared before departure.

Exchange your rupiah into ringgit while still in Indonesia. In addition to the relatively low exchange rate, your vacation time won’t be disturbed because you have to look for a money changer when you run out of cash.

Bringing a debit/credit card is also recommended if you want to shop for famous brands in large amounts. But don’t forget that on Jalan Alor and around Bukit Bintang there are lots of cheap snacks that require small denominations of money. So prepare enough cash, ok!

4. Gadgets

Prepare your reliable gadgets, starting from smartphones, digital cameras and accessories such as selfie sticks and tripods. It’s not a vacation if there’s no digital footprint in the form of photos and videos and uploads on social media.

Besides that, smartphones are also useful as road guides and also as a source of information that you need while on vacation. So don’t let your gadget drama be left behind or lost somewhere during the holidays.

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5. Charger, Powerbank & Spare Batteries

What’s the use of a sophisticated gadget if the battery runs out and can’t be used. That is the importance of a battery charger, be it a charger or a power bank. Always carry these two items with you wherever you go, because who knows you might find a place to recharge your gadget so that your digital activities can continue without the problem of running out of power.

A few tips for charging your gadgets, whether it’s a smartphone, tab, digital camera, or video recorder, fill up all the gadgets you have when you arrive at the hotel. If possible, Items You Must Bring a power connection from Indonesia, bearing in mind that usually the power outlets provided by hotels are limited. Not to mention if you have roommates who have lots of gadgets too.

So, as soon as you start your sightseeing trip in the morning, your gadget’s battery power is safe to use for a long time. Just in case, try to Items You Must Bring a powerbank and spare batteries if the trip you are doing takes all day.

6. Personal Medicine

We never know when pain will attack our body. Likewise when traveling. Even though we have prepared ourselves beforehand by taking vitamins and exercising, a decrease in one’s stamina causing illness usually occurs unexpectedly.

Therefore, it is very important to Items You Must Items You Must Bring personal medicines in your luggage. Usually these medicines include eucalyptus oil to prevent colds, warm patches, dizziness medicine, diarrhea medicine to anticipate food incompatibility, and also ulcer medicine which is often caused by forgetting the time due to the preoccupation of traveling so that meal schedules are forgotten.

Apart from the medicines above, if you have special medicines prescribed by a doctor such as allergy medicines or others, you should consult a doctor about your travel plans so that the doctor can suggest medicines that you should Items You Must Bring according to the duration of your vacation. In addition, of course, vitamins must always be taken regularly so that stamina is always maintained while traveling.

7. Comfortable Clothing

Malaysia, both Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru, Langkawi, Melaka, and also Kuching, you could say that almost all areas and tourist cities in Malaysia tend to be hot and sunny, but occasionally it also rains like the climate in Indonesia.

Wear comfortable clothes that are tailored to your favorite style of dress. Choose a material that is light and not too thick so you don’t overheat and can enjoy your vacation without being bothered by excessive sweating due to choosing the wrong holiday outfit.

8. Cosmetics

As important as comfortable clothing, cosmetics are also included in the important list that must be brought while on vacation in Malaysia. With hot weather and bright sunlight, of course you have to stay fresh and charming so that you can always take pictures cheerfully at every tourist attraction you visit.

What cosmetics do you need to Items You Must Bring? For both men and women, some cosmetics such as deodorant, face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen are the most basic cosmetics for traveling needs. Especially for women, it’s a bit of a hassle because they have to Items You Must Bring basic make-up such as eyebrow pencils, powder and lipstick. But it doesn’t matter as long as the selfie at Batu Caves has outstanding eyebrows , right?

Oh yes , for those of you who don’t have luggage, it should be noted that liquids in the aircraft cabin are limited, namely packaging must be in a maximum size of 100 ml. So repack the cosmetics that you will Items You Must Bring to the recommended size.

Currently, there are many who sell travel kits to carry liquids into the aircraft cabin. Your job is only to move it to a container that complies with airline regulations.

So, those are the items that you must Items You Must Bring when spending your vacation in Malaysia. Apart from the items above, is there anything that has not been included in the list ? If you have a different experience, please share in the comments column below!

Oh yes, apart from discussing items that must be brought, you also need to know public transportation in Malaysia so that your traveling is more comfortable! Have a great holiday in Malaysia!


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