Important! Here are 10 Must-Take Items on Vacation to Thailand

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10 Must-Take Items on Vacation to Thailand, Do you dream of going on vacation to the land of white elephants, must-take items vacation Thailand? So, which cities will you visit? Bangkok? Krabi? Pattaya? or Phuket? Wow ! It turns out that there are so many destinations that you must explore while in this country.

Especially for those of you who are still”newbies” and are visiting must-take items vacation Thailand for the first time , of course you must-take items vacation have an itinerary and careful preparation so that your vacation is exciting and fun. And here Wandering has summarized what items you must bring when traveling to explore the cities and beaches in Thailand.

1. Must-Take Items Vacation Travel Documents

As long as your destination is overseas, travel documents are the most important thing you should bring. What are the travel documents in question? Among them are passports, flight tickets to and from, lodging reservations, and also an itinerary if needed. Why is this important? Because you are in a foreign country where the completeness of the documents is a guarantee of whether you will be fine and be able to return to your homeland or not.

Keep your travel documents, especially passports, in a safe and protected place from water. Because a wet passport will cause the passport to be torn, scattered, and in the end you have to be willing to spend time with various questions asked by the immigration because of a damaged passport.

2. Next Must-Take Items Vacation Cash

Must-Take Items Vacation Traveling to Thailand is arguably pocket-friendly for tourists from Indonesia. When compared to Singapore , of course the cost of living in Thailand is much friendlier. For that, bring cash in baht fractions that you have previously exchanged in your homeland.

Why is it so important to carry enough cash? Because it will be safer than you have to withdraw cash at an ATM machine that is prone to scamming. Moreover, you will also be charged additional fees for cash withdrawal transactions abroad.

In addition, Thailand is also famous for its delicious and cheap street food, which requires you to hold cash. More than that, bringing cash will make it easier for you to organize and calculate the budget that you will use during the holidays.

3. Must-Take Items Vacation Gadget Traveling

It’s only natural that you bring a smartphone, camera, and power bank during the holidays. Yes! Of course, this is a reminder that how important these gadgets are in capturing your holiday moments.

Must-Take Items Vacation In Thailand itself there are various unique, ethnic, and interesting tourist attractions such as the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Phi Phi Island, and many more. You are guaranteed to lose track of time when taking photos of these places, until you finally realize that your camera battery is running out. Well, therefore enter the charger, powerbank and spare battery at the top of your list of needs.

For the plug itself, you don’t need to worry because in Must-Take Items Vacation Thailand it has the same 2-hole plug as the one used in Indonesia. Prepare your traveling gadget properly and its charger, so that every moment you spend is not missed just because you forgot to bring a charger or powerbank.

4. Comfortable Clothes

Thailand has the same climate as Indonesia, so you will more easily adapt to the weather and the air temperature is quite hot. Bring comfortable clothes and not too complicated because considering either the city or the beach in Thailand is very hot.

Bring just enough clothes with materials that easily absorb sweat so you don’t get hot easily. Bring a jacket or long-sleeved shirt with light materials if you really don’t want your skin to turn black while traveling around tourist areas in Thailand.

5. Lightweight Footwear

Whether it’s shoes or sandals, make sure the footwear you use is as simple as possible and doesn’t make you sore. Why? Because you will spend hours traveling from one place to another.

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Flip-flops and sneakers are arguably the best choices. Even if you really want to take pictures using high heels or ankle boots , you can take them and use them for photo purposes only.

6. Sunscreen or Sunblock

Still about how hot the Thai sun is, sunscreen or sunblock is another mandatory thing that Must-Take Items Vacation be in your carry-on bag. Especially for those of you who are planning to visit the beach for a few days, of course you will not let your skin burn and burn due to exposure to evil UV rays that can damage the skin.

Bring sunscreen for the face and also sunblock for body parts such as hands and feet in small packages to make it practical to carry everywhere.

7. Hat and Sunglasses

Again, other accessories to prevent heat and glare, namely hats and sunglasses. Wow ! The heat of Thailand Must-Take Items Vacation really be anticipated, yes.

Bringing a hat and sunglasses not only gives you an advantage in dealing with the heat and heat, but also enriches your dress style to make it more trendy when taking pictures. Trust me, these two things will be very useful and you will be very grateful for placing your hat and sunglasses in your suitcase.

8. Umbrella

Just like in Indonesia, Thailand also has 2 seasons, namely the dry season and the rainy season. So, with unpredictable rain, of course an umbrella will be very useful not only during the rain, but can also be used to avoid the unbearable heat and glare of the sun.

9. Fabric

Why are you bringing cloth? Certain tourist attractions, especially those that are considered sacred or honorable such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, require visitors to dress modestly. For women in particular, it is not allowed to enter these places with revealing clothes. Clothing should cover the shoulders, chest, and also the knees to the feet.

Instead, visitors are usually required to borrow a kind of sarong to cover it. Even though the borrowing of this cloth is free, the queue is quite crowded and long. Because besides you have to queue when borrowing, you also have to queue again to return the sarong.

Well, if you have prepared beforehand of course you will save more time right? So, if some of these tourist attractions are on your itinerary list , then don’t forget to include a cloth cover in your luggage.

10. Extra Suitcase

The last thing you Must-Take Items Vacation prepare is an extra suitcase. Actually this item is more for ladies. Why? Because in Thailand, especially in the city of Bangkok, there are lots of cheap shopping centers, especially fashion. In addition, there are also many typical Thai souvenirs, both food and unique souvenirs, which would be a shame if you didn’t bring them to your homeland to share with your family and relatives.

Low prices and good quality make tourists, especially women, go crazy and buy up a lot of clothes from Thailand. Some of them even deliberately buy a lot to resell. Likewise, Thai food souvenirs such as packaged Thai tea, candied mangoes, tomyam noodles, and many more.

Therefore, an extra suitcase is one of the things you should consider when planning a vacation to a country that is rich in beaches and temple tours.

Those are the ten items that Must-Take Items Vacation be in your luggage list when traveling to Thailand. However, you should adjust your luggage with the itinerary that you have compiled so that everything you pack will be useful and really needed.

It seems that there is no need to bring food supplies from Indonesia because Must-Take Items Vacation Thailand itself is known for its delicious and cheap culinary. So be satisfied tasting typical Thai dishes while there. Don’t forget to also bring personal medicine to anticipate fatigue. Congratulations on preparing your holiday in Thailand. And don’t forget to share your holiday experience in Thailand in the comments column below, OK!


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