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7 Most Famous Landmarks in Spain, Want to Visit?

Talking about Spain, then one of the things that stole the most attention was the architectural beauty of the buildings there. Spain is famous for having a number of buildings that have interesting architectural designs and are full of cultural historical value.

Curious about what buildings in Spain are so famous? If so, try reading the following seven most famous landmarks in Spain. So, want to go already!

1. Basilica la Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

One of the most famous buildings in Spain is La Sagrada Familia. This Roman Catholic Church is the unfinished brainchild of the renowned architect, Antoni Gaudí. Today, the Basilica is one of Gaudi’s most famous works and attracts millions of visitors every year.

The ornate design and grand features of this building are a perfect example of Antoni Gaudí’s unorthodox style. Seamlessly blending elements of art nouveau, Catalan modernism and late Spanish Gothic, Gaudi designed this building with great majesty.

2. Park Guell, Barcelona

Spain is home to a number of architectural gems. Park Guell is one of these wonders. The garden was designed by the architect who also designed the Basílica la Sagrada Familia, namely Antoni Gaudí. Park Güell itself is located on Carmel Hill, on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Park Güell is a beautiful representation of Gaudí’s works. With urbanization in mind, Gaudí created an area of 18 hectares surrounded and intertwined with nature. The place that became the residence of the architect and his family was included in the UNESCO list as a world heritage site in 1984.

3. Alhambra, Granada

Located in the west of Granada, Spain, on the hill of al-Sabika, the Alhambra was originally built as a strategic fortress with views over the entire city of Grenada and later turned into an Islamic palace for nobles.

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The Alhambra is one of the many landmarks in Spain that is renowned for being composed of a great mix of artistic influences. This clash of cultures combined in one glorious work of art makes the Alhambra a very valuable building.

4. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

The radical form of the swirling silver architecture of the Guggenheim Museum has made it one of Spain’s top landmarks. Frank Gehry is the iconic 20th century architect and artist responsible for this impressive masterpiece. Unlike the work of Antoni Gaudí, the Guggenheim Museum represents the urban industrial movement.

The museum has attracted international attention for its representation of modern architecture and modernist art. Due to its immense popularity, the small town of Bilbao has literally turned into a bustling city.

5. Alcázar of Segovia , Segovia

Step into a real-life Spanish fairy tale by visiting the Alcazar of Segovia. This famous landmark in Spain is located near the city of Segovia. Although now considered a medieval castle museum, the site has also been used as a state prison, Artillery college, and even a military history archive.

Like much of Spain’s architecture, this castle has a cultural mix of Roman, Muslim and Christian influences. According to UNESCO, the castle’s rich cultural diversity, immaculate beauty and historical versatility have earned it the title of World Heritage Site.

6. Roman Theatre, Merida

Considered one of the 12 treasures of Spain, this Roman theater was built in 16 – 15 BC when the city of Merida was still called Lusitania. During the Roman era, the theater was designed to accommodate up to 6,000 people. As it turned out, however, the Romans weren’t big fans of theatre, so there were often empty seats.

This theater has been very well preserved and remains one of the most important landmarks in Spain. Visiting the Roman Theater in Merida is a delightful cultural and aesthetic event. The towering columns and marble floors will give visitors a tantalizing taste of Roman life.

7. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid

Home to one of the most successful football clubs in Europe, this iconic stadium is a must-visit on your list of famous buildings in Spain. Whether you’re a football fan or just simply enjoying the thrill, a visit to this Spanish attraction is an important part of modern Spanish culture.

This stadium tour usually includes a panoramic view of the arena as well as access to the pitch and presidential box. Admire the stadium’s modern architecture that dominates from the outside and enjoy exclusive access to the breathtaking views inside.

Amazing, right? The landmarks above are already very well known and some have even received the title as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Don’t miss to visit the above places when in Spain!


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