10 Interesting Places That Are Locations for Drama Record of Youth

Locations for Drama Record, Drama Record of Youth is the latest drama from Park Bo-gum before he left for military service. Besides Bo-gum, there are also Park So-dam, Kwon Soo-hyun and Byeon Woo-seok. Record of Youth tells the story of the lives of young people who struggle to achieve their dreams. The main character Sa Hae-joon struggles to realize his dream of becoming an actor.

Locations for Drama Record of Youth takes place in various locations from holy places to the famous library located at COEX Mall. Of course, these places will become a tourist attraction visited by many Korean drama fans . Where are the shooting locations? Check it out in the following article!

1. Namsamgol Hanok Village

Address: 28 Toegye-ro 34-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Operating hours: Monday closed, Tuesday – Sunday 09.00 – 18.00
Phone: +82 2-2261-0517

HTM: Free
In the last episode of 16 Locations for Drama Record of Youth, it was told that Sa Hye-Jun (Park Bo-gum) was filming a romantic drama entitled “Love Comes With the Rain”. The location of the drama after leaving the military was in Namsangol Hanok village.

Namsangol Hanok Village, which started operating in 1998, is located in Namsan, Seoul. Popular as a location for wedding photos, it has five restored high-end hanok from the Joseon era, as well as a traditional garden with a pavilion.

In 1994 to commemorate Seoul’s 600th anniversary a time capsule containing everyday items was buried here. The capsule will be opened in 2394, on the city’s 1000th anniversary.

2. Rosary Hill

Address: 1704 Namyang-dong, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
Phone: +82 31-356-5880

In episode 8, Ahn Jeong-ha (Park So-dam) and Sa Hye-joon (Park Bo-gum) came to Rosary Hill while testing the car. It started raining and they were seen dancing in the outdoor shelter at this place.

It used to be called Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine including Yongdubong and Jamdubong, but in 2000 it was renamed. Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine was the site of the Byeonin Persecution of 1866, where many Roman Catholics were brutally murdered. 10 Locations for Drama Record

This site was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Byeonin Persecution and to remember the spirit of martyrdom in Jeoldusan. Pope John Paul visited the site in 1984 and Mother Teresa visited in 1985.

3. Mayfield Hotel Seoul

Address: 94 Banghwa-daero, Oebalsan-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone: +82 2-2660-9000
On episode 12 Sa Hye-joon had an interview at this hotel to promote his new film ‘The First Human’ for the Memory Talk Talk program. Mayfield Hotel Seoul is a European-style 5-star hotel that opened in 2003.

On its website it is written that the hotel is built on a green area that has been cultivated for 40 years with a love for nature. The hotel, apart from offering regular western-style rooms and suites, also offers traditional Korean-style ondol rooms.

The hotel also has 8 restaurants, cafes and bars, which serve a variety of cuisines ranging from Korean, Chinese, and Italian. The Locations for Drama Recordthis hotel is in the Seoul Balsan neighborhood in the Gangseo district.

4. Subway, Jongno Branch

Address: 155 Songwol-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Operating hours: Daily 08.00-10.00
Phone: +82 2-730-8255

At this Jongno branch of Subway restaurant Hye-joon works part time. Her scene appears in episode 1 and episode 6. Hye-joon is very popular with the customers and most of the female customers come here to ask him to make lunch for them.

Subway at the Independent Gate Jongno branch is an American restaurant franchise founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck. In the early 1990s this franchise entered the Locations for Drama Record South Korean market.

5. Dokseodang Children’s Park

Address: 1-32 UN Village-gil, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
In episode 1, after a night jog, Sa Hye-joon (Park Bo-gum), Kim Jin-woo (Kwon Soo-hyun) and Won Hae-hyo (Byeon Woo-seok) hang out in this park. Dokseodang Children’s Park is a playground within the UN Village located along UN Village-gil.

The Locations for Drama Record of this park is in the Seoul neighborhood of Hannam, in the Yongsan District. This is a luxury residential district in Seoul. And by the way, as is known, Baekhyun (EXO) sings about this district in his song “UN Village”.

6. Starfield Library COEX Mall

Address: 955-9 Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Operating hours: Every day 10:00 – 22:00
Phone: +82 2-6002-3031

In episode 3 Sa Hye-joon and An Jeong-ha met at the Starfield Library and Hye-joon shared that this was one of the places he visited when he was feeling down. Locations for Drama Record in the middle of COEX Mall, Starfield Library is an open public space

Anyone can freely come to sit, rest, and immerse themselves in the book along with other bibliophiles. A wide Locations for Drama Record of books with various genres such as humanities, economics, hobbies, and others are available here.

This library is dedicated to foreign language books and famous authors. iPad can be used to read e-books . Approximately 600 magazines, domestic and foreign, are available for browsing. It is this quality that sets the Starfield Library apart from other ordinary libraries.

7. Herbal Village

Address: 222 Buksam-ri, Wangjing-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Operating hours: Summer days (April-November) 09.00 – 22.00 and winter days (December-March) 09.00 – 20.00
Phone: +82 31-833-5100

HTM: Adults (high school students or the elderly) 7,000 won, Children (ages 3 to elementary school students) 4,000 won
In episode 12 this lavender-filled garden appears as the filming location for Locations for Drama Locations for Drama Record of Youth. It is said that Sa Hye-jun was filming a drama at Herb Village. His girlfriend, Jeong-ha, arrives on set with his best friend Hye-hyo who plays the supporting actor.

Herbal Village Yeoncheon is a tourist attraction that offers stunning views of the Imjingang River. Tourists can take a leisurely stroll down the hill towards the river and smell the fresh herbs along the way.

Its vast lavender fields are best viewed in the middle of spring and summer during the annual Lavender Festival. Visitors can walk among these fields and take beautiful photos in the middle of a beautiful lavender sea.

8. Hyosung Village

Address: Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
In episode 1 Sa Hye-joon tricked his friend Kim Jin-woo into a night jog and they joined Won Hae-hyo as they passed the building that lived in this neighborhood. Hyosung village is an apartment in the Hannam-Dong neighborhood of Seoul.

Hyosung Village is different from other places in UN Village because this building was only completed in August 2000. Although this apartment unit is small, it has good security and security. This 6-storey building is only inhabited by 26 families.

9. Art Platz – Tinklu

Address: 257-5 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Operating hours: Every day 12.00 – 21.00
Phone: +82 10-3928-5564

In episode 5 Sa Hye-jun and An Jeong-ha passed a shop called Tinklu when he drove her home at night. While in this area it suddenly started to rain and Sa Hye-jun confessed that he liked Ah Jeong-ha.

Art Platz literally translates to ‘A Place for the Arts’ and Bracelet Making Workshop. These two shops are Locations for Drama Record Locations for Drama Recordnext to each other at Seongmisan-ro 26-gil. Both shop fronts are painted in a rainbow of colors so they are listed together here. Both are often seen in Korean dramas.

10. Baegot Haneul Park

Address:106, Baegot 2-ro Jeongwang-3-dong, Siheung, Gyeonggi-do 15011
Operating Hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun (as of 2019) 10.00 – 17.00, closed Monday, Friday

In this park, Ahn Jeong-ha and Sa Hye-joon had a date night in episodes 6 and 7. Oh yes, here they had their first kiss at the piano in this park. In episode 7, Hye-joon found out that his role was rejected, his grandfather was in the hospital and his father slapped him.

Baegot Hanul Park opened in 2018 after 6 years of planning. An eco-park with reed-lined trails, seawater pools and outdoor camping grounds. Baegot Hanul Park received the Korea Land Research Institute award .

Those are the rows of places that were filmed for the drama Locations for Drama Locations for Drama Record of Youth, starring Park Bo-gum before he left for military service. As explained in this article, the locations that were filmed varied, from parks to hotels.

The success of Korean dramas can have a positive impact on tourism because surely fans of the drama will come to visit. Are you a fan of the drama Locations for Drama Record of Youth? Are you interested in visiting these places?

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